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The 4 Step Formula For Unstoppable Success


Our entire lives, we search for ways to have more success in every aspect of life. Our jobs, businesses, relationships, everything. Back when I started Network Marketing, I struggled.

I went from one road-block to the next. Barrier to barrier. After working tirelessly for 18 months I managed to make the most money I’d ever earned in my life; about $4000 a month.

Back then it seemed like a lot of money. It paid the bills and allowed me to pursue my business goals and dreams. It took me a long time to realize I was doing it wrong and that I was screwed in the head. Success is 90% psychological, it’s all in the head. You can create whatever you think.

The vast majority of the time the only reason you haven’t reached your goals yet is yourself. Self limiting beliefs, values, thoughts and unconscious actions.

After serious effort and ridding myself of limiting beliefs, I was able to reach 5 figures a month. Again I had hit a barrier, I kept persisting and eventually hit $30,000 a month. I was at $30,000 for a long time. It was another mental block.

I had labeled myself a $30,000/month earner and that had become my new Identity. Every time I ever broke down mental walls and danced past income level after income level; I used the same 4 step success formula. This is the formula anyone can use to achieve unlimited success in anything they do.

1. Your Brain’s Input

Your input is what you put into your brain. It’s what you read, the stuff you watch, the people you listen to, talk to and things you see. Input is the foundation for success. If you put crappy input into your brain; you’re going to end up with a load of negative self limiting beliefs that will stop you from reaching true success and happiness.

You have to remember that success is natural; nature wants every living thing to live up to its full potential. Nature wants to give you everything you need to reach your full potential. In order to do so you need an abundance of wealth. Before you can follow this formula; you have to get rid of any beliefs like “money is the root of all evil” or that you only need enough money to be comfortable.

Money is abundant, it’s not a finite substance; it is infinite. You can have as much as you desire, so long as you abide by the rules of money, and this formula.

Your goals and reasoning to get money should be for the good of all people; not just for your own selfish needs. There is nothing wrong with materialistic desires; I strongly believe you need to live to your full potential physically, mentally and spiritually in order to be truly happy. If that means 3 Ferraris and a $5 million dollar house; so be it.

First accept that you can have as much wealth and success as you desire, money is infinite and it’s only a matter of following these principles and rules. So…

What you input into your brain will control your thoughts and your thoughts will control your speech. Both are extremely important for creating success. If you listen to one hundred rich people and one hundred poor people; you will notice a massive difference in how they speak and therefore think.

The kind of input you should avoid:

  1. The News - Unless you absolutely need to watch the news regularly; stop it immediately. It’s full of negativity and will only serve to make you think negatively.
  2. TV in general – 99% of television is utter bull-shit. TV is for idiots who have nothing to do in life. If you get home from work and turn on the TV – stop it right now. It’s a complete waste of time and will fill your head with limiting beliefs that will serve to make you poor. There are some exceptions as with everything; it’s okay to watch an hour of educational/inspirational/stimulating TV if you’ve just kicked ass working for 16 hours straight. Just limit your exposure to the ‘idiot box’ as it’s filling your mind with garbage.
  3. Negative Poor People – Most of the time poor people are negative. They don’t have faith in anything, they don’t believe in anything let alone themselves. They have these crippling values and beliefs about money that will never allow them to reach their full potential in life. It’s very difficult to change people’s beliefs that have been instilled in them during their childhood years. You can only help the people who want to receive help. Changing beliefs and values can take a long time; it doesn’t happen overnight. You become the people you spend the most time with. You’ll start speaking and thinking just like them. If you hang around poor or negative people; the best thing to do is get them out of your life or try to help them. Just remember when you attempt to impress an idea or belief on someone who has contradicting views; they’ll feel like their views are being attacked. They will always try and defend their views as it hurts to realize what they’ve been taught, but more importantly what they believe is wrong.
  4. Negative Environment - Your environment is another critical component of input. You should spend most of your time in a stimulating environment filled with happy, positive energy. If you can’t find that at home or your current workplace, find it in your spare time and use it to make things happen.

In order to change your core beliefs and values about money, you need to put positive daily input into your brain. The best ways to do so are:

  1. Read Daily – Every single day you should be reading some kind of success/personal development book. Business books can work as long as the author’s views are in line with yours.
  2. Audio Daily – There is something pro-foundly powerful about listening to an audio every day. Audios have changed my life and I’ll be eternally grateful I started listening to them. Audios can have a more subconscious impact than reading. If you understand that you’ll realize why it’s so important to rid yourself of negative/poor people in your life. You can listen to any empowering personal development audio. Listen to audios by inspiring individuals like Tony Robbins.
  3. Meditate – I could talk a lot about meditation. I’ll just say that meditating can help clear limiting beliefs, gain a lot of clarity on life and help you form new beliefs based on your brain’s input. Just meditate on your daily audios/reading each day.
  4. Talk To People Getting The Results You Want – If you mix with people who are already getting the results you want; it’s only a matter of time until you do the same.

Input is the most important step you can take and change you can make to start creating the results you want to see in your life. Don’t jump in by ordering 10 books, 5 audios and deleting half your Facebook friends. If you do everything at once you’ll be more likely to quit and return to your usual habits. Reading daily, audio daily and meditating daily should all become habits.

It takes about 20-30 times of doing something daily for it to become a habit.

==>> Click here to go to part two.

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Wow, this is fantastic, Dave! Cannot believe there is just one comment for this post, it could be life-changing for some people.


"If that means 3 Ferraris and a $5 million dollar house; so be it."

That's so true for me :D But I can't help.


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