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Creating Results In 2014 And The 3 Principles Of Magic

Today I want to talk about getting the results that you want.

Creating magic in your life in 2014, and achieving your goals.

Over the course of this post, I’m going to break down what I believe are the 3 most important ‘principles’ to understand to make money in any business, at any time.

I’m going to explain what they are, how they work and how you can use them to overcome obstacles & beat ‘success statistics’.

The reality is that most people who get started online fail miserably.

They get online, jump around trying one thing after another and after a few months; they give up.

Only 0.15% of the population is worth over 7 figures, and 95% of people fail to make any money online.

I personally, couldn’t give a rats ass about “success statistics”.

They’re just not ‘fair’…

…because the reality is 95% of people who get started don’t understand these 3 principles

(Note: I know a lot of successful people folks, and every one of them has these three things, every broke person is missing at least one or all of them).

Principle #1: Self Faith

The first principle is self-faith, KNOWING that you will accomplish your goals. Self-faith is belief in yourself, a case of KNOWING you have what it takes to do it.

A long time ago, I stopped giving people specific business advice, plans and strategies.


It never helped them. I would give people exact plans, blueprints for creating success, but they’d never take action. They’d forget them and either start doing something else or not do anything at all.

Simply because people think I glow in the dark and walk on water, and it’s just not true.

They believe I have something they don’t, when the reality is you can do exactly what I’ve done, in your own way.

As you’re reading this, you may decide to go inside, and realize what you have to do to succeed; because I’m not going to tell you. You already know.

Most times, a person’s belief is their biggest disadvantage. If you want to learn how to overcome these beliefs and transform your identity; checkout this post.

Now I want you to really realize that you can succeed and accomplish your goals. It’s not like only .15% of the world can be rich, there’s room for a lot more people when they realize what they’re capable of.

Realize that you’re going to move as fast as you think you can move, you may have false chains controlling your life – and the reality is they could be removed without effort. Just like the elephant, see here.

Even if you don’t have X, Y & Z right now, you can get them – faster than you think.

Principle #2: Understanding

Without understanding, you can go the wrong way – fast.

Especially when you’re working at 200mph, you can either go the wrong way fast or come crashing down.

Understanding is the thing that will set you apart from those who crash down or end up down the wrong path.

The key is to choose the right target, the right goal. Study what you’re shooting for, use your understanding to guide your actions and set your goals.

The idea is to stop focusing 100% of your energy on working. Take a step back; understand what you have to do to go from where you’re at now to achieving your goals.

For example, the Internet Marketing space. Most people don’t really understand how money is made online. They see a ‘method’ or ‘loophole’ for creating fast results and they start focusing all their energy on it.

Because of this, most people operate on a tiny level. Like people focusing on earning $10/day. $10/day isn’t a real goal.

A real monetary goal should be over $5000/month, no less. As long as you understand how people make lots of money online, you’ll be able to focus on a specific strategy understanding the big picture.

Really, people make money online by exchanging more value in products/services in return for cash. That’s the most fundamental strategy of Internet Marketing. The Internet is just the means of communication.

Understanding is really just thinking. Internal shifts. When you’re getting results, making say 200k/year and you’re running at 200mph, a tiny shift in understanding can take you to 500k in a second.

Just look at the badasses inside of Empower Network. I see this play out all of the time. Someone is making $5000/month, they gain a new understanding (wisdom), they make a tiny change or have an internal shift and all of a sudden they’re making $20,000/month.

You can apply this by first gaining an understanding of how people really make money in your business, in whatever it is you’re doing.

Learn what they’re doing, learn what REALLY creates results. Understand, create goals and strategies.

Principle #3: Single Focused Massive Action

There are very few differences between myself and someone making $100/day online or even nothing.

One of those differences is that I have a single focus, and I take massive action. Work ethic. I’m good at about 4 things, excellent at about 1 or 2 things; the rest I suck at.

The point is there are lots of more talented people out there than me, that know a hell of a lot more about marketing – yet they don’t make 5% of what I make.

Just because I have a single focus and I take massive action towards it every day, never allowing myself to get distracted.

Now before you do this, get clear on what you really want. Decide what’s worth pursuing and decide on one specific goal.

If your goal is to make $500,000 next year, make that your only focus. Although it probably makes no sense. Focusing on a monetary figure without any real reason behind it almost always fails.

Decide what you want to do next year. Get clear on your goals, how much money you want to make and most importantly; why you want to do it.

Believe in yourself, understand what really creates results in your business, set goals and focus all of your energy on achieving the outcome you set.

Lastly, celebrate your small successes, or hitting the big ones are going to be that much more difficult.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

P.P.S. Here are some things I recommend you follow:

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The Corporate Blog at Empower Network – by far the most badass videos you’ve ever seen, come out every night at 8pm EST.

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This is fantastic knowledge David I am very  happy, thankful and grateful to have this opportunity.

I will share this Knowledge with the world :-)


Love you dave,and love your new blog design

One word - Badass


Great post Dave! Yes self faith of belief is certainly a big one, it's easy to become unsure of what you are doing when others try to knock you down, it's just a matter of staying true to your beliefs and knowing 100% where you are heading. Thanks for the always welcomed advice!

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