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The 3 Fundamental Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Everyone wants to know how to really sell stuff.

How to market their products, how to run affiliate promotions.

There’s been a kajillion books and articles published on the subject, but these 3 fundamental online marketing strategies never fail.

Teach The What And Sell The How
Teach The How And Sell The What
Teach The What, The How And Sell The Tools

Those are hands down the 3 most effective techniques for selling anything online.

Teaching the what and selling the how…

If you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, let’s say you implemented a new link building strategy and it sky-rocketed your site to the top of Google.

You could tell your subscribers about your results and what you’ve been able to achieve since the increase in traffic. Then you could package up a simple PDF teaching the strategy and sell it to them.

It’s the most fundamental marketing strategy in in the world. Show your subscribers a result; and sell them the method to achieve it.

Teaching the how, and selling the what…

Next let’s say you bought a brand new link building tool since we’re on the subject. You could setup a webinar and get your subscribers to register for it. Advertise it as “you revealing your secrets to free search engine traffic”.

During the webinar walk your subscribers through the process of setting up a link building campaign with the software (teaching the how). You could then show a few rankings as proof that it works. To really kill it display some other social proof like results other people have been getting.

Towards the end say for a limited time you can get access to the tool, you then plant your affiliate link. To really destroy the promotion (in a good way), you could always give away some fast-action bonuses to the people who “buy now” (webinar promotions thrive on these).

By showing your attendees how to use the tool, you would be showing them exactly, step-by-step, for free; how to get the result they want = more traffic and higher rankings. Once you show them how, you only have to sell them the what; the link building software.

Teaching the what, the how and selling the tools.

This strategy works best. You barely have to do any selling. You just teach a cool strategy, the what and the how. Then you find a few tools that are “mandatory” that you can sell as an affiliate.

You just have to say I’ve taught you this cool strategy for generating vast amounts of traffic. To use this strategy you have to buy this tool. Or even several tools.

You have to teach people exactly how to do something, if it appeals to them they will go ahead and buy the tools needed to do it. You could create a webinar tutorial showing subscribers how to setup a Google Adsense site.

A pretty basic process that will make money if you do it right, and you only need a few things to get started. It’s an attractive business model newbies can use to get their foot in the Internet Marketing door.

In order to setup a Google Adsense site, you would require a domain, hosting and some SEO tools. Three components that are mandatory, that you can sell them as an affiliate.

This technique never appears like you’re trying to sell something. You just stick a video or webinar or whatever online teaching the strategy and using the tools.

Towards the end use a strong call to action telling your subscribers where they can buy the tools to use the strategy. If you show the what, the how (and the result you get from the process) and your subscribers want that result; they will have no problems buying the recommended tools they saw you use to complete the process.

That’s it, the 3 most fundamental online marketing strategies for selling anything online. Know these 3 strategies, and you can sell just about anything; to anyone.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more marketing tips, tricks and content.

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Teaching the What; Sell the How and Tools - System!


I like "teaching the how and selling the what". The big money online is designing tools and systems that make people's lives easier. Thanks for the helpful tips!

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