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The 3 Best SEO Services Right Now

Over the last couple of days I’ve been talking a lot about SEO and how important it is. As unless you plan on spending hundreds of dollars daily on pay per click, SEO is the only real way to get free traffic from the search engines… And in my opinion, it’s the best traffic there is. Apart from email marketing traffic, that stuff is like gold!

Anyway, lately I’ve been playing around with all sorts of SEO software’s and services. I really want to completely automate my SEO so there’s no input from me whatsoever. While I’ve nearly got people doing everything for me, I’m still experimenting with a few new services, blog networks and more. So here’s s a list of the top SEO services that are working right now:

1. Build My Rank

Build My Rank is a blog network with a unique twist. For those of you who don’t know, blog networks allow you to drip feed content into a network of high Page Rank and aged blogs. Generally you just spin an article, include some anchor text and submit it into a network. The article then gets dripped out to dozens or even hundreds of blogs resulting in high quality contextual backlinks.

Best SEO ServicesWith most blog networks, you have to submit spun content. Those networks work great, but lately have taken a huge hit. Search engines have been taking away their Page Rank, authority and even de-indexing entire networks in one hit.

The reason being is that their blogs are full of badly spun content, a lot of it not even unique in the first place. Also the blogs aren’t getting any links built to them. So they are slowly perishing over the span of a few years or even months. They still work, but Build My Rank has done something spectacular. They have a super high quality network of blogs and they only accept unique content. Snippets of 150+ words of 100% unique content.

They don’t take spun crap and distribute it throughout their network because they know it’s only going to bite them in the ass 12 months later. Instead they publish each 150 word snippet onto 1 of their high PR blogs. Once published, they bookmark the snippet, submit the RSS feed and syndicate it across a variety of web2.0′s. This is what the process looks like:

Build My Rank The Link Building Process It’s a great service and they have several membership options. You basically pay per domain you add to the system. For 5 domains it’s something like $59/month which I’m currently testing out with amazing results. It then goes up from there. I haven’t been using it for long, but everyone is raving about the service. Check it out here.

2. Linx Boss linxboss SEO Link Building Services

Linx Boss is said to be the best link building service out there. Honestly I prefer Build My Rank, but Linx Boss is 100 times more automated. With the service there’s no writing to do and it will build thousands of backlinks on total autopilot. The first package gives you “1000 unique anchor text backlinks every month without lifting a finger“. Those 1000 links actually get split between 5 domains or URL’s. I know what you’re thinking… without submitting content how do you get decent backlinks? Are they crappy comment or forum profile links?

Nope, Linx Boss actually submits your chosen anchor text’s within completely relevant content. They submit the content into their network or aged and high Page Rank blogs. It doesn’t submit a set number per day, it randomizes everything. It’s a great system and in the back office they display a list of keywords you’re ranking for and the ones you’re on the verge of ranking for. Using that juicy info you can allocate more backlinks to those keywords. You can check it out here.

3. Article Ranks

Article RanksArticle Ranks is a blog network that’s very similar to Unique Article Wizard. They are just a little newer and everyone is reporting great results from using their network. I’ve only submitted a couple of articles into their network of blogs so I can’t tell you about my personal results.

Apart from I’ve seen an increase in rankings from the 4 submissions, but that’s about it. The reason this one’s on the list is because everyone in the damn industry is raving about Article Ranks. Take a look right here.

4. Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article WizardOh Unique Article Wizard, I remember when you exploded my rankings. Yeah, UAW used to work like crazy. Sadly, it’s just not as effective as it used to be. Saying that the network is still top on my list as it produces good results and a high number of quality backlinks.

When you have a piece of spun content and submit it to 1 network, it’s only going to take you 6o seconds to submit it to another. Unique Article Wizard is similar to Article Ranks; they accept spun content and are not too strict either. I have used them since the beginning and have always seen good results, even now. So if you’re looking for another blog network to add to your portfolio, grab UAW. Learn more about it here.

5. Dripable

Dripable is a slightly different service to the others. It’s number 5 on my list for a reason, because it’s not the first thing you should purchase. If you’re running on a limited marketing budget then I’d pick the other 4 services up before you think about getting Dripable. Dripable builds comment and profile links.

Comment links being blog comments and profile links being forum profiles. Those links are the lowest quality of all, but they’re still great to have as a part of your overall link building strategy. They are also a great help in boosting your backlinks, articles & web2.0 sites if you have any.

The reason Dripable is on my list is for one, blog comments and forum profiles are essential and for two, the service is 100% automated. You just have to input your URL’s and keywords you want to rank for. Then sit back, pay the monthly fee and watch the backlinks mount up. Cool service, an essential part of link building, BUT not the first thing you should buy. Take a look here.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. If you’d like to learn about more ninja link building tools, tricks, tips and secrets… put your name and email in the form below.

P.P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below! Do you think I missed out a link building service? Tell me!

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Godwin Okoduwa
Godwin Okoduwa

These tools are worth checking out for more traffic to your blog. Thanks Dave

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