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How To Build An Audience That Builds Your Business

Today I want to talk about a magical marketing strategy. This is something I’ve personally used to explode my traffic, rankings and build a loyal customer base of tens of thousands of people. What is it? Building an audience that builds… Read more

How To Build Rapport By Feeding Your Subscribers

Most email marketers have no idea how to build rapport with their subscribers. They try and build relationships solely through email and it doesn’t work. Sure, you can build rapport through emails, but you can do it a lot better through… Read more

The Affect Effect: The Art Of Creating Self Fulfilling Prophecies

A few years ago, I noticed that in creating rapport with my audience, I had to help people trust me in phases. There are a lot of reasons for this, the main one, however, is that if I ask you to jump to a decision quickly, it can either create… Read more

Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Create More Influence and Sales…

While you get ready to master the principles of influence, you’ll discover that there are several ways of getting people to make a decision.  Here are two different ways you’ll find useful as you get others to take the action you want: Direct… Read more

8 Ways To Get In The Mood For Writing

Ninety percent of the time, I have set times for my daily tasks. I get along fine with near everything in my schedule, I can start and finish tasks without hesitation. …Apart from writing. Writing is utterly different. It requires a part… Read more

An SEO Strategy For WordPress Blogs

Most newbies who start a Wordpress blog don’t know much about search engine optimization. In fact, most of them don’t even know how they’re going to get any traffic. They just figure once they start posting content the people will come. The sad… Read more

5 Steps To Promoting Your Blog Posts Immediately After Publishing

Every week I publish several blog posts. Some on here and some on other blogs, I have many. Even though I follow the same set of rules for every post I publish, they all get different results. Some are more popular than others; it’s just the way… Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Excellent Blog Posts

As an avid blogger, I spend a lot of time thinking of new ideas and creating blog posts. To begin with I really struggled to produce good content on a regular basis. It seemed after two months of writing I had run out of ideas. I had literally gone… Read more

How To Exponentially Grow A Blog In Less Than 3 Months

As someone who runs countless blogs, I’m often asked how I promote them. Just about anyone can start a blog, it’s not difficult whatsoever. Yet hardly anyone knows how to promote their stuff and actually drive lots of traffic. As in reality,… Read more

How To Build A Community And Increase Blog Traffic

This is the second part of my post “How To Build A Community And Get More Blog Traffic “. I didn’t want to bore anyone with a 2000 word blog post, so I thought I would break it down into 2 easy to read posts. Here’s the second part and if you… Read more

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