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Start With Why, Finding Your Ultimate Source Of Motivation

As I watch people run in circles, wondering why they’re not getting results- I always observe them in total fascination.

Carl Sandburg said, “Nothing happens without first a dream”.

While it may sound ridiculous, the problem with most people building businesses online is they don’t really have a strong reason why they’re doing it.

They have no dream.

When you aim at nothing, you hit it every time.

In this post, I’m going to help you find your ultimate source of motivation, your real why…

…because the first step to building a profitable business or doing just about anything is to have a strong reason WHY.

It seems so simple when people say ‘you show me how to make money, and I’ll know how to spend it’.

Unfortunately for those people, success just doesn’t’ really work that way. Before you can begin to start succeeding in anything, you need to be totally motivated. Motivation comes from knowing why you’re doing it.

Having a benefit of some kind, a why.

Knowing why, and I mean REALLY knowing why is much more important than knowing how or even what you’re doing.

Simply because a strong why provides an unlimited amount of motivation to figure out the how and take massive action.

Back when I started marketing, it was all about me. My reason why was to ‘cure’ my homelessness, to be able to eat the things I wanted to eat, buy the things I wanted to buy. To provide for myself.

Which was effective for a short period of time, I started getting some results because I NEEDED to, I set an outcome to achieve results within 90 days of getting started online. After I covered my own needs, I stopped being so effective.

I wasn’t really motivated to just earn more money, I had no real reason why. It wasn’t until I discovered my true why, my dream; that I sky-rocketed my income and started living my purpose.

Your why is your dream.

Dreams are an idea of creating something better in the future. Some people let their dreams fade, but the people who really succeed, they nourish and protect them until they become their reality.

A dream doesn’t have to be massive. It doesn’t have to transform the lives of millions of people or leave a dent in history.

A dream can be a real desire to serve other people, through a home based business or whatever else.

They’re not fantasies or wishes. Dreams are burning desires that inspire the dreamer to take action. Dreams can be a mission, and once you find it you can feel like it demands you to take action.

That’s the power of a real dream; they’re like flags of our destiny. There are several levels of dreams.

One dream can be to own a Ferrari in the next year, but that’s merely a surface level or material dream.

Few people transcend this level of dream to the area of significance. Larger dreams are more to do with personal destiny or identity. Why you are here.

The kind of dreams that provide food for the soul. A dream that dominates your thoughts and fuels your ambition. Your dream is your biggest lever in life, it provides more leverage for taking action than anything else.

So I want you to follow this short exercise and get to the bottom of what you really want.

This is how I got to the bottom of what I really wanted, why I’m here and my real source of motivation.

Ask yourself, and write down the answer to the following questions (It’ll take about 15-20 minutes if you do it properly):

What do you want, and why do you want it?

This can be a car, a new home, to quit your job, anything on the surface level.

Now when you have that, what will that get you that you don’t have now?

Write down all answers, now again…

When you have that, what will that give you that you don’t have now?


When you have that, what will that give you that you don’t have now?

Keep asking the question, until you go deep down, down into your unconscious mind, into the void, the silence. Embrace the silence, now ask yourself again, and answers will appear from the subconscious.

When you have that, what will that give you that you don’t have now?

That’s the power of a real WHY.

Do this properly, and you’ll come up with your ultimate why. When you do, use it to fuel your ambition, your motivation to take massive action, create magical results and create the life you want, now.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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Stephanie Team Influx
Stephanie Team Influx

Very helpful with making you understand. You Rock Dave, I like how you teach!

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