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Social SEO And The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

Social SEOSites losing Page Rank, pages falling in the rankings and entire domains being de-indexed. We’re living in scary times and the face of search engine optimization is rapidly evolving. Back in the day, SEO was really simple. I mean it didn’t take much at all to rank well in the search engines. There was easy money to be made back when search engines first emerged.

All you had to do was write an article, repeatedly stuff it with keywords and you’d rank for them. Fast forward two decades and it got a little more complex. You had to have solid On-page SEO being lots of solid content, keyword in title, description, header tags and lots of internal linking.

Then you just had to throw a few backlinks at your site and it would rank in the search engines. Ever since the Google panda update which wasn’t too long ago, things have changed. Automated SEO tools really don’t work as well as they used to. Google has massively devalued most types of backlinks.

You used to be able to create a bunch of web2.0 properties manually, link them to your site and hey presto, the traffic would flood in. Google has sort of obliterated the power web2.0′s once had; they’ve also devalued the power of article directory links. It’s quite obvious why:

These properties can easily be abused by simple bots and scripts… And at the end of the day Google wants to put good content in front of its users. It can’t do that when idiots are spamming article directories, web2.0′s, blogs, forums and more. So SEO really is changing.

Social SEO is now essential.

Did you know that Google and other search engines are using social data to influence your site’s rankings? Here are just a few of the factors (social and on-page):

  1. How User Friendly Your Site Is
  2. Load Time
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. Time Spent On Site
  5. Number Of Followers
  6. Number Of Tweets
  7. Number Of Fans
  8. Number Of Google Plus’s
  9. Number Of Facebook Comments
  11. Quality Of Content
  12. Grammar

I’m sure there are others I failed to mention, but those are some of the key factors Google and other engines have started to use in their ranking algorithm. It freaks me out quite frankly. As I have sites that aren’t full of quality content, but they get a lot of traffic and make some change. So are backlinks screwed?

Future Of SEONo, not at all. They are still the main algorithm factor as far as I’m concerned and they should be for a long time. But you need to stay up to date with this stuff and be ready for when the shit hits the fan. As SEO is slowly evolving. I know from personal experience, my sites aren’t ranking nearly as well as they used to from traditional link building.

Google is really hammering down on backlinks that can be artificially created and the power they hold to influence rankings. People are even saying spun content is dead. It no longer works as Google’s “figured it out”. While I don’t totally agree with it, I’m sure there’s some truth in it. So it looks like you need to spend a fortune on your off site SEO. Seriously… people are suggesting you write and submit 1 unique article for 1 backlink.

No spinning, no nothing. It’s scary as I can see it happening in the near future. I know I’ve seen a dip in my site’s rankings that have bad content. I don’t have solid proof to back this up… but I believe Google has developed a basic grammar checking algorithm to weed out spun content.

So what’s the conclusion?

Focus on amazing content! I don’t just mean the kind of content that passes copyscape or has no spelling/grammar mistakes. I mean the kind of content that attracts lots of natural social SEO. I don’t mean natural backlinks, as you really aren’t going to get many of those. I mean social SEO being Facebook shares, Tweets, bookmarks and Google +1′s.

You need to focus on optimizing your site so it’s super user friendly, has a fast load time and a low bounce rate. You need to make your content stand out, don’t over crowd your site with ads. Your content area needs to be the most prominent. You also need to focus on internal linking and getting visitors to checkout multiple pages. On top of that carefully place social buttons so visitors can share your content.

The more sharing that goes on, the more authoritative your site becomes.

…Quick recap:

  1. Focus On SUPERB Content
  2. Make Your Site Ultra User Friendly
  3. Decrease Load Time
  4. Make Content Most Prominent Element
  5. Internal Linking…
  6. Social Buttons

On top of all of that, I’d make sure you have a dedicated Twitter account for every site you own and a Facebook fan page. Just remember that SEO is becoming more social daily and it really is the future of search engine optimization… (In mine and many other’s opinions)

In Prosperity,

David Wood

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P.P.S. Let me know your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below!

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Gabriel Johansson
Gabriel Johansson

It feels like I got kicked out of Google as my natural search traffic is practically nonexistent. My list and social media accounts are where nearly all my traffic comes from at this point, which I don't mind as it's always had a lower bounce rate and higher conversions. That of course is great, but I am down at least a couple hundred monthly unique visitors from search... Thanks for this post as I completely agree that search is going more social!

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