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Simple, Not Easy

A little over a week ago, I published this message as a Facebook post, but I felt like it was important to share here on the blog:

Remember, making money is SIMPLE if you’re around the right people.

It is NOT easy in the sense of absence of work or thinking.

Sometimes I’ve used language where I’ve been trying to describe something and it has come out with the wrong perception.

I used to talk about how ‘easy’ it is to make money, and what I was really trying to describe, is a state of ‘flow’ when you seem to be growing a business with ‘effortlessness’

That doesn’t mean lack of work. It means when you’re WORKING, the accompanying result is the appearance of “magic.”

Lazy people, remember this:

Never get rich.

Riches can come fast – abnormally fast.

With an abnormal work ethic, abnormal persistence, abnormal thinking, and super-normal teams.

Want to get rich quick?

Persist in the uncanny desire and focus that has created all great movements in the history of the world, and learn to be a visionary that breaks the mold of the world.

* work your ass off, and do whatever it takes.

Love ya,
- Dave Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

P.P.S. Watch this video when you’re ready to create abnormal results.

checkout our average income disclaimer here.

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I do plan to buy into this, but right now I'm negative in my account. I've asked too many of my family and friends for money to survive in between pay checks that I can't ask for more money. Your story is similar to mine. I'm 26, basically homeless living at my parents house. I work 2 jobs, and am in the army, yet I barely make it paycheck to paycheck. I've bought into amway, herbalife, another company like these, and all have had the same result, I paid out way more money then I made, actually I made nothing. And wasted easily thousands. But I've learned a lot from each. I can't wait to apply your methods to my own life. I look forward to working with you to produce the most millionaires.


Honestly bro, it now just hit me after watching the new sales video and from hearing you guys being real in and through empower. . . it takes work -that abnormal work ethic. 

I first found the direct selling industry when i was 18 or 19 and it was actually a legitimate opportunity that apparently turned out to be a scam.  

There's was straight up 2 ways to make money in that company. 1 was to recruit people to use it and sell it and as well as selling products to customers.  and the Second way to make money was from literally "LOCKING" in your spot and waiting as people grew their businesses who we're also in the company.

But the whole point of what I'm saying, is that literally some of the sponsorship leaders said and we're always sharing that if you locked in your spot your business would grow as people around you and beneath you grow their businesses.

So in summary, that right there led me to think i could kick back right? Next thing you know somebody was pushing this invisible network, on a tree, -someone was pushing all the FRUIT aka money to one side and the programmer was teamed up with the ceo or something like that.   -no IDEA what really happened, some wack scammy mlm if you will

But then i make my way around over there and over here, and this new thing comes up and it's shiny and i'd jump aboard on that and start from scratch there all distracted.

and yup, you guessed it,  THEY DIDN't teach me marketing.  Nope, it was that good o friends and family list right.

ANYWAY just wanted to STOP IN AND SAY, DAVE YOU DA MAN!!! not that man in a tie who overlooks his employees cubicals onto the skyscrapper view of the city and who doesn't look to better his people and the quality of his product,

but instead my friend, you are serving up not just mashed potatoes and gravy, but you also got the organic dressing and yes them potats are REAL TOO!

the SMARTEST System and the SIMPLEST. man, such a genuis idea honestly. PROPS! 

thank you for being a person of value and showing up in the world, and thank you for attracting all the other valuable people who really EMPOWER THE WHOLE NETWORK TOGETHER! -(ya thought that was worth capitalizing)


dude sweet post.

thanks for doin' what you do! hope all is well,

i'll be seeing you on stage sometime in the near future.  Initiating TAKING MASSIVE ACTION NOW demeanor. Time to serve up some GOOOOD COOKINS to all the hungry!  -thanks for the inspo and reality check!!

and i saw you in Anaheim live, so let me go ahead and just set a solid intention. . :)

I'll be saying what's up to you on stage (and possibly even speaking if you want me to;) on Jan 17, 2015!

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