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Setting Up Google Authorship 101

It’s 2012 people, nearly 2013 – online marketing isn’t the same anymore.

The SEO landscape has changed drastically and it’s time we all take a step back, look at what Google is desperately trying to tell us and re-think our strategy.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, now is the easiest time to rank well in Google! It’s literally the easiest algorithm not only to rank well, but to gain hordes of traffic from sources outside of Google.

It’s all about building real authority. The fastest way to do this is by setting up Google authorship.

If you don’t know, Google authorship is that little face/photo on the side of Google search results:

David Wood Google Authorship


Google authorship is essentially Google’s way of putting faces to websites and content. Google doesn’t want some clueless 20 year old kid to rank for “acne treatment” when he knows nothing about it purely because he has ‘juicy’ backlinks. They don’t want “mystery” men ranking for top searches.

They want real authoritative people who know what they are talking about. People who actually have knowledge and deep understanding of the niche they are in. This is exactly why they launched Google authorship. With G authorship they can see who a person is and exactly what they are doing online.

It stops mysterious random people from putting up content and getting top rankings. Just because people know how to do SEO, doesn’t mean their content is awesome. All the mystery content being published out there Google hates.

They want to deliver the best information to their users. They want to give a stamp of approval to each piece of content that ever gets published. Their best way of doing this is via Google authorship. If you have an authoritative Google Plus profile, Google will automatically give their stamp of approval to all the content you ever put out.

Google authorship works by simply connecting your site with your Google Plus profile.

Your Google Plus profile in a way is like your SEO identity. Google want to make sure you know what you are talking about and are actually a real person in your niche. Not just some random dude pulling the strings behind a website.

The way they do this is by looking at the other profiles connected to your Google Plus page.

The main ones being:

  • Gravatar
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

If you want to get authorship “rank” right, you MUST connect the above four profiles to your Google Plus page under “other profiles” in the about section. Gravatar could be paramount to your Google Authorship success.

Gravatar is a service that connects an identity to your email address. So using the same email you use for Google Plus, join Gravatar with the same name and photo. You can connect some of your other social profiles to verity that the person is in fact you.

Once done, whenever you leave a comment on a blog using that email address, it’ll automatically connect to your Gravatar profile and add your photo to the comment. Pretty awesome right? Here’s why…

Google watches these profiles like a hawk. It’s there way of seeing who you are and if you have any business ranking for the keywords you are trying to. So by connecting your Gravatar profile to Google Plus, Google can monitor the blogs and posts you are leaving comments on.

This means if you are running an SEO blog and you are commenting on other big SEO blogs; it will lead Google to believe you know a lot about SEO. Resulting in Google boosting your credibility and in theory your rankings. The same applies to the other profiles.

With Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, it’s a matter of posting relevant content/updates and adding/connecting with other people in the niche. For those three, I make sure I am connected/linked with some other big players in the niche and also post niche related updates on a regular basis.

With Google Plus it’s slightly different. Connecting with people on Google Plus doesn’t work in the same way as other social networks. With G+ you circle people, and they circle you. However, it’s not instantly reciprocal.

If you circle someone, they instantly join your circle and you get their updates, but you’re not circled in theirs. They’ll only get a notification and if they feel like it they’ll circle you back. The idea is to get in as many circles as possible, without having to circle thousands upon thousands of people to do it.

Most importantly; get circled by other webmasters in your niche. Generally around 10-30% of the users you circle with circle you back.

All of this will result in three fundamental things:

  • Fast Indexing
  • Higher Rankings
  • Advantage Over Competition

To our SEO Success,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. For more SEO tips, tricks and secrets; opt-in to the email list on the right.

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This is a great post. Just what I need and was looking for Dave. As usual you deliver and it is awesome my friend.


This will only helps blogs but what about small websites.


It seems like the days of hiding behind your computer are over, that's if you want to rank on Google. Great post Dave!

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