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Sacred Creativity & Developing Ninja Like Focus

ninjasSometimes, you just have to reach down inside yourself and make a decision to take massive action.

To decide immediately, that you’re going to focus and do whatever it takes to complete a task.

Other times, you have to realize that quality is more important than meeting a schedule.

Why? Focus.

Today I want to talk about creativity and keeping focus…

…because no matter how passionate or immersed you are in your business, sometimes you lose focus. From time to time it happens.

Lack of focus is usually the death of start up companies or entrepreneurs. Not knowing what direction to go in, or what to create. Being unable to stick to a plan without experiencing insecurity, doubt or a lack of motivation.

Focus can be a real bitch.

For years online I tried finding ‘the formula’ for ninja like focus. But after building the same company for several years, I’ve realized several powerful things about focus:

1. Focus Comes From Clarity

Focus doesn’t last long without clarity. Without being clear on your desired outcome and why you want it, you eventually lose focus before you hit your goal. Whether that’s building a business or creating a blog post.

2. Determination, A Strong Desire To Find Or Create Something

Focus comes from determination. A real desire to find or create something, and an even stronger reason why.

3. Focus Is Closely Correlated With Faith

There’s a strong relationship between focus and faith. When you have absolute faith, you’ll find the focus to achieve your outcome. Faith is a deep belief, in yourself, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A kinda knowing that you’re in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

4. Focus Comes From Feedback

Focus comes from knowing that you’re doing the right thing. Marketing the right products, helping the right people. A way of knowing this is through feedback.

Creating something, and hearing from hundreds of people what they like about it, what they struggle with and what they want. This all important feedback and knowing that you can serve the desires of ‘your people’, your audience – creates ninja like focus.

5. Realizing That Sometimes, You Have To Take Time Out

Some days, you have a special kind of feeling inside. Where you make a decision to ‘get in the zone’ and be creative.

Maybe it’s a Saturday; but you’re determined to stay in and create something badass. You have to realize, now; that you need to take time out and reward yourself.

The reality is everybody goes through ups and downs in focus.

But ultimately, when you get clear on what you want to do, why you want to do it and realize you’re doing the right thing and have faith in yourself; you develop ninja like focus. Every time.

Love ya,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

P.P.S. Here are some things I recommend you follow: My Empower Network Blog – this is messages to my personal team.

The Corporate Blog at Empower Network – by far the most badass videos you’ve ever seen.

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This post came at the right moment. Thanks Dave. See you on stage. Hug


David, I often get confused:

Finding focus.

Having focus and 

Keeping focus.

Please help!

quico saunders
quico saunders

@UgoOkonkwo Hey Ugo, I can help you with this.  First, you need to FIND focus.  You do this by first entering into the Empower Network program by paying $100 to get into the "inner circle".  Here, you will learn where to "find focus". 

Next, after FINDING your focus by getting into the inner circle, you can HAVE focus by purchasing the $500 Costa Rica Intensive program.  After paying your money, you will most definitely HAVE focus!!!! But keeping it, that's the hard part.....which is why----

To keep the focus that you have already found, and now have, you have to pay $5000!  Once you go "all in", you will be able to KEEP YOUR BLESSED FOCUS!  It will never go away!  You have find, then have, then KEEP your focus!  However, you will also be out at least $5,600.  So while you will have abundant amounts of focus, you will NOT have much money left.  I hope that helped!

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