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Road Warriors and Online Ninjas Unite!

As he rumbles down the road in his 67 impala, the hardened warrior thinks back to the meeting he just attended and all the lives he’s changed. Then a thought strikes him like a thunder bolt! Maybe I can best serve my fellow man through a more efficient means of communication. As he ponders how he will accomplish this task, his smart phone rings and snaps him back to the present.

“Ya? Oh, hi John, yes it was a good meeting, anymore sign ups? Good I had a feeling about that guy. No. No just getting back home, hey listen I was wondering if you would help me check into something. Well, it’s a little unconventional but I think it’s worth a shot, you interested? I’m thinking of using a rather new method of communicating with my team and I’d like someone I can trust to help me figure it out. Yes? Cool….. Well that’s exactly what I was thinking but don’t be afraid the nether realm isn’t dangerous it’s just not fully explored, so you still interested? Great! It’s settled then, I’ll be by later on this evening and we’ll get started.”

“Hey Rick, how’s it going? You ready to dive into this adventure?”
“I sure am John, let’s open up this portal and get started.” Just as Rick and John were swept into the digital nether realm, something caught Rick’s eye. “What was that?”
“I don’t know Rick I didn’t see anything.
“Oh well it was probably nothing let’s move on.”
“So where exactly are we going Rick?”
“Well John I’m not quite sure, every time I’m here I get all turned around, that’s why I wanted you to come along.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere the road warriors hear a booming laughter coming from all around them.
“Ha! Ha! Haaaa! It seems your path has led you into unfamiliar territory, my friends!”
“Who’s there!? What do you want!?” shouted Rick.
“My name is Ninjical and I’ve come to help you understand your full potential, my brothers”, said the voice.
“What? Why would you help us, we don’t even know you.”
“Yes, but we are the same, road warriors. That is why I’ve come to help.”

Then out of the digital mist Ninjical appeared.
“Whoa! What are you?”, exclaimed the warriors.
“I am what you will soon become, my friends; I am a hybrid. I am an online ninja warrior and I’ve come to show you the path. I once did what you are doing now. I traveled, and called, and presented time and time again but the only difference is that I came to the realization earlier than you did.
“What realization is that, Ninjical?,” asked John sarcastically.
“I realized that I can better serve others through leveraging my available resources and showing my fellow warriors how to do the same. I’ve also found that in this digital nether realm I can achieve more residual results, and I can reach more people with less effort.”
“Wow! How can you do all that?” Rick said.
“It takes time and persistence, my friends, but I can see that you are ready for what I have to teach.”

“The first thing I have to teach you is that you should not stop what’s working for you already.”
“What? You’re confusing me now,” said Rick.  “Are you telling us to go back to the old ways of the road warrior?”
“No,” said Ninjical “but I am saying to look at what you are doing and adjust a few things to make the process easier on yourself and your team.”
“Cindy is struggling with the program Rick, maybe Ninjical is right. Maybe we should look for a more suitable strategy for her,” said John.
“Good. Now that you have learned the first rule I can show you how to make the transition. At this point you do not need to know everything about this type of communication all you need to know is where to go for the information you seek.”

“Here is the temple in which my clan of online ninjas resides. If you need help developing a strategy for the digital realm or, more importantly, if you need a different technique for real world applications, like for your team member Cindy, my clan can help.”
“Is that it? Are we done?” said the warriors.
“No, but we are done for today, my brothers. If I give you too much information now, it will hinder your growth, and I want you to be enhanced by the transition not held back by it. Go in prosperity, my friends there is still much to learn.”

Hope you liked the story!

In Prosperity

Eric & Lauren Kalberer

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