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Recovering from a broken heart.

Hey guys,

This is going to be a different kind of blog post.

The truth is - I’ve struggled with how to do this… for months. Until tonight, when I was in a deep trance out here on the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica, and from my unconscious – a voice came into my head, and said:

Dammit - stop being a wussy! Just tell the truth. People love you, dude!”

I burst into laughter, opened my eyes, and started writing this letter, smiling.

When I started this company with the most awesome partner ever – David Sharpe, the whole concept of this company was built on authenticity - truth in the face of struggle, courage in the face of challenge – perseverance, and a heart for the people.

I told the truth when the merchants shut us down.

I told you the truth when we were struggling.

I told you the truth when I had nothing left, other than an unshakeable belief in a new and beautiful future.

And you stuck with me, because you know that I love you. Because I don’t think I’m better than you — I perceive you as my equal. In fact, in a lot of ways – I think you’re better than me.

I had a 4 hour conversation with Len Clements the other month where he pounded me with critical questions about our business model – and after four hours, you know what he said?

“I’ve got to hand it to you, Dave – I have been writing critical reviews of companies for more than 20 years. In that 20 years – you are the most open company owner I’ve ever ran into – times one hundred. One thing nobody can ever say, is that you are not open.”

So today, in a deep trance an image of Batman emerged (see Facebook thread) and commanded me to delete my own little wussy inside, in the name of Gotham City.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve been having marriage challenges for a long time. A long time. It’s not all my wife’s fault. It’s not all my fault. It was both of us, not knowing how to be married in a healthy way.

And (stupidly) I made the mistake of not getting help for something I didn’t know how to fix.

Our marriage was a great friendship, and Ash is awesome. We weren’t so hot at the actual being married to each other bit.

So almost 6 months ago, about a month before Chicago - she wanted to be an actress in Hollywood, and I wanted to stay in Costa Rica. So she left to go pursue her awesome dream of being a movie star. She’s going to do great.

Personally, I think that’s cool. My dream in life is to help others live their dreams. That includes Ashley, no matter how our connection and personal relationship has changed over the years.

While she was away for months, I was lonely and got really involved with this awesome Costa Rican girl.  At first I was just flirting, having fun, and dating – nobody knew about it.  And then I fell in love with her.

She’s pregnant now.

And… the baby is mine.  And I’m pumped. But a lot of things have changed for me in my personal life because of it, and I want to be truthful with you. I’m not sure the exact date, but the pregnancy happened somewhere around the end of May. I found out about it on the trip back from that team training I did out in Miami, Florida.  I’d share her name, but I’m trying to protect her right now, and keep her safe.  I don’t know where she is, though.

When I found out that I am having a baby, I was more excited than I’ve ever been in my life.  I’ve always wanted to be a dad.  So I told Dave Sharpe about it, and a few of my closest friends, my parents, and my brothers.

I’m having some challenges out here because of it, and I need your support (back to that in a minute).

Ashley and I decided to officially separate – she’s going to be a famous Actress out in Hollywood. I’m going to keep focusing on my vision – to empower you to become the greatest person that you can possibly be.  Sometimes to do that, you have to reach down inside yourself, and find something there that you didn’t know that you have.

Just know that the vision here is safe.

And bigger than ever, too.

Because I struggled with how to tell people about it,  I said nothing - because I only want to do things that Empower you to be your BEST self that you can be.

And I worried about what you would think, until I realized…

…that dammit, you love me!

And I realized to just talk straight with you for a few reasons:

Doing anything else is wussy…

…and there are probably at least 50,000 people who will see this, and a HUGE amount who right now are going through similar pain (maybe minus the whole surprise baby in another country part).  Maybe you’re going through something, and even feel like nobody in the world is like you.

You feel like you are alone.

You’re not.

The one thing I’ve learned from telling a handful of trusted people about this is…

…holy crap, a lot of people have messed up relationships, and don’t ever talk to anyone about it. I thought I was alone, and the truth is unreal. Talking about it has helped me realize that not only is what Ash and I went through common… some of my best friends in the world have been through the same exact thing — and they thought they didn’t have anyone to talk to, either.

The coolest message I got was actually from my Mom.  She sent me this message about my Grandpa, talking about how his first marriage was full of pain, and nobody knew.  After that, he was with my Grandma for 55 years, and they were the happiest years of his life.

I had an interesting conversation with Eric Worre about his story, too.  Same pain.  Different story.  Now, he’s more successful, victorious and happy than he’s ever been in his entire life…

I have a new future now! In fact, I can get mentors, dream, and actually find people who have the kind of relationship I want, like Tony and Jessica Rush, Lawrence and Jessica Tam, Justin and D Verrengia, David Sharpe and Erin - and model them.  So can Ashley.

It’s a good thing.

I figure I should just be open, because… If I suddenly popped on stage with a mini Dave Wood sometime next year, and said “surprise” you might be pissed that I didn’t tell you…

Here’s why I need your help:

A couple of reasons.

First, there are going to be people who read this, who think that my marriage issues had something to do with making lots, and lots of money on the internet.  Ridonculous amounts.

I want you to help me clear that up. They had nothing to do with each other, at all. I always loved Ashley. She always loved me. We never had a GREAT marriage.  We were both great people, and these problems were created YEARS before I ever even got on the internet. It wasn’t just me, and wasn’t just her – we teamed up for that.

I still think she’s awesome, and am actually HAPPIER for her now. Because she can now step into all that she can be - and I’m going to support her in that.

So solving myth #1 —> Success isn’t going to make or break your marriage. The two can be together, like with Tony and Jessica – or Justin and D Verrengia. You can also have a miraculous life, like me – and struggle in your relationship big time.  If you have a bad marriage when you get rich, the rich won’t fix it.

Second, I need your help to focus. The launch of ENV2 is coming, and I want to make sure my head is in the right space for the next couple of months, because we are making some announcements and doing things after that, that are changing the game - everywhere.

I haven’t been totally in the zone lately because my energy has been consumed by emotions that have come up because of all of this and what I’ve needed to do to heal them. Some of you who are close to me have noticed. Now you know why.

Because there’s no need for secrecy – and I am proud to tell the truth, but I want to take it a step further.

One time I was talking to a wise, rich friend in Phoenix, Arizona – late at night in a hotel room.  I had driven down to the hotel in my raggedy old 1994 Ford Escort (I didn’t have insurance on it – I was that broke) and I was struggling.  He told me:

“I’m not perfect – I’m just like you.  I only appear more powerful now because I’ve had bigger struggles.  I’ve walked through greater difficulty.  I’ve been in the depths of more intense sorrow – and by humility have overcome more problems – because I’ve had more problems to overcome.  Surround yourself with people you can trust, who have what you want, and ask for help.  They will lift you to the heights of greatness.

So I asked for help to get my heart right – because I want to be the greatest leader I can be.  Dave Sharpe suggested I go to a 12 step recovery program for a month or so to reset my soul.  I took the advice, and I’m voluntarily taking off to a recovery center in Costa Rica for about a month, just to clear out my thinking and re-set my vision.

“For what????” You might say.

Well, a few reasons. I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol, in fact, I haven’t even drank at all since I found out I am having a baby.

Right now, I need a little ’12 steps’ on my heart. I’m doing well, but am hurt inside. I’m recovering. That has helped David Sharpe, and so I’m listening to counsel in areas where I am weak – because I learned a long time ago when you’re humble, and will listen to those who have power that you don’t yet have…

…your weakness will become your greatest source of strength and power.

So that I can one day live my dream relationship.

So that I can set an example.

So I can learn to bounce back, in victory.


I want to be the best leader I can be.

So I’m going to allow the magical people around me to lead the company when I’m gone, and I’m counting on you to prepare the way for…

“The Blog Beast”

Coming September 30th.

By then, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say:

“I’ll be back.”

And better than ever.

In fact, with Terminator 2, Batman 2, and ENV2 – you’re about to see:

“David Wood Version 2.”




Here to make you even richer.

I want to connect with all of you for a second.

I’m not the messiah. I’m not a guru. In fact…

…I’m just here with you.

Going through the same things you’re going through.

Having the same challenges you have.

Having the same VICTORIES you can walk into, when you have a dream.

Just try not to get anyone pregnant in a random country :)

(not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you do)

Copy Tony Rush and Jessica’s cool marriage, instead…

(although I have to admit, the thought of being a dad is pretty exciting)

I want to make sure of a few things:

You realize how awesome you are.

You understand how capable of hands you’re in at the moment. There’s nobody in the world I trust more than David Sharpe, Jerry Ballard, and the leadership at Empower Network.

You understand that THIS is a critical time. Yes, I’m taking off for a bit. Because I trust the people around me. Because I want to be PRESENT in the present. Because I want to be able to give 1,000% of my energy.

I love you.

Yes, I’m going through some challenges. I will solve them, because I know I’m not perfect.

***See the note below this post for a disclaimer on the following story.

One day, Jesus was sitting around writing in the dirt with a stick. Some priests came up to him, and said:

“We’re better than this chick. The prophets say we should stone her. What do you say?”

Jesus, lifting his head – staring… after drawing in the sand, whispered gently …in a still, small voice:

“Let he who is NOT a wussy cast the first stone.”

And they got up, and left.  And it was thus written:

“Thou shalt release thine inner badass instead.”

(severely brutalized passage from somewhere in the Bible. As you can see, I don’t read it much.  Ask Chris Record what it actually says, or Lawrence Tam might have an idea.)

I realized talking to people, how common it is to live in a relationship that isn’t right.

It doesn’t mean the people aren’t awesome.

If you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean that you’re not a badass.

It means that you’re human.

I love you. I appreciate Ashley and will be her friend. Heck, I love this girl out here in Costa Rica who’s pregnant with my baby. Even though I don’t really have a clue what’s going to happen with that and I don’t know where she is at the moment.

And you know what?

I wanted to thank you for loving me, even though I ain’t perfect.

Because I appreciate that more than you can imagine.

IF you’ve been going going through great personal struggle… I know you think you are alone. I know you don’t think your friends and family have been through the same thing.

You’re going to be surprised when you reach out for help.

And if you haven’t been through great personal struggle — I want you to realize something…

…there’s someone sitting right next to you who is going through great pain right now. They are not talking to anyone. Because they think they can’t.

And they want so much for you to reach out, put your arm around their shoulder, and tell them:

“Hey man, I love you. Thanks for just BEING… who you are.”

Love you.

See you in a month…

…and if you’re one of the folks reading this who needs help – get it, dammit. And I’ll be back, to help you. Because you’re awesome.

-David Wood, Version 1
“Recovering from a broken heart”

***Disclaimer on made up Jesus Story:  The use of the Jesus story was expressly not approved or endorsed in any way by Jerry Ballard, David Sharpe, or Empower Network, LLC.  Specifically, Jerry deleted it in his review of this blog post..   No need to put in a customer service ticket about it, you are welcome to call me to repentance in the comments.  Although, I’d probably get a lot more value if you just prayed for the Mommy of this baby.  I don’t know where the she is. I don’t know if she’s safe. I’m worried about her, and I can’t help her, even though I want to.

See you in a month.

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Thank you for your article! It touches my heart deeply because I have recently went through something similar 3 years ago before all this spells and spell casters madness on the INTERNET started which makes people to be confuse and scam them of their money. ALSO IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN MAGIC AND SPELLS, I THINK YOU ARE MISTAKEN, DON’T GET ME WRONG, I ONCE HAD MY DOUBTS, TOO.

THIS IS MY STORY: I was married for 6years with 2 kids a boy and a girl and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and arguments almost every time… it got worse at a point that My Wife filed for a divorce. I tried my best to make her change her mind & stay with me because I love her so much and I don’t want to loose her but everything just didn’t work out, she moved out of the house because it was a rented apartment and still went ahead to file for divorce… I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. I was surfing the internet for solution on what to do when oneDr. Zigaga of islea shrine DUPED me of my hard earned money because I was so desperate to get my wife and children back, Dr. zigaga it will not be well with you were ever you are. The breakthrough came when Jason my best friend introduced me to this wonderful, great prophet named Prophet Abayotor who eventually helped me out. I have never been a fan of things like this but I just decided to try reluctantly because I was desperate and left with no choice, behold within a weekafter the regular prayers and proceeding, my parent call me on phone and said that I should come home immediately, when I did my wife was with them immediately she saw me she came to me and knelt down begging me to forgive her that she was so sorry for how she treated me. Immediately she opt out in filing for the divorce from there we moved into our new apartment together. As for Prophet he is real and cleared my doubts, me made me belief in thing I never believed in Prophet Abayotor you are the best I say Thank you, you can contact him here at ajamugashrine@gmail.com and tell him I introduced you to him.


Dave, have you tried to restore your relationship with Ashley at all? You both are amazing and when you are together you are much more amazing! Frankly, you hurt her. Ask for her forgiveness. I am sure it is still not too late, even though you have been separated and divorced. Take courage and don't be wussy!!!

Carrie Lorentz
Carrie Lorentz

@Igorius Their marriage is over, they don't want to be married to each other. They are not getting back together. He has a new love and new life with a woman he loves and a new baby on the way. What you see and what is reality are 2 different things. He said they were not good together. People who have different dreams and agree that they are not right for each other should not get back together, and especially not because other people think they should.

David Wood
David Wood moderator

@xxoo112233 @Carrie Lorentz @Igorius  

Hey guys, (especially the random nameless person) - 

- none of you, or anyone else here really knows why all of this happened.

I do, only because it's my heart, experiences and stories that I'll never share, and my pain.

I have taken responsibility here in the best way that I know how, and in my world - I have done the right thing, in the best possible way for the HIGHEST good of all concerned - including Ashley.

I am not here to tell her story, which is why the only side of this anyone sees is what I have freely admitted that I did wrong.  The only reason anyone knows that - is because I shared it of my own free will and desire to be open.

Because I am here to correct my own wrong doings - not those of another human being.

I wish Ashley the best.   I am doing my best to support her in the pursuit of her dreams - which were never pointing in the same direction as my own - ever.

But this is not about Ashley - it is about my mistakes, what I have done to correct them, and the action I am taking.  She has her own things to deal with, most of which nobody knows about.

So let's leave this in the spirit of growth - not every marriage has people who are right for each other.

I have restored the relationship with my baby's mom, and I am more in love than I have ever been in my life, happier than I have ever been, and I am doing my best to be a good father, and that is my goal - to act in the way that brings the most love to the situation.

I hope that helps.  This is not the place for accusations.  Thanks for understanding.

Latest blog post: Simple, Not Easy


@David Wood @xxoo112233@Carrie Lorentz@Igorius

Happiness is the greatest gift, 

And true love is really hard to find, 

So if you feel you have that right now, 

You are truly one of the lucky ones,

Wishing you the best simplest most truthful relationship with your new  partner and I hope you guys bring each other peace, joy, and love. 

The most important ingredients for bringing up happy, healthy children.


Dave, your real, upfront, honest and I love you for that brother... You don't hide and your adjendas are clear. You have support of friends and family and the masses here at EN and me are ready to lock arms with you and fight the forces of evil...You will overcome... Peace Bro...


I cried when I read your blog.  I am also struggling with my own issues. You have a beautiful soul and you deserve to be happy. You will be an amazing dad.

David Wood
David Wood moderator


You have no idea what you are talking about, or why any of this happened.  

Just wanted to point that out.  

Please refrain from commenting again on my blog.  I'll actually just do us both a favor and block you.


Latest blog post: Simple, Not Easy


Wow  Dave You have a lot to learn about relationships dude. and the truth of the matter is, you are really just getting started. The fact that you have wealth will make your journey to fatherhood  less stressful. We are crossing  in different directions in life. You are wealthy and trying to be a good father and I have raised good kids and struggling to get wealthy.  Thanks for being truthful.


Even the greatest of leaders make mistakes...   (look at our presidents) I don't think we had one perfect one yet


Come on guys... Can't you see it... He is hurting and angry.  When you were feeling this way about things, haven't we all had thought a bit out there?  Who are we to judge?  None of us were God.  That is between him, his wife and the God he serves.  We can not make judgement.  If someone looked at us, our actions, and our thoughts, we would have been judge by those who don't deserve to be judging.  The only difference is that DW made his situation known, and only our facebook knows our issues, IF we decided to share.   Come on guys, WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP???  If you don't want someone judging you, don't make judgement on him.


With all do respect...Personally Andrew... pray about it.  He had the heart to try to help people get to where they are today.  He didn't have to do it.  Now, we all make mistakes.  No ones mistakes are worse than the other.  We have One God to answer to.  I can't put anyone in Heaven, and I sure can't put someone in hell.  Really... it is none of our business.  I sometimes tell too much of my business, and my fiance reminds me of that quite often.  IIn fact, I know that i do, but just because I talk too much sometimes don't mean you or anyone else have the right to send me to hell, and vice versa.  It reminds me of a church that I use to go to.  If a woman walked into the church with pants on then they would escort you to the doors, and you would have to leave the church.  On that New Years Eve night, those individuals got shot.  The blood would have been on the church hands if that person died, fotunately they are alive.  Thank the Lord that Dave is a strong man.  Criticizing, and calling the man names is not going to cause justice in HIS situation.  If you think he is wrong ENCOURAGE him to do the right thing.  He is young, and could use some sound advice, don't kill the guy with your words, that is what teens do.  We are adults... remember, non of us are flawless... not one.


I feel you man! Empty, lost, feeling the failure, somehow diminished. For what it is worth after all the dust settles you will find that you are both better off for as you say - you can now both reach your full potential. T


When it comes to love I know the more you give, the more love you'll get back from the one you love. Even when things seem hopeless it's a lesson because everything happens for a reason. And sometimes you just have to believe first to see everything will work out in the end.


yes sweetheart x So beautiful to see you like this. 

you are the mark 2

and its going to be wonderful

and yes, oh my god, there is so much help we never even dreamed we could get- and I use it every single day of my life...even when it gets better ( and it does), the increased sensitivity of feeling more alive, means that what appears to be normal for someone else, can knock you sideways...and thats all OK. And we are all learning how to congratulate ourselves for what we DO... and to forget about what we couldnt do...because we have all the time in the world to learn all of that...BADASS :) viva you!


Hey man, hang in there.  You will find your woman and love.  Also my love to Ashley and hope that she finds what she is looking for.  One day you will look back and will understand your journey.    You have a whole pile of friends here for you. 


Keep your head up David...you've been through difficult times before and overcame it. You're gonna do it again!


Very touching and I agree with the 12 step program.  We all have our struggles, but one thing for sure, because we all love one another here in Empower Network you will be back with tons more of badassery and maybe a little bad ass on the way.  I hope so anyway and I pray she comes back to you and the relationship rocks out and ya'll grow old together.  I love you man and you've always lifted me up.  #Always


Dave, I love you even more....God has a plan for you no matter what you know about in His Word.   I am going through the toughest road in my life right now that I have ever gone down.   I know there are caring people around me, but they are in a mess of a life themselves.   Just know that you are being watched in a very caring way by many.  I thank God that none of us are perfect and for being the human that He created us to be.   I hope that you connect with this woman and her child one day so you can know the peace of it within.   I have only one son.  He is the world to me!  I waited till I was 27 years old to have him.  I have no clue why I waited so long, but time with him has went so fast!  He is 20 yrs. old now and has joined the Marine Corp.   He has been stationed in Japan for a year now..and he has another year before he gets to come back to the states.   I will get the blessing of seeing him this coming Christmas, God willing....I really miss him lots!  His is my life!   His dad and I got divorced when he was 5 years old.   I have been married once more after that, and just went through my second divorce.   I know it was both of us that made it fall apart...buy hey...at least we tried.   I am single now...and am very scared of even trying that again.   If it is meant for me to be with someone...then I know in my heart that it will happen.   I've had my heart broken twice, and it doesn't get any easier.....I'm not going to sugar coat it either.   Just hang in there....I know you will prevail one day...cuz you have the strong desire to never give up, and that my friend is what is going to pull you through to the best victory yet!!   Take your time in finding yourself again.....you are well worth it...and you well deserve to be happy!!   Smile, it looks good on you!!  : )  Lots of love and cares to you!    Barb Morris


Power On!  Part of my vision is a better relationship than the one I'm in.  One that supports me and loves me.  I turn to EN - I KNOW my future is there.  My current other is not on the same page (huge heads up that we are not on the same page).  See you in Anaheim.  Sending blessing of pure light source energy your way.


Dave I have thought about you and your situation and just wanted to add to my story I shared with you. I met this man 25 years ago, I walked into this room he looked up at me and it was love...or I thought. The first time I was with him (sad to admit if my kids ever see this) was our 2nd week of dating and the first time I became pregnant. That took what I thought was love to a whole different level. We were creating a family. NO...I was walking into the beginning of HELL. I stayed with this toxic relationship for 20 years. Dave, I walked into the marriage is 1.5 million in the bank and was left penniless and a shell of a person. I ended up with 100 sleeping pills in my hand and in the mental hospital for a week. That relationship completely destroyed me. It wasn't love, it was called codependency. I hope and pray for you that this is the one and that this works out, but I also know looking back my daughter would have been much better off if we had remained friends. Instead we brought 2 more victims into the world and our unhealthiness. You see like you, we are great people apart but together we did not work. I'm just sharing this so you know, we have been there and at the time it can be crippling. I hope this is going to work but what I have learned is that just because God does not approve of divorce did not mean to put up with 18 affairs in 23 years. Now I am such a better and stronger women who has become healthy (one day at a time) and I have a lot to offer young girls who thing they HAVE to get married or HAVE to be together to be a family. My children have 4 awesome parents. They are the lucky ones. I also know way more than most how to raise up from nothing and create my own life on my terms, not because of daddys money.  Keep up your awesomeness you have been a life changer....love ya dave!


“Let he who is NOT a wussy cast the first stone.” I am with you Dave. I will pray for you. god loves you and he will keep you going. When he brought you here as an awesome leader. he has bigger plans for you. We all love you Dave. You are awesome. Always remember that


@quico saunders @sam200512 

Don't make me throw up.  Yes, you are right.  In biblical times they had sentence structure.  Periods at the end of a sentence.  ha ha ha.  God loves all His children even you.  Amazing how you can read God's mind,  I am impressed.  What was that statement again?  He who is without sin let him throw the first stone?  oops, which bible translation are we using here, the King James, The New Jerusalem, or ........  hm..... 


There is one thing in life we can not predict, create or control and that is Falling In Love. 

And as we Fall In Love there is always the chance we may Fall Out Of Love. Finding our sole mate is as much a experience of life as finding ourselves is and there is no handbook to tell us how it works.

The experience of been In Love and been Loved By The is to be charished deep inside our Heart. 

As we all change through the journey of life so our love for one another changes, it may grow stronger or it may grow weaker, and in the end we can only be thankful and blessed that we have experienced the wonderful feelings the universe has given us of Being In Love!!

 Love to All...


WOW!....thank you for sharing. It is tough to go through struggle, especially heartbreak. One thing I have learned is, the Universe Knows What it is Doing. There is order in all the chaos. Somehow, all of this is leading you to who you are meant to be-the core of who you are. I have learned that from healing my own heartbreak from the death of my husband and raising my toddler for the last 3 years on my own. You have inspired me so much with your vision and who you are and how you show up. THANK YOU! The best years of your life are still to come. XO~You are loved. 


Wow....you are awesome. Been there done that and I lost all, thank you for making yourself transparent and we will all walk thru this one day at a time. By the way I went thru aa 90 in 90 and like urself it wasnt drugs or alcahol it was addiction to unhealthy relationship. Fast forward 5 years and God brought the mahe meant for me. Thank u for being u and thank for for helping me get it all back. We love u


Dave, you and Dave Sharpe have turned EN into a success because of things like this (DS-drug/alcohol addiction and DW-marriage woes). People value honesty... at least I do. Here at EN we are a family...good, bad and indifferent... Thanks for your candor...I'm with EN for the long haul... Love that you haven't lost your sense of humor, "Let he who is Not a wussy cast the first stone." Simply hilarious...only Dave Wood...


David, Great to read your post on relationships. I find there is NO failure in relationships. Instead, there is a recognition that it works or that it doesn't. 

If it doesn't work that is not failure, that is success at being real and recognizing it was worth trying. If it doesn't work and we deny it, then we are tempting codependency to set in and ruin our life. 

Keeping some bullshit vow of marriage being forever is holding on to a paradigm that no longer is pertinent. 

Loyalty to a vow is not near as important, or realistic, as loyalty to the TRUTH! Happiness happens when we accept the truth as it comes. Denying the truth in a marriage relationship is a sure sign of dishonesty with ourself and the other person. 

I applaud your choices, and I respect deeply your ability to be truthful, accountable and transparent in these matters. 

That is why I signed up on EN, you are bold-faced-being-real-with-integrity-and-honesty. David, YOU ROCK!

Thanks for being real, and as a leader, setting a great example.

sincerely, Roger Lothamer (rogere7)


Your honesty and courage are part of what make you so awesome. I love you and wish only the best for you. Stay strong. You're in my prayers.


Right there alone, you have taken a step more honorable than most of even the "holiest" would do, and that is to take ownership of the situation and step out towards making things right, whatever that would involve. The factors of life are not always easy, and it takes a strong person to endure through them, especially after messing up. Stay focused on doing what's right, forgive yourself as well as each other, and everything will work out in the end. Best wishes to you!!


Awesome post Dave, I admire your honesty. You know you are love by all of us.  It is great that you are seeking help with your healing.  I believe after reading this post you'll be love even more!  Stay strong and keep the faith. :)


Hello Dave, First of all God Bless you man, I do LOVE you, you are an amazing man. Your passage was when Mary Magdelon was being stoned to death for infidelity, Jesus step forward and said "Whom here has never sinned May cast the the first stone." No one is perfect, except our Heavenly Father, I went through the same thing you are facing now. It will come to pass, not without leaving a scar on our heart. This a cross I have beared for many years but; it does get better. You h e so many options now, as there was nothing during my time. Remember this, I Love You, Respect you, and will continue to believe in you. Have not made it any where yet, but with Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe as the Captains we have a wonderous future ahead. We really appreciate your honesty and will be waiting for your Triumphant return. Please understand we all appreciate your sacrifices you have made to bring us all to the level we have reached. We appreciate you.


Randy Fisher

P.S. What would Batman do?

He would PUSH onward as you will too.


This is some serious stuff. Leave it to Dave to give it to you uncut and pouring his heart out. Things happen for a reason and maybe this is a sign for GREATER things to come for both of you. See you at the Beast Ceremonies today! I can't wait! Beast Mode: On


I know exactly what you are experiencing.  Thank you for your for trusting us with this.  It is wonderful that you are seeking help with your healing.  I personally had been married for 18 1/2 years until my marriage finally came to its conclusion.  The thing we both realized was that we were not supposed to be married.  we were meant to be best friends.  That was the purpose of us meeting each other in the first place.  Today, we are the best of friends, been so since 2001.  It is possible that this could be the case with you as well, I don't know.  After you heart has mended, you can revisit this possibility.  As far as the child, and the future mother is concerned, if it is meant to be, she won't remain concealed forever.  It is important that you don't work at trying to make your life like the examples that you mentioned in the post.  You have your life that has been designed for you, and it will be different in many ways than Tony Rush and the others, but it will appear similar as well.  We all support you in the new path that lies ahead of you today, and many of us do share similar stories. Friends and family stick together, and we are here for you now.  Stay strong, get well, and we will see you soon.


be tough :) the fact that you are telling this secret is badass in itself.  Not many men out there really have the guts to "admit" the so called "mistake" that they choose to make :) keep learning from mistakes.. and never look back! Just stop from repeating it ;)


"and by humility have overcome"- 

what your friend in Arizona, in a hotel room said, is very powerful- it shout out to me-because that was the key for me, to be cognizant in my brain to be humble in order to change my life/emotions (in my case addictions).- to change a pathway.  Love you for what you've done, and it is amazing what we can't see ahead does happen.


This name above is my twitter name - Just so you'll know the post below is from me Renee J Mack.  Also, just the other day the Lord Jesus had me do a video about my struggles with pain, depression, etc. all of my life and how Jesus has healed me.  This is divine appointment for you, David, from Jesus.  The title of the video is "About Jesus & Me - Marketing Tip #1", check it out, I guarantee you will receive a huge Blessing when you listen to it.  Also, I want to say to you from the bottom of my heart how much I love you, and Dave Sharpe & everyone in BIM/EN and EN, I pray for everyone every single day. Jesus made me a prayer warrior/intercessor 21 yrs. ago. So this is my ministry.  My husband loves you too.  Go to 1 Peter 5 and you will find the scriptures you need in the Bible that will build you up in Our Lord God's eyes.  Submission to Jesus' ways, will and timing is what He is calling you, David, to do so He can lift you up to heights you have never seen in your personal growth.  He is a miracle working God who loves you unconditionally.  His grace and mercy are eternal, no matter our weaknesses and sins.  He is calling on you to receive Jesus in your heart as your Lord and Savior.  God Bless You!  


David, I want you to know that I personally have had many failed relationships in my life (now 64 yrs. young). Now I am happily married for 18 yrs.  And this too will pass - one day you will wake up and realize you are healed of all the pain and hurt, not only in this situation, but also healed from all hurts etc. in your life - Why do I say this? Because many, many people are praying for you - me included - I say to you "David Wood, Be healed in Jesus Name.  It is done - expect a miracle"!


Dave Love you dude, You are my Mentor and I look up to you.and you are important to me.. I feel your pain. And I am here for you as is everyone here at empower network..Thats why we are here to Empower each other.. 


David Wood I love you bro. You are my mentor and it's just because you bring out the bad ass in me and you tell the truth. I will be by your side for as long as I live because I have finally realized how important a mentor can be in life and in business.

Thanks for being you David Wood and David Sharp


I feel for you brother but I know you pull through this with flying colors. You're right I am having a questionable time. I've posted 115 blogs and haven't had even one response. I signed up with Commission Works two months ago and haven't received any leads from them either.


Wow David you are an amazing person most would just try to hide all that you shared with us. I know and believe what you are doing is the very best thing anyone could do to overcome the hurt and pain from this. I have been thru some things in my life similar to what you are going thru. 

Something I learned several years ago was to (Proverbs 3:5,6) Trust the Lord with all of your Heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. When I did that it set my heart and mind at Peace. I knew that what ever happened in my life was part of his plan and that he has my best interest at heart.

I know you like to read books and may I suggest reading the Bible starting with the book of John it's the most awesome life changing book I have ever read. 

Yes you are right we do love you and pray for you. You an awesome person David and you have helped so many people and I know your future is full Life and Love more than you can imagine.

God Bless you and yours!

Timothy John Cochran

ps: One saying I like to recall is the one they say in the military... "What doesn't kill you only makes you Stronger!" :-) You are getting STRONGER!


Vulnerability And Power. Fearlessly cracked open soul. Thank you Dave!


Thanks Dave. Your story gives me strength to keep it going and stay in the present

light speed and heart healing.


Thank you for sharing this.  I wish you and yours the best.


Dear David Wood; we haven't met yet, but I'm looking forward to it! Maybe at the next event! I feel like i know you some because everyone n Empower seems so down to earth. Real people, making real money! There are times in our lives where words are hard to pen, however in situations like your current one, I've found this poem to be appropriate. Hope it helps a little! I believe this poem was fund on a wall in a Tibetan monastery, but still not certain?

healing prayers for you and 


Gia777gia on "Prosperity team!"


People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

 When you figure out which one it is,

you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,

it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty;

to provide you with guidance and support;

to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.

They may seem like a godsend, and they are.

They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time,

this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.

Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.

Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.

The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,

because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.

They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.

They may teach you something you have never done.

They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.

Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;

things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.

Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,

and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

— Unknown

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