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Re-Programming Your Internal Guidance System For Unconscious Success

Don’t you love really long, wordy titles?

I think they’re awesome.

In the next 5 minutes, I’m going to re-frame your idea of how the mind works and what moves you towards success or failure. Maybe it’ll happen as you read the words on this page, maybe it’ll happen when you wake up tomorrow morning.

Perhaps you’ll have a vivid dream, affirming everything you read in this post – this very night.

Whatever happens; you’re going to discover the amazing power of your internal guidance system and how it controls the outcomes in your life. If you’re one of those people who has struggled for a long time, without really understanding why – this post is for you.

The more successful people I meet, the more and more I believe that success is just an unconscious way of doing things, like a behavioural pattern.

A way of functioning. Here’s where it gets interesting. 80% of the actions you take in your daily life are completely unconscious. You do them without thinking about them.

Now your unconscious mind will either work its way towards success or failure. The outcome varies depending on how you’ve programmed it.

…and this goes down to every tiny little detail. How you talk, walk and even how you spread your butter.

This is going to be long post, and I want to start by talking about instincts. Success is a human instinct. We instinctively try to succeed in almost everything we do. Unless we have ‘bugs’ in our programming.

Everyone has an ‘internal guidance system’. An internal system that unconsciously moves us towards our goals. Like a success instinct.

Most people laugh if you tell them success has anything to do with ‘unconscious behaviour’; but they’ve simply never heard the following fact. The conscious mind can only process something like 7 minus or plus 2 bits of information per second; while the unconscious processes around 2 MILLION.

The unconscious mind decides what’s important, it decides what it should bring to your conscious attention. It has to filter the 2 million bits of information and decide which 5-9 it brings to your conscious awareness.

What’s brought to your conscious mind’s awareness is controlled by your programming. Our built-in guidance system simply moves us towards our goals, but also whatever we think about at any given moment.

That’s why if we’re constantly thinking about the ‘curbs’ or limits in our life; we hit them every time and are left wondering why.

Now we also have a self-image or IDENTITY that sets boundaries for us. Your identity or self-image is like a filter. It controls what information is brought to your conscious awareness.

If you have a negative self-image, you’ll allow yourself no real goal or destination at all. You may set conscious goals for making more money or finding a partner; but your internal guidance system will never allow you to reach such goals while your IDENTITY says otherwise.

The Brain Is Like A Servomechanism

servomechanism, sometimes shortened to servo, is an automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism and is defined by its function

Essentially the brain acts like a servomechanism. It constantly moves you towards your target, continually correcting course after receiving feedback – and this happens unconsciously.

A real-life example of this is driving in your car. For anyone who’s been driving for longer than a couple of months; driving is a completely unconscious act.

You don’t have to think about steering, accelerating or breaking. It happens automatically. Like when you’re driving and all of sudden you look up and you’re 5 miles past your target destination.

You unconsciously stay on the road and automatically correct course away from the curb as you drive – your mind can be a million miles away but you’ll keep driving without even being aware of it.

This internal guidance system can either function as a ‘success mechanism’ or a ‘failure mechanism’ depending on its input. If you want better results in your life, you need to make your subconscious work for you. You start by changing its input…

However, in most people there can be an issue. There’s a limiting factor that determines what kind of input you can receive and use.

The self-image, your IDENTITY. It’s easy to understand when you compare your brain to a computer.

No matter what you put into a computer, it will fail to function correctly if it has errors with its software. It’s the same with your brain or ‘servomechanism’.

It operates in accordance with our IDENTITY’s beliefs and values. Your identity’s programming. If you program it with images of lack & limitations; your internal guidance system will operate as a failure mechanism – constantly moving you away from success. If you program it with images of success, it’ll operate as a success mechanism.

It All Starts With The Self-Image

This image of our self is the core factor that determines the data our internal guidance system can accept and use to function.

The self-image starts being formed from other’s opinions about us. As soon as we are aware of these opinions we start to accept them as fact and believe them.

This can cause some serious limitations in the way our internal guidance system functions. Most people just accept these opinions of themselves as fact and act in accordance with them their whole life.

For example, someone who’s told they’re not ‘the sharpest tool in the box’ or ‘not too bright’ will agree and act in accordance with that belief. Their whole life they’ll avoid anything that involves what they consider a high level of intelligence, believing they couldn’t possibly do such things – based on false beliefs.

If you’re not where you want to be right now, if you seem to fail right before succeeding; it’s most likely because you have a few bugs in your self-image and internal programming. One or more deep rooted beliefs that are causing you to subconsciously avoid success.

The good news is change can happen in an instant. You just need to recognise and re-program these beliefs.

There are two principles you need to understand before you can re-program your unconscious mind and upgrade its internal guidance system.

The Two Principles Of The Subconscious Mind

  1. The subconscious mind always agrees with whatever the conscious mind tells it.
  2. The subconscious mind always moves in the direction in which the conscious mind points it.

The first principle explains how your self-image was formed along with all limiting beliefs & habits. Every time you consciously absorb a thought; your unconscious says ‘yes sir that makes sense’.

Whether it’s that you have bad people skills, you can’t manage/make lots of money or lack sexual appeal. Whatever thoughts you absorb; your subconscious agrees with. Whether its thoughts you hear from other people or say to yourself.

Your subconscious mind can’t take a joke. It cannot tell the difference between fact or fiction. It agrees with the data it receives and moves towards it.

When you accept nonsense, especially when it comes to your identity and abilities; your internal guidance system functions as a failure mechanism.

Getting rid of these negative thoughts & beliefs about yourself and what you believe to be possible is relatively simple. While simple, it takes consistent conscious effort.

It takes roughly 4-6 weeks to change a long-held belief or pattern – but change can also happen in an instant, the moment you make a decision.

The formula for change is easy: unlearn the old negative data + replace with new, positive data.

The interesting thing about the conscious mind, is that once it makes a decision and chooses something; it eliminates all other options.

Once you decide ‘I’m ugly’, you rule out the possibility of finding a partner. Once you decide ‘I’m poor’ you rule out the possibility of making lots of money. Once you decide ‘I’m dumb’, you rule out the possibility of getting that promotion or doing anything that you perceive requires high intelligence.

How To Cancel Negative Input & Upgrade Your Internal Guidance System

To upgrade your internal guidance system, it takes repeated positive selection – every time the choice comes up. When you hear yourself thinking negative, choosing a negative thought or view; simply recognize, cancel it and choose the positive.

Doing this you can create a new program for your servomechanism and force your subconscious to move yourself towards images of success. Here’s the process:

1. Cancel, Old Negative Data

Every time a negative thought comes up, say ‘cancel’ or ‘delete’ out loud. This makes you consciously aware of the negative thought pattern and or beliefs & physically challenges them.

The easiest way to quickly change a belief is to constantly challenge its validity. You can think ‘cancel’, but it’s far more effective when you state something out loud. Your ears hear your voice and it completes what’s called the ‘language loop’.

2. Replace, With New Positive Data

Immediately after calling out your old negative data, replace with new positive data. This is generally the opposite of the negative data. Doing this creates a new program for the subconscious. If you’re in sales or marketing and your negative data says ‘I suck with people’ you can replace it with ‘I’m great at selling and work well with people’. Immediately after cancelling the old negative data, say the new positive data to yourself.

3. Affirm New Image

Realize why you want to change, what your end goal is. Affirm the new image of yourself multiple times daily.

4. Enter Your Theatre Of Imagination

I find it hilarious when people laugh at visualization. The reality is the subconscious cannot tell the difference between something that’s real and something that’s vividly imagined.

Every day, sit down, relax and visualize the new image of yourself for 10 minutes.

Visualize as vividly as possible, picture yourself how you want to be, doing the things you want to be doing and having the things you want to have.

The reality is that’s all it takes to bring about serious change in your life. As you’re doing this, you can start acting as if the change has already occurred – and it soon will.

As part of the process, it’s important that you rid your mind of garbage. Get rid of all the crappy negative input programs you take in on a daily basis. Stop listening to your negative relatives, turn off the TV, upgrade your social circle and start reading/listening to success/personal growth books.

As you do this and you re-program your servomechanism, it’ll start to function as a success mechanism. You’ll begin to talk differently, walk differently, and spread your butter in a special way (LOL).

Your subconscious acts (which are about 80% of daily actions) will start to serve you and move you towards success – your desired goal.

The subconscious can be really good at the wrong things, like moving you away from lots of money – based on a false idea about yourself or money. When these ‘programs’ appear in the form of a negative thought, cancel and replace using the process explained above.

It’s easy to understand when you think of your subconscious mind as your ‘goal seeking mechanism’, once you upgrade its software, get clear on its destination and cancel bugs – it’ll move you towards success every time, like clockwork.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing this information, I am going to apply it starting immediately as I definitely need some reprogramming.


it's so amazing, helpful and inspiring. Thanks David from Vietnam. 


Thank you Dave. Awesome Article.Peace Love and Hapiness. A Hug


Wow!!  You nailed it David!!  I had recently realized that my lack of success has everything to do with my subconscious programing.  And now you have a post on how to Cancel or Delete and reprogram with the real me!!  I love this company!!  Thank you!!


David thank you.....5 months .....4 Events.....and still my rocket boosters were pointed away from my target....

In one blog you have turned my rocket ship in a 180. The point now headed in the right direction....course corrections needed....hell ya...fuel needed...hell ya....

My journey shorten.....simply Badass...

For everything else....There is MasterCard

See you in Miami... 


So true david!!!  the brain is where it all starts and stops!!!  thanks...appreciate the insight!

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