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Post More Content, Build Less Backlinks – Get More Traffic

content syndication

Everyone is so caught up in link building.

They have a 5 page websites with tens of thousands of backlinks. All of it to try and rank for the top 1% of competitive keywords that EVERYONE else is going after.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to a revolutionary new concept.

Post more content, build less backlinks.

Very VERY few people actually do this.

Everyone focuses their efforts on building more links to compete for the top 1% of highest searched and most competitive keywords. Ranking for competitive keywords makes little sense.

Here’s the thing.

When your site has authority (through backlinks), social sharing and you also have an identity (through Author Rank), all of the blog posts you publish will automatically rank.

They may not rank for the medium to high competition keywords you target as you might not have enough authority yet; but they’ll rank for something.

If you have the littlest bit of authority, Google will rank all your blog posts for low competition keywords that are relevant to your content. If you have a a little more authority Google will automatically rank your posts for low and medium competition keywords Google deems relevant.

If you have a SHIT TON of authority (I’m talking Mens Health/New York Times), anything you publish will dominate for every search term within your content (even if you didn’t realize you wrote it).

This works in amazing ways. For example, if Mens Health publishes an article on colon health they’ll immediately rank for ‘colon health’ on Google. It’s because they have an identity as the leading site in the health niche.

Anything they publish Google shoots to the top. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If the writer happened to write 1 sentence about ‘colon cleansing’, they’ll also immediately rank for ‘colon cleansing’ and a bunch of other colon cleansing related keywords.

Even though they had no intention of ranking for it, just because its in their content they rank for it. That’s what having an authority site and an authority identity will do for you.

It works at that extreme level and it also works at a micro level. That’s why publishing lots of content is so effective, you rank for 1000s of keywords unintentionally.

The trick is to build up some authority.

The cool thing is the more content you publish, the more authority you accumulate. Publishing content and building less backlinks not only gets you tons of traffic, it builds your authority, identity and protects you from Google updates. Here’s how to build authority:

1. Post More Blog Posts (weekly or daily)
2. Build Links (conventional links and PR links) To Individual Posts
3. Build Links To Your Home Page
4. Build Author Rank

Spending more time publishing content and less building links makes so much sense. You could easily spend $3000/month trying to rank for a single competitive keyword that generates you 10,000 visitors a month.

Or, you could publish SIXTY high quality articles at $50 per article. There are plenty of knowledgeable people in your niche willing to write articles for that price or less.

The key is to use your budget to create more content that ranks for more keywords. Instead of ranking the same pieces of content for more keywords or the same ultra competitive keywords.

Publish lots of content targeting low-medium competition keywords. The essential last step is to build links to each individual blog post you publish. You can do this very easily through content syndication.

Content syndication allows you to take your existing content, and syndicate it to dozens, 100s or even 1000s of other web properties. You can literally take your content, post a snippet of it on another website and link back to the full post.

This syndication creates fast backlinks that Google loves, and it allows you to leverage your content.

Isn’t it duplicate content? Nope. Press Release sites syndicate content to 1000s of sites. News websites and blogs take snippets from other people’s posts all the time, and they all link back to the original source. Google looks at it like curation.

That’s what syndication is. On top of syndicating conventionally, you can spin your own content and post unique variations onto other sites linking back. This makes Google think someone curated your content and linked back to it or simply wrote an original article about it!

Content syndication allows you to leverage your content.

Post more content, build less links. After rigorous testing on numerous sites I came up with a cool content syndication/link building system for my ‘post more, build less links’ philosophy. I use it on this blog and many others.

It results in insane amounts of website authority, Page Rank and eventually rankings for the most competitive of keywords. All without building thousands of backlinks.

Here’s the syndication system:

1. Share On Personal Social Profiles (FB/Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest)
2. Syndicate via LinksAlpha & Onlywire (this sends the post URL and title across dozens or hundreds of social web properties)
3. Syndicate To Doc Sharing Sites (take the article and auto post it to document sharing sites)
4. Syndicate To Web2.0s/blogs (take the content, post it onto a network of blogs with a link back to the original source)

Really simple, you can do all these things for next to no money and you can put them on autopilot. There’s a great plugin that does all of this automatically for all blog posts, plus a lot more (like wiki & RSS syndication) called WP Link Boss.

Start today by taking your SEO/marketing budget and allocating more of it to publishing and syndicating content. Build less links, post more content – get more traffic.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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WP link boss isn't anywhere - the web page says account disabled. :(


$50 for an article.. :D

I doubt many people can pay that much for a single article. But when you are making lots of money it's a wise move. No ones wants crappy content anyways.

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