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Online MLM Marketing Strategies

Online MLM Marketing StrategiesToday, I’m probably going to rant on a little about online marketing and building your business online. As if you haven’t already, you need to hear this stuff…

First of all, if you’re looking to market your MLM online and you want A marketing strategy, that’s just total crap. I honestly can’t help you if you’ve come looking for an ultimate marketing strategy, as it all depends on your current circumstances.

Mainly, it depends on how much time and or money you have. As I’d recommend a completely different marketing strategy to people with time freedom than I would to the people with money floating around the place. So I thought I’d break down 2 very simple marketing strategies for those two types of people to help them start building their MLM business online.

The Just Over Broke Strategy

If you’re like I was, then you’re just over a broke and you barely even have a marketing budget. Like no money to spend on advertising and maybe like $200/month to get something going…

No offence to the people who don’t have that, but you need at least $200/month to even start with the free strategies. That will just pay for the bare minimum, you could actually do with $500+ to get started with free marketing. But let’s say you’re flat out broke and you have $200 a month to spend on marketing.

(Side note: If you don’t even have $200/month then you need to go get a job, a personal loan or you need to borrow money from your family. Or otherwise you’ll be sitting around 6 months from now wondering where it all went wrong. TRUST ME)

So, when you’re on a shoestring budget and you have a couple of spare hours every day, you need to go with CONTENT MARKETING. Content marketing is what I used to do when I got started online. In fact, I still do it to this very day and it works like magic. It consistently generates me thousands of daily visitors and best of all, its perpetual meaning it never stops. It just grows and grows the more you do it so there are no limits. (It’s quite ridiculous)

Anyway, content marketing is where you create content, either articles or videos and submit them to 1 website. Usually your blog as it works best with WordPress blogs like this one. Then you syndicate the content, and submit it to thousands of other websites linking back to the original content on your blog/website. Content marketing works wonders with blogs so get one.

Quick breakdown for the $200/month budget:

  • $1/month per domain. (Actually less)
  • $10/month hosting.
  • $100/month outsourcing/co-incidentals.
  • $50 one time article submission software.
  • $7/month automatic spinning software.
  • $50/month content syndication/submission services.
  • $30/month autoresponder.

Honestly, you could do with spending like $200/month more on link building and content syndication services, but those are the essentials. Outsourcing, you will have to spend some money on outsourcing little things that you literally won’t be able to do. Back to the strategy…

With those tools you can create 1 piece of content every day and publish it on your blog. Then have the content syndicated to a bunch of social networks and social media sites. Along with article directories and a blog network of some sort. As in the beginning, all that technical stuff really does matter. Especially with content marketing. And… to begin with you need to market a product of some kind to bring some cash flow into your business.

As if you’re just pushing your primary opportunity at your list and blog subscribers, you’ll produce crap all results in terms on money in pocket quickly. So instead, the best thing to do is find a low cost $100 or less product you can sell upfront to your list. I don’t think I need to explain list building to anyone. The concept is simple. With this strategy you create content, have it syndicated and backlinked until its ranking high in the search engines.

Then you have a little traffic coming in, next you use a little thing called an opt in form to capture visitor’s information. Once you have that information, you start to build a list.  You then treasure your list, treat your subscribers like royalty and give them so much value until they’re practically forced into joining your MLM company. And of course… in the process you sell a low priced information product to put money in your pocket.

It can be a recurring payment product like a membership site or just a bunch of Ebooks. You just need to provide your subscribes with value and a product worth its weight in gold. When you do that your subscribers will like and eventually start to trust you and your judgment. So they literally call you up and say “Jack, I love the information you’ve been sending me, it’s worth its weight in gold and I have to work with you”. So then it’s only a matter of telling them which opportunity to join.

As this is a people business, like I’ve said a gazillion times… people don’t join companies, they join people. That’s why your opportunity isn’t that important. Like I’ve reached a point where I have people call me up and say Dave, I love your stuff, how can I work with you directly?. I tell them they can’t work with me directly unless they join my Numis team. So you know what? They do, all because I provide great value in the beginning and don’t try force feeding them with my MLM company.

Back to the marketing strategy:

With the content marketing strategy, these would be your daily steps:

  1. Go To The Google Keyword Tool.
  2. Find 1 Keyword To Target With Your Content.
  3. Write Article Or Shoot Video Around Keyword.
  4. Publish To Blog.
  5. Syndicate it to a bunch of video sites if using a video.
  6. Otherwise, spin article and submit it to thousands of directories linking back to your blog post. You do this with a tool like Article Marketing Robot. Check my tools page for details.
  7. Syndicate the content to social media and bookmarking sites.
  8. Build more links with whatever other resources you have available.
  9. Email your list to build value via free content.
  10. Repeat

Now if you have a strong offer that converts by itself, you should be able to get to like $5000-$10,000/month within a year using that strategy consistently. Unfortunately, well fortunately for me… 98% of Networkers and marketers in general will use the strategy consistently for around a month, two at most. At the time they’ll be like “damn, I’m not seeing any results and this new marketing strategy looks much better… Let’s try that”. And they’ll do exactly that at the crucial moment where they’re about to take off and see exponential growth.

So I’m telling you content marketing works, I proved it and continue to prove it every single day. The key is consistency and not getting distracted. One quick detour to checkout a sales letter or a new marketing strategy can set you back months! Don’t do it.

Rich Marketer’s Low On Time Strategy

Paid marketing! Wasn’t it obvious that I was going to say that? I thought so, anyway paid marketing is your only option if you don’t quite have time freedom just yet. Paid marketing works and is the fastest way to see results in your business today. So what should you do? Well honestly, you just have to use pay per click advertising. I’m going to cut the crap and tell you the steps right away.

  1. Find 50-100 potential keywords to target.
  2. Analyze them, see what your competitors are paying for them.
  3. Choose around 30 keywords to begin with. (narrow down the list)
  4. Setup PPC campaigns on Facebook and or Google adwords. (Facebook is generally cheaper considering how much more targeted it can be)
  5. Send all traffic to opt in page. (Make sure you use a compelling piece of opt in bait that will convert enough of the traffic into leads.)
  6. Tweak & Test different opt in pages variations for better conversions.
  7. Test out more keywords with multiple campaigns.
  8. Use strong offer after opt in to make advertising investment back.
  9. Repeat

I personally don’t use paid marketing and if you want to go down that route, don’t listen to me. I don’t know nearly enough about PPC for you to take my advice. I know the basics and I’ve used a ton of paid marketing, but I do so well with free stuff that I don’t feel the need to learn more. Point being, if you’ve got spare cash lying around, go pick up a course on PPC. It’s 100% the fastest way to generate leads and build your business online.


Marketing can be tough and you’ll have challenges with it no matter what your circumstances are.

If you’re using the Just Over Broke strategy then you’ll be faced with frustration. Which may well cause you to quit if you can’t keep a happy face for at least 2 months. As you won’t see any real results for around 2 months. It varies depending on the keywords you choose and how many backlinks you build etc, but the fundamentals remain exactly the same.

Then with paid marketing, people lose a lot of money which causes them to quit… And since they have no time to test out the free stuff they end up giving up all together. Marketing is a never ending battle. Even once you’ve got it all figures out like I have, the Internet is constantly changing and you and your marketing strategy must adapt or be defeated.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Like the post? Leave me your questions, comments and thoughts in the box below.

P.P.S. If you’d like to learn exactly how I built my MLM empire online, put your name and email address in the form below.

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Bart Hungenaert
Bart Hungenaert

Jow Dave, what is the $7 article spinning software you suggest? cheers :)

David Wood
David Wood

Jamie Hudson Lol. you're awesome dude ;)

Jamie Hudson
Jamie Hudson

I believe he's talking about the best spinner. It's like $7/month and there isn't a better tool on the market. Powerful stuff in this post man!

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