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Online Business Diversification Part Two

Online Business Diversification
Click Here For Part One…

Info Products, Lots Of Them!

Launching an information product is easily one of the most hands free strategies for diversifying your online business.

Every day millions of people turn to the Internet in search of a solution.

A solution to a problem they’d like to solve.

…And you know what? MOST people will gladly hand their hard earned money over to you in return for an information product…

An information product that promises to solve their problem.

It’s a very straight forward business model and has countless advantages over selling traditional physical products.

  • Information products don’t cost anything to produce.
  • You create them once and they can be downloaded an infinite number of times, completely free.
  • You don’t have to be involved in the selling process. Visitors arrive at your site, read the sales page, pay you the cash and download the product without you ever knowing. You get to wake up to new sales that were made while you were sleeping. It’s like owning an offline store that runs without human intervention.
  • The product sells 24 hours a day.
  • Affiliates do all the selling for you.

As I said; launching and selling your own information product is fairly straight forward. For this strategy; it’s best to pick a micro niche or a niche within a broad niche. Unless you have a killer product with a killer sales funnel and lots of money to put towards acitvely marketing; you won’t do so well with info products in the mainstream niches.

The mainstream niches are wealth, health and relationships. Instead you need to dive deeper into the niches and find something more targeted with less competition. For example the mole removal or yeast infection treatment niches within the health niche.

Both substantial niches with A TON of traffic. People searching for ways to get rid of their moles or yeast infections. As you can imagine, those are the kinds of people who’d rather buy an information product to find a solution than visit a doctor. I actually know a guy who has info products in both niches. He doens’t market his products at all, but they routinely make him 4 figures a month.

Once you find a sub niche with a lot of traffic, but not huge amounts of competition; create a product. You simply need to research into what the market wants; what other people are selling successfully and create your own product. The info products themselves can be ebooks, audios, videos or bundles.

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of product creation; as there’s an endless supply of information and courses out there to teach you that. Once your product is created, you can hire a copywriter, a graphic designer and a tech guy to setup your sales page and download area.

That’s nearly all you have to do.

At this point you would have a fully functioning sales page, next you just add it to a network like Clickbank. Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products, there are many others, but Clickbank is highly popular with affiliates.

I believe you can have you product listed on Clickbank for under $100 and it’s a great investment. Doing all of the above, you’ll successfully have launched an info product onto the Clickbank marketplace.

As time goes by, affiliates in the niche will come across your product and if they like it; they’ll promote it for you. You just pay them a commission and the cool thing is; all of this happens automatically.

This strategy is about volume because you’re not actively promoting your info products.

To really excel and propel your product sales to new heights; you can come  up with a marketing plan, recruit affiliates and improve your sales funnel. As your conversion rates increase and more affiliates promote your info products; they’ll achieve a higher Clickbank gravity and hit the first page of Clickbank in their respective categories.

This means more affiliates will come across them, promote them and make you more money.

The more info products you have in a marketplace; the more diversification you build. If one business flops and you need to make some extra cash; you’ll always have several proven to convert products to promote.

Simply creating and launching info products onto a marketplace like Clickbank won’t make you rich, either will creating a physical product. If you want your products to sell; you need to promote them via marketinhg. Relying on affiliates to stumble upon your product/s is a fools game, you could say.

But with enough products on a marketplace in the right niches with limited offers, it works!

It results in completely passive “hands free” cash flow; but to really succeed with info products, MARKETING is the answer.

Click here for part three.

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Simultaneously significant niches with A Lot of traffic. Individuals researching for techniques to reduce of their moles or perhaps yeast problems. Since you can imagine, those are the types of people who’d rather buy a strong information product to get a solution when compared to go to a doctor. I in fact know a man who has information products in simultaneously niches. Your man doens’t marketplace that items at just all of the, even so they routinely make him 4 figures a month.


Creating info products and then finding affiliates to promote them for you is an awesome strategy and a great way to leverage other people's time and energy, sort of like network marketing. Awesome post by the way.

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