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Network Marketer Sees Snicker Bar Floating In Pool

Well here I sit down at the neighborhood pool. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday.
The weather is perfect. Its 85 degrees, sunny and a breeze is blowing.
The water is a comfortable 80 degrees and crystal clear.

There is only one thing missing. People!

It is empty, no one, zip nada zilch.

It’s as if someone had snuck a Snickers bar in the pool and everyone ran for their lives!

Caddy Shack

If you don’t understand the Snickers reference, watch the movie, Caddy Shack

I’ve never seen it totally empty unless it was closed for the season.

There’s always someone here, maybe a mom with their young kids or a dad that took the day off
to be with his family.

It made me think of a parallel to traditional multi-level Network Marketing.

What if I was some poor schlep in traditional, old school network marking mlm.
You know the guy, he shows up for Thanksgiving and his own family won’t start a conversation with him.

He goes to a party and everyone avoids him like the plague. Or maybe, the neighbors hear he is
heading for the pool and they all run home before he gets there.

Ya know, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to sell lotions, potions or pills to your friends and family.

You don’t have to hang around Walmart attempting to talk to everybody and their brother.
You can be very successful in network marketing without having hotel meetings.
Did you know you can make huge amounts of cash without having a single home party?

If you are struggling in your current network marketing program; if your relatives and friends are scattering
like there’s a snickers bar floating in the pool, then you need to make a change.

You need to check out the New School of network marketing, mlm.

The most powerful way to do mlm network marketing today is to combine the power of traditional
internet methods such as article marketing, videos and blogs with the NEW media, social networking.

Today, Facbook, Twitter, Youtube and countless other social media methods are the way to explode your business.
Using social media can give your articles and videos a viral effect.

All it takes is a few  people to like what your writing and the viral process begins.
If they like it there is a good possibility they will share it with their friends, and then they
share it with their friends and so on.

If you are not combining your traditional marketing with social media, you’re leaving money on the table.

Go get it!

Leading you to Success,

Scott Grogan

Ps. To see an excellent example of combining blogging with Facebook, click here.

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