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MLM Training That Will Blow Your Mind

I hate to say it but, building an MLM business can be tough. So tough that it causes over 50% of Networkers to quit in their first 3 months. I know, I know… I’m the guy who’s supposed to tell you it’s easy and that you can become an overnight millionaire if you join my MLM company. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Building a Network Marketing business takes time, effort, a lot of hard work and smart thinking. (Mostly smart thinking)

I’ve been in the business for a long time and I consider myself a Network Marketing master… to some degree. Anyways, I have learnt a lot of stuff in my time as a Networker. I’ve sponsored hundreds of reps, grown several teams in the thousands and made multiple 6 figure incomes. So I wanted to give you a little training on building a successful MLM business. I hate to see people fail in their businesses, especially when I know them personally…

For some unknown reason, people keep asking “what’s your secret David”. You know what I tell them? I tell them that there’s no damn secret, just a few tips, tricks, and marketing strategies. It’s all about common sense really, as well as smart marketing. So I’m going to break down building a successful MLM business in 4 steps.

  • Starting Off
  • Lead Generation & Relationship Building
  • MLM Introduction & Advanced Prospecting
  • Enrolling & Duplication

Starting Off: 

This is stage one in building a successful MLM business. Unless you have a gigantic email list, you absolutely must go through this phase. It basically consists of talking to your warm market and getting your hands dirty with home meetings. Yeah, I said home meetings! Believe it or not, those old school recruiting methods still work. No matter what, you need to start off with old school techniques.

So when you’re just getting started… you need to get out your phone book and you need to start dialing. Your opportunity should provide you with sufficient presentations, brochures and basic marketing material to help you get the wheels spinning. Seriously, recruiting your first couple of reps doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It’s actually the easiest.

Just use your warm market and the promotional material your MLM company provides you with. With a few phone calls and perhaps a home meeting, you’ll be able to enroll your first 5 reps in no time! It’s not hard and unless you make a huge deal of it, you’ll be able to recruit 5 people within 2 weeks. Just approach the people closest to you who’s trust you’ve already gained.

I’d say approach your warm market until you’ve recruited at least 5 people or you’ve burnt through just about everyone you know. Once done, get online and start with the most basic stuff. You know, emailing your online contacts, your Skype contacts. You can get on Facebook and do some prospecting on there. There’s free and paid training that teaches you how to do all of this.

By the way, when you pitch your warm market, there’s no reason to be a jerk about it. From my experience around 40% of my reps won’t pitch their warm market. They won’t even pick up the phone. Mostly because they’re scared of rejection, and the rest of them don’t want to ruin their integrity or whatever. Anyway, the point is that you need to keep your business offline until you’ve burnt through your warm market and recruited your first few reps.

Lead Generation & Relationship Building:

Once your team hits at least 5-10 people and you’ve burnt through your warm market, phase 2 commences. For the people who haven’t read this, this is when they are sort of, well… ruined. Their team stops growing and they have no other potential prospects. So they go into a frenzy of uncontrollable frustration which results in them ditching their new business.

So that’s exactly what you’re not going to do. Instead, you’re going to generate fresh leads who are extremely interested in your business opportunity. I am in no way about to reveal to you how you can start generating leads. Instead, I’m going to link to a blog post, right here. It’s not like me to pitch stuff, but I make an exception with that system.

It’s the one thing that directly impacted my business more than anything else. It’ll show you the way to start generating a steady flow of leads. Anyway, lead generation and relationship building is phase 2 in my “MLM success blueprint”. It’s the phase where you use online marketing to start generating leads. You also leverage technology like autoresponders and video presentations to build relationships with your leads.

To generate leads, you can either pay to learn the secrets or you can go it alone with free information. But you know… there really are no secrets and we all use the same strategies. There’s blogging, article marketing, pay per click, SEO and a few others. You drive the traffic, use a few landing pages to capture leads and autoresponders to build relationships.

It’s tough to wrap your mind around, but you can actually build relationships with people through technology… without even knowing them. I get replies all the time from people on my email list who I’ve never even heard of. They feel like they know me, simply because I share a ton of great content with them. This phase is the most difficult one. Lead generation is actually pretty simple, but automatically building relationships is an art that you will only master over time.

MLM Introduction & Advanced Prospecting:

This stage is dead simple; you simple expose your leads to your MLM opportunity. There’s a couple of ways you can do this. Again, from my experience I would use 2 email lists… A list for generic leads and a list for prospects. Everyone on your prospects list you can directly pitch and invite to sales presentations. (You really ought to checkout what other leaders are doing for this stuff)

As if you expose your leads the wrong way, they’ll hate you, ignore all of your emails and write you off as an idiot. Once people are on my prospects list, I hammer them with sales presentations until they buy. (sort of)

So you can use 2 email lists or you can just expose generic leads after you’ve fed them with enough value. (free content) I like to use 2 different email lists. You get the picture…. generate generic leads; funnel them into your prospects list. From there you can do weekly webinars, sales presentations and all kinds of crazy promotions. I like to do my promotions in small bursts of energy. It’s just my style and it works for me, you’ll find your own unique selling style eventually.

(Apologies to the people who don’t know what I’m talking about, autoresponders, email promotions & landing pages, hopefully all that stuff makes sense to you)

Enrolling & Duplication:

Enrolling people into your company can be really easy. You simply generate leads. Then you feed your leads with free information, build up some trust and expose them to your MLM opportunity. From there you can invite them to sales presentations and webinars. A rule of mine… never call up a generic lead. Only call up the leads who directly request more information about your opportunity. (there’s some techy stuff that goes into setting up a proper sales funnel and prospecting system, way out of the reach of this article)

Anyway, here’s a quick overview of the entire enrolling process:

Guy finds one of your blog posts or pay per click ads>he opts in to your generic email list for free information>next he clicks on a link which brings him to another capture page, capture page reveals money getting opportunity, guy opts in for more info>he’s taken to sales presentation which sells him on the opportunity and gets him to join.

If he doesn’t join>guy receives regular emails promoting opportunity, he gets invited to a webinar>guy gets on webinar where you or your team leader is speaking>that convinces him to join and he does.

If he doesn’t join> use opt in box to have guy enter his phone number for a call back>you personally ring him up, he’s overwhelmed by the phone call and has no option but to sign up.

I’ve just about covered all the basics of building a highly lucrative 6+ figure MLM business. All you do next is teach your reps how to replicate the process. Generating traffic, leads and enrolling people into your company should be a pretty systematic process. It can actually be completely automated, hands off in fact… but the truth is that you need to pick up the phone and call some leads.

That’s like the one thing that can’t be automated…. in the beginning. When you’re just getting started and you’re getting a few leads coming in daily… you must call them up. After a while you can invite all your leads to weekly or monthly webinars for mass promotions.

So, here are a few tips you must follow if you want your team to duplicate:

  • Don’t spend ANY time new reps (2 calls max)
  • Start them offline
  • Systemize the learning process

As you probably already know, new reps are like energetic vampires! They’ll waste your time, ask dumb questions and think your some $3/hour tech support agent. Back in the day, I was just so excited to recruit someone (Jeff) that I spent all day and night teaching him how to generate leads. It was a mistake that I learnt the hard way. So instead, systemize the process.

Setup your own private membership program that teaches the fundamentals of prospecting and online marketing. There’s no need to spend any time with new reps. It’s said that in most businesses, 20% of your efforts will result in 100% of your results. The same principle applies to Network Marketing, but it’s more like 10%.

Ten percent of your downline will be responsible for 100% of your pay check, and that’s just the way it is. So have a training system in place you can plug your reps into. Record videos of yourself walking them through the processes I’ve covered in this article.

Only spend time with those you deem worthy! By worthy I mean the ones who are producing results. As if you help the people who are already doing well, they’ll only excel and make you even more money. And that’s how it’s done!


In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts, and ask questions below – let’s rock it out :)  If you really want to understand and be able to recruit massive amounts of reps on complete autopilot, put your email into the form on the right.

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I’ve been an independent distributor for a large MLM for a few months. I’ve been having a hard time getting people to check out my product. The company I work doesn’t provide any marketing tools on the web. I felt stuck and really didn’t want to reach out to my friends and family. A colleague of mine told me about iBoostBiz, www.iboostbiz.com. Checked out the site and was totally blown away by the thing. This online marketing system was the component I was looking for. I never used a prospecting system before and was a little nervous I wouldn’t know how to use it right. I was wrong. The system is really easy to figure out. They offer really great lead captures with great movies that help me generate qualified leads. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am getting pretty good results.


Great advice as usual David, calling leads in the beginning also builds confidence in the beginning, In my opinion if you get rejected enough times you either give up or you get over your fear and detach your self from the outcome - once this happens success ultimately follows (not during the giving up bit though) Keeping things simple though is also idea, If you have duplicatable system that works - use and teach your reps to use it to - this alleviates much of the ( sucking you dry stuff from new vampire reps ) Will most definitely put the 2 emails list into practise soon and as you say - shower them with so much great content and information that they BUY!! Awesome. Brenda ( http://www.brendatsiaousis.com )

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

Hi David, Solid training tip here: "they feel like they know me, simply because I share a ton of great content with them." This might be the #1 gem you shared with us. Those who get to know me well, get to like me through my content. I gave freely, and receive generously. Sow. Reap. For all the sophisticated models out there, most people entirely miss the boat. Most people ignore the law of sowing and reaping, which is why most people struggle financially, or with their business. Try to get before you give, good luck with that one. No sowing, so no reaping, which means no prospects, and no money. You can also sow like heck, but believe you're not worthy. This was me, for my first 6 months growing a team. I put out good stuff - really good stuff - but I held a subconscious belief I wasn't worthy to lead others. Others sensed this, and headed for the hills. Sow like mad, and be ready to reap like mad. You get what you give. When you share tons of great, free, USABLE content with people, they come to like you, and many decide to partner with you. Thanks for sharing your insight David. Ryan


David, I appreciate this article. I thought I understood the sales funnel layout as I've been in some good ones. However, you really build an mlm business using online strategies which is possible to tell just buy comparing how you communicate with your list versus other mlm marketers. The double capture page idea to suck leads from your own list to create a new list of people interested in your opportunity is brilliant. There is no need to hammer anyone over the head with your opportunity unless they already express interest in the specific opportunity. This keeps the generic marketing list around for affiliate sales. I love it. - Eric

Octavio Ochoa
Octavio Ochoa

Thank you David for sharing such a great information. I hope to continue learning from your excellent content.

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