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MLM Prospecting – What Would Batman Do?

Do you think Batman would use the best prospecting strategies available? Do you think Batman would have an upfront prospecting system in place? How would Batman build a network marketing business? Hi my name’s Eric, thanks for stopping by and checking out my article on prospecting strategies. As you can see I’m a bit of a comic book nerd, and I like to ask old questions with a new twist.

Choose Your Prospecting Strategy

Today I want to go over a few of the different options you have when it comes to finding prospects for your mlm. Basically you have 2 approaches… On one side you have a more traditional approach and on the other side you have a more subtle approach.

A Very Hulk-Like Prospecting Strategy

The first prospecting strategy is more of a Hulk like approach to marketing. Now I’m not saying that this prospecting strategy doesn’t work, I just think it takes more brute force and more power to achieve success. What are these prospecting methods? Well there’s a lot of different strategies and techniques but some of the most common are… Make a list of every one you know, hand out CD’s/DVD’s, cold call businesses and realtors etc…

Like I said these prospecting techniques do work but in my opinion they take a huge amount of time, effort and fortitude. Truthfully I applaud anyone who’s built their business with these methods, because I know that it’s not in me personally to build a business this particular way. . I didn’t like calling my friends and family and I never felt comfortable talking to people face to face about my business. Personally I like the idea of people finding me. 

Wouldn’t Batman Use the Best Prospecting Methods?

What I like is using the type of prospecting techniques Batman would use. Batman’s a strategist who’s able to leverage his resources and surroundings in order to achieve the most ideal outcome. Batman does things through careful planning and execution. Honestly I think Batman would have some kind of an attraction marketing system in place instead of hammering away at everything that came across his path.

Hulk vs. Batman Which Prospecting Method Sounds Better?


What are some examples of these different mindsets? What constitutes as brute force and what constitutes as a well thought out and well executed plan? As an example I’m going to give you two headlines (I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out which is which)

Join my XYZ company and make six figures in three months!


Revealed: How I built a million dollar business from my home on a shoe-string budget. Step by step instructions.

Which one sounds more JOIN MY TEAM IT’S AWESOME!!! And which one offers value and a solution? And the main question is… Which one is more attractive to more people?

Prospecting Tip: Stand OuT!

Now if you want to instantly set yourself apart from the masses and start attracting people to you magnetically then you have to stop pitching your biz op and start adding value. By providing your prospects with valuable knowledge that can help them get what they want you instantly position yourself as a leader who has power and value to offer others who associate with you.

So what is the best way to prospect and build a network marketing business?

Here’s a Funny Video That’ll Give You a Better Idea of What NOT to Do! LOL!

5 Business Building Tips… Build it Like a BAT! ;)

Well it just so happens that I have 5 specific things that you can do that will make your business opportunity more attractive and they’ll make you more magnetic.

1 Start treating your business like a business instead of a hobby.

2 Increase your value to others through self-development and by learning all you can about your profession. Notice I did NOT say learn all you can about your company and your product.

3 Instead of selling your opportunity, start selling yourself and your team leaders. Also you want to market and sell your marketing system to your prospects.

4 Lead with a funded proposal or “self-liquidating offer” in the cold market. Make sure you target your niche aka: other marketers etc…

5 Develop an awareness for finding other leaders in your downline.

2 Bat-a$$ Bonus Tips!

You know what the fastest way to get rich is? Solve people’s problems!

Don’t pitch your mlm company! That’s just selling people another problem!

Batman Fixes Problems…

Instead become attractive by marketing a solution! Fix peoples problems and become a valuable resource to them. So what’s it going to be, leveraged action or brute force? Do you want to constantly be in prospecting mode and do everything yourself or would you rather have a system in place that does all the grunt work for you? To tell you the truth I did it both way’s but it wasn’t until I started following a simple system that I started seeing real results. If you want to see the system I used to make over $3,650.00 and counting (residual and passups) from just one signup then click the button, sign in, and I’ll show you how Batman does it! LOL!

P.S. I never called or personally prospected any of my signups especially the signup I mentioned above… I have talked to him a few times because he’s a badass, but we never spoke until AFTER he signed up! If that sounds good to you then click the button,  sign in, and let’s get started!


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I don't know why still watching from sidewalk  why I didn't talk to D&D on Chicago event and thousand other why ?  today I watched  1st video of blog beast was great  I know my why ,I know what I want but tech challenge , okay empower network  solve  that  now  what,  what is  your excuse,  I have to  challenge  myself  .

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