LeadNetPro Review – How It Works, Why To Use It – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

LeadNetPRO ReviewIn case we haven’t metmy name is David Wood, and my purpose here is to give you the information you need to know to make an informed decision on whether or not you’re going to get involved with LeadNetPRO either as an opportunity or as a customer of the system.

I have to admit, I came full circle from when I first saw this thing hit the marketplace – the first thought I had when I heard of it was that it was an excuse for people to avoid work (people always want the easy solution).  I also thought that there were probably better products out there in the niche, and that the compensation plan was probably just an ‘excuse’ to pass money around.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The more I looked in to this product, the more I realized that although I don’t think it should be anyone’s CORE business (that wouldn’t make sense for a lot of reasons – call me at 801-542-9350 if you want to know why), HOWEVER – I think it should be in the ‘marketing chest‘ of everyone who is in the home business industry.

I’m not here to feed you crap to make a sale, either - I’m probably one of the only people you’ll find who literally will tell you not to buy stuff if it’s not in your own best interest.  Because of that philosophy, I have some of the most loyal customers and subscribers in the world.

My first experience with LeadNetPRO came when I took a look at the pricing chart for Voice Broadcasting.  At the time, I was using a service called Callfire, and using voice broadcasting to stay in communication with my team and to send out important updates.

Well, I have a pretty big organization, and my voice broadcasting was costing me about $500 per month (definitely worth it – if you can reach out and just keep people motivated, it goes a long way).  Anyways, I decided to try the Voice Broadcasting through LeadNetPRO, and to my shock – it LITERALLY was less than a fourth of the cost!  Spending $100 a month rather than $500 – I’ll take it any day – that’s like I just increased my net income $4,800 per year doing nothing!

So I decided to look into what this thing does, and as a PRODUCT, independent from the opportunity it has more value for the actual software than anything comparable in the market.  This thing will voice broadcast, email (with pretty good deliverability, by the way), and comes with it’s own capture page, marketing funnel, and system to market itself.

Really, I don’t look at LeadNetPRO like a way to make an extra $150,000 per month, BUT – it’s a VERY easy way to make an extra $5-$10,000 per month (as you shall see, if you look at the compensation plan).  So what I use LeadNetPRO for isn’t as my primary income (I make a LOT more than $10,000 a month, and have for about a year and a half online) – I use it as a marketing TOOL to build my other business, and sell it as I go along as an ‘extra’ product – not a bad way to earn $300 to $900 a day!

Before we get in to the compensation plan, however – let’s talk about the product – look through this chart real quick:

LeadNetPRO Comparison ChartAs a PRODUCT, across the board, it’s cheaper, more feature rich, easier to use, and since it operates on your own servers (more on that later) YOU have more control over your business.

Honestly, for me – I don’t need it for anything other than voice broadcasting because I generate tons of leads online – but just for that – it saves me more than $4,000 per year (I have a BIG team in my company).

So how about the compensation plan? Well, you can see my complete LeadNetPRO Compensation Analysis if you like detail, but here’s the short and sweet:

The Compensation Plan in LeadNetPRO isn’t a long term, residual based plan – it’s not designed to be.  It’s a really good way to do a few things:

1.  Get paid $300 direct deposits into your bank account from your customers.  (Yes, your customers pay you directly – that’s one of the positives – if you can sell 3 a day, you make $900)

2.  Make $5,000 – $10,000 per month NOW, while you’re building your residuals.

3. Market whatever other business you’re in – let’s face it, PPC ain’t what it used to be, neither is article traffic, SEO, or social media – at least for marketers.  The direct response world is making a shift back to grass roots, and products like voice broadcasting, lead scraping, direct mail, and email are at the forefront of that.

I have  a couple of other thoughts for you right off of the bat - and then I’ve got a gift for you, and I’m going to invite you to freely roam the site.

One Problem is that LeadNetPRO has MASS Abuse Potential if you’re not taught to use it correctly – that’s not a bad thing, it’s kind of like information, or the internet – there’s good and bad.

How do you solve it? Learn the PROPER, legal ways of using these marketing technologies – and you’ll be earning $300 direct payments in no time and growing a team faster than you could have imagined.  So I’ve got a gift for you:

LeadNetPro Marketing Bootcamp!

That 3 Day Video E-Course will educate you on the ins and outs of direct response, voice broadcasting, and email – to make sure that you can get the results that you want.  Of course, you’re also welcome to just:

Purchase LeadnetPro Now!If you buy THIS MOMENT (shameless, I know) I’ll give you an audio downloadable course called ‘MLM Mastery‘ ($47 retail) in addition to being able to access all of our ‘ninja’ team marketing training.

Enjoy the site, do some research, and for heavens sake - subscribe to the bootcamp!

To the TOP,
David Wood
Network Marketing Maverick

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  1. Stan KrTil CEO says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the report and good review.

    Do you know somebody who is using this SW and wants to enter into a Business Agreement
    with my company on long term basis?

    Please make sure to know that I do not want to learn and use the system SW myself individually,
    nor do I want to resell it. I need someone on the team for long term business relationship.

    And one more thing, we are not an MLM company.

    Thanks for your consideration I remain

    Harmoniously yours

    Stan KrTil

    The Harmonian Story Teller
    of Harmony Model and The Corporate House of Self

    Phone: 250.770.8781

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