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Is Negativity a Scam? A Negative Review About Negativity!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review on negativity. In this article I ask a question I don’t think anyone has ever asked before… Is negativity a scam? Hi my name is Eric and today I’m going to share my views on negativity. It all started while I was doing some keyword research and I got caught up reading a bunch of garbage. You know “scam reviews” if you’ve been involved in network marketing for any length of time you’ve probably been asked if your opportunity is a scam. In some cases people will tell you out right that your company IS a SCAM especially on the internet! In fact I’ve seen some people devote a lot of time and energy to building and maintaining a website just to tell the world about how much of a rip-off this company or that company is… The funny thing is that most of these “crusaders” conveniently direct their visitors to something “better” LOL! Almost comical isn’t it?

I’ve Been There Done That

Now I’m not perfect and I actually fell into the “negative review” trap a couple of times (2 to be exact). I’m not proud of it but I take responsibility for those actions. I have since done more research on those companies and have rewritten those reviews to reflect a more accurate depiction of said companies without the negative over tones (Rookie mistake). One of the best lessons I’ve come across in my journey is that you can build a career and make money one of two ways. You can either build something up or you can tear something down… I choose to build.

But Scams Rank Man!

I understand that people use the word scam and attach it to mlm companies in order to rank on the first page of Google. In this article I’m not going to be talking about them that much because 80-90% of the time these “scam reviews” state that the company’s not a scam, and then they continue on with an honest overview of the company. I know it’s not the best practice but it is an effective strategy and I think reviews like that can have a positive impact on people even though words like scam and rip off are used. Like I said before I don’t like using scammy words in my reviews anymore, but I do understand WHY a lot of people do use them.

Good Leads or Scammy Leads?

The reason I don’t like using negative terms anymore (even if it’s a positive article) is because of the subconscious association of them. When you use low level wording in your articles it attracts low level visitors and on top of that your visitors subconsciously associate YOU with the word scam or rip off! The other problem you’ll face is that you’ll never find good leaders with that terminology. The types of people you’ll find with those kinds of keywords are usually complainers and whiners who don’t do anything but blame everybody else all day.

 What’s the Real Scam Here?

Now let’s get into the REAL scam artists! As I was saying I was doing some keyword research earlier today and I found a place that was bashing on a totally legitimate opportunity. I tried to look away but it’s almost human nature to look at destruction and devastation isn’t it? I didn’t read a whole lot because I know that taking in that kind of negativity will detract from my future and my vision. None the less I was completely amazed how many biting and negative comments were on this blog post. Then it hit me! It’s not the company that’s the scam it’s the negativity that’s the SCAM!

Here’s a funny video that proves my point… Everything’s a SCAM if you want it to be!

Who’s Brainwashed?

While I was reading that article I noticed that a lot of the comments I skimmed over talked about how the people in this particular opportunity are brain washed and how these unwitting souls were getting scammed out of their hard earned money bla bla bla. Then it occurred to me that some people actually need a good brain washing LOL! What most of these people didn’t realize was that just by engaging in the negative conversation on that page they were actually brainwashing and scamming each other. These people blamed every-thing and every-one but themselves. They said that they were harassed with emails until they signed up. I say be a man and unsubscribe. They said that the sales video hypnotized them and made them buy something they didn’t need. I say have a backbone and push the little X that closes the window. They said that their sponsor didn’t hold their hand and walk them through a field of flowers. I say Make’em notice you by taking action and PRODUCING!

Negativity is the REAL Scam!

Here’s what it boils down to; Negativity is the biggest scam in the history of the world… Negativity CRUSHES dreams before they even have a chance to see the light of day. Negativity is like a virus that mutilates the human spirit and robs it of its vision. Negativity is a slow and bitter death that gets its power from its victim. Negativity should be discarded and left on the side of the road and once you do that you’ll be ready to step into your destiny.

Did You Choose to Be “Scammed”?

My main point is that we all have a choice. We can go down the road of negativity, blame and lack OR we cannegativethoughts wake up to the realization that we have the power and no one can take that away from us. We can buy into idea that this is a scam and I failed because of this or that OR we can step into our power and say enough’s enough! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired! Yes there’s crummy things in this life but that’s no excuse! From now on I’m going to be the change that I want to see in the world! From now on I’m going to take back control! From now on I’m going to choose to be victorious regardless of everything else around me! From now on things will be different…

When you do that my friend your life will change…

I hope you enjoyed my “negative review “on negativity! LOL!  Just remember that YOU have the power & don’t fall  for the negativity SCAM! If you want to join a community that focuses on lifting people up and always encourages people to look forward instead of back then click the button, sign in, and start making things happen!

-Eric Out-


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