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Introduction To Deep Target Audience Analysis

So you’ve entered a niche, you’ve done some background research and are looking for a product to sell.

Conventional marketing wisdom tells you to look for a product to sell straight after finding a niche.


The vast majority of marketers find a niche, grab a popular product, swipe a few of their competitor’s ads, start running traffic and expect the cash to flow.

Highly unlikely, there’s much more to Internet Marketing than those simplistic steps.

Before you choose a product to sell, you need to “pretend” that you’re creating your own product. What do product creators do in real life situations before they create a product?

What do Apple and Microsoft do before rolling out new devices?

They investigate their niche market. They DEEP TARGET AUDIENCE ANALYSE.

Deep Target Audience Analysis

That’s the key.

It’s a rooky mistake to pick a niche, product, setup some BS presell page or fabricated review site and “drive traffic” to it.

99.99% of marketers who do this think they have a business that’s going to be profitable.


They generally end up broke, out of pocket and GAME OVER.

In reality there are countless other strategic components to a successful online business. Components like Deep Target Audience Analysis.

So what the Fuck is it?

Fundamentally Deep Target Audience Analysis is digging deep into your audience’s mind. Finding out where they hang out, the websites they visit, their likes, interests problems and desires.

What’s the point?

The point is, after thorough Deep Target Audience Analysis you’ll know enormous amounts of information about your audience. Which will allow you to better match their desires with the right products, ad copy and marketing.

Most importantly; it’ll allow you to buy 100 times more targeted traffic that converts extremely well. All traffic isn’t created equal. To succeed with paid traffic which is 100% the fastest way to Internet Riches – you must know what traffic to buy.

You need to advertise in front of your target audience and ideal customers.

Deep Target Audience Analysis allows you to speak specifically to your target audience, narrowing down from a broad niche. For example if you’re selling a product “golf tips for beginners” you wouldn’t market to “golf players” as a whole. Anyway

Deep Target Audience Analysis is about defining your ideal target customer.

How Do You Do It?

By looking at the customers of your competitors, your ideal customers.

Who are they?

What do they want?

Exactly why? (The why is their most important/emotional reason for doing something)

What is your ideal customer trying to achieve? What is the problem they are trying to solve or what need are they trying to fulfill?

Deep Target Audience Analysis is all about finding the reason why your target audience buy. It’s about finding their HOT BUTTONS and their EMOTIONAL Triggers so you can use them in your sales process.

Everyone has an emotional reason for doing or buying something, taking an action of any kind. Unravel the emotions behind your ideal customers’ wants and or needs. The key is: DEEP.

All of the information you acquire via DTAA should be used to create Avatars. Avatars are people who represent your ideal target customer. People who have the most common characteristics of your ideal customers.

Once you create a few avatars and learn where your target audience hang out; you can create ultra targeted ads that WORK.

You need to get to know your target audience like family. Get to know them to the point where you feel their pain and the desires. You must fully understand your audience and the reasons behind their desires and needs.

Deep Target Audience Analysis Tools

1. Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

2. Blogs & Forums

3. Social Networks

4. Amazon

Once you understand your ideal customer demographics, you can effectively target them, push their buttons and make them buy whatever it is you want to sell to them.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cutting edge Internet Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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