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Internet Marketing Cheet Sheet

Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time; I’m sure you’ve figured out that Internet Marketing isn’t exactly fair. You’ve probably noticed how some marketers are swimming in traffic & sales, travelling the world and turning everything they touch into gold. While others…

Well, they work much harder, have better products, more passion and for some reason are permanently broke. It’s simply because they haven’t quite figured it out yet. They haven’t quite figured out what the gurus are doing differently.

Most of the time limited success comes down to limiting beliefs; but that’s a blog post for another day. In this post, I want to give you an upper hand, a competitive edge over your competitors with this Internet Marketing cheat sheet:

 1. It’s All About Who You Know

Cliche, I know… but it’s evidently true. If you associate with struggling marketers like yourself; you’re probably going to remain in the same situation you are in now. At all times, you should associate and network with marketers greater than yourself.

By networking with bigger and smarter Internet Marketers, new opportunities will arrise. It wasn’t until I started networking that I had my first huge success. I made friends with a guy who had a very substantial customer base. We made a deal where I’d create an info product teaching them my marketing strategy, we’d launch it to his customers and split the profits.

That tiny product launch was my first real success, it built me a presence that took me to new heights. The big guys in this industry know all the highly influencial people. Which means they have the ability to launch any new product, service, brand or idea to thousands upon thousands of thousands at the snap of their fingers.

2. Speed

The Internet Marketing space moves incredibly fast. If you take too launching a product or service; your strategies/tools can become outdated.

I know a guy who spent 5 months developing an SEO plugin for WordPress. By the fifth month, he’d been hit by 2 Google updates which really damaged the effectiveness of his plugin. It took him months to re-build his plugin. Something he wouldn’t have had to do if he acted quicker.

When you’re building your business on your own, you need to operate under immense speed and pressure. All the time you’re working whilst flying solo is a complete waste. When you have no contacts or money to build a team, it’s the only option.

Work quickly and as much as you can until you can build your team.

3. Team Delegation

Once you’ve made enough money flying solo; you need to start putting a team together. Every great Internet Marketer has an entire team of staff; usually across the globe. You need at the very least:

  • An Assistant (To run errands, do annoying tasks you would otherwise do)
  • A Web Developer (Someone with excellent web skills to build sites & deal with everything technical)
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Manager (Someone to manage your team)
  • Virtual Assistants (General staff to send your work to)

Once you have a team, you just need to focus on new ideas and projects to have your team work on. Teams are behind every great company and Internet Marketer. Never try and do everything yourself. Hire a team out of pocket if you have to; you’ll make the money back many times over in the near future.

4. Outsourcing

There are just so many menial tasks and jobs involved in Online Marketing. Like creating accounts, writing articles, doing SEO, setting up campaigns and customer support.

Whenever you receive a big time consuming task; outsource it. So many marketers attempt to learn all these new skills so they can do everything themselves. You don’t need to be a great writer or SEO guru to make it in this business.

Outsource tasks and on-going jobs to freelancers, companies or services who know what they’re doing.

5. Scale

Scalability is the trick to making millions online. If you can’t scale your business when it’s working; shut it down. My personal joy of online marketing is scaling traffic.

Whenever I find a traffic source that converts fantastically with my offer; I’ll ensure my system can take A LOT more orders. Then I’ll turn up the knob on the traffic source and the sales will fly in.

It’s difficult to scale free traffic like SEO or article marketing. Every article you distribute and keyword you target will respond differently. With paid traffic (like Facebook PPC), you enter the demographics for a certain campaign and when that campaign performs well; you increase its budget.

This also applies to the internal components of your business. Analyze your business, find its best performing and components and scale them!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more Internet Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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You're right about #1 Dave, I like to call it "networking up", which basically means that you should network with marketers that are better marketers than you. People that challenge you and are willing to give you constructive criticism when you need it. Great post by the way!

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Interesting article,  You said when you were starting out, you teamed up with another internet marketer-- was that when you were still in the van?

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