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Information Product Creation And Setup

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about the Information Marketing business and that it’s not as easy as it seems, I’m going to explain how to physically create, launch and sell your own information product. The keys to a successful Information Marketing business are great products and hungry affiliates. It’s either that or a huge advertising budget. So here is how to start:

Market Research

Ahh, that thing that works wonders, but I hate so much. I know research is boring and all, but it’s the foundation of a successful information product. All you have to do is look around and see what’s selling in your niche. Before you can do that, you have to choose your niche. With Information Marketing, you can’t spread yourself too thin. Meaning you can’t dive into many niches.

The more products you launch  in a niche, the more credibility you acquire and the more you are seen as an authority. When you are seen as an authority in your niche, you don’t even have to explain why people should buy your product – they just will. A great example of an authority is Frank Kern. That crazy basterd is a freaking genius in the Internet Marketing niche.

He’s launched so many great products and given away so much cool stuff that people love him. His marketing is also very professional and because he’s been in the niche so long everyone trusts him. So when Frank Kern opens his mouth – people listen. All because he’s established himself as an authority in the world of online marketing.

So choose your niche wisely as you can’t easily change direction unless you want to rebuild your entire business from scratch. For the sake of this guide, let’s go with Internet Marketing. YES – it’s saturated and every newbie on the block wants to become the next Frank Kern or Ryan Deiss.

Quite frankly, it’s one of the best niches with an ever growing supply of newbie’s looking to make it big in the Internet Marketing industry. The key to a great Information Marketing business is being able to sell new products to your existing customer base. You build a customer base of happy people who buy every new product you release – that’s the idea.

It can’t be like that in every niche. With problem niches, it doesn’t work. Say the Acne niche. There are tons of info products in that niche teaching spotty teens how to get rid of their Acne. The only problem is once they get rid of their Acne, they’re not going to want to spend any money on more information products.

So skill based niches work best. Niches like Internet Marketing where there are ALWAYS new things to learn so people will always have a need for buying new products.

Sniffing Around

This is what you do once you’ve found your YOUR niche. You need to checkout what’s selling and where. The best places to look are Clickbank.com, the Warrior Forum for Internet Marketing, PayDotCom, Ebay and even Commission Junction. You have a few options. If you want to do a big product launch, cash in and then repeat the process you need to follow trends to the T.

You need to create a product about what’s hot right now and feed it to the hungry buyers. The other option is to get a basic idea of what WILL sell no matter what, create the product, do a launch and promote it long term. We are going with the long term strategy for this guide. Let’s say we’ve chosen to create a product on List Building. List Building is an evergreen Internet Marketing niche.

It’s very easy to create a product about since there’s already so much info out there. It’s also almost guaranteed to be profitable since every marketer needs to learn about list building. Why would people buy your product instead of others? Well that’s a stupid question! People will buy whatever comes their way. Sure – a few idiots will go out, compare every single information product on the market and go with the best one. But most people will generally buy what comes their way.

Product Creation

Product CreationThis is the fun and difficult part, creating the actual product. Once you’ve looked around the market places and come up with an idea for your product, you can begin creating. Most people think creating a product will take them years like writing a book. In reality a 500 page book can be written in a few days to weeks. You can create a simple information product in 2 weeks.

It might not be the best, but it will be good enough to start testing and improving on. Again there are several options when it comes to creating your product. You can use Audio, Video, PDF’s or all of them combined. It doesn’t really matter as long as you deliver true value. Saying that I would avoid using solely Audio. Solely Video or PDF content works great, using them together is even better.

Before actually typing, recording or speaking you need to do more research. You  need to go and purchase a few of your future competitor’s products. Read them or watch them through, compare them and decide which content delivery platform (video/audio/PDF) you’re going to use. Think about how you can include their information + more to make your product the best.

After extensive research, put a table together of all the contents of your product. Break it down into chapters, videos or both. Plan everything so you know exactly what you are doing. After checking out other list building products I see I can definitely make money selling a generic list building guide. So what I can do is create a main PDF guide that teaches the basics of list building, then a series of 8 videos. Each video can teach a different list building strategy.

Then – to make it better than the competition I can accompany each video with an action guide in PDF format. That’s the whole product planned, once you’ve done the same just start creating it. Lock yourself a way with Internet connection and put a block on all irrelevant websites. Trust me when I say don’t allow any distractions. It took me 3 months to create a product that could have taken 3 weeks all because of many, many distractions.

It should take you a max of 2-4 weeks to create the first edition of your information product. That’s it for product creation – now It’s time to package your product up!

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