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iLearningGlobal Review – An EXPERT Overview of the ILearningGlobal Opportunity From A Top Recruiter

***Special Note: the company iLearningGlobal.tv stopped being an MLM company on March 17th, 2010, and turn their backs on their distributors, stealing incomes of all of their top reps, including myself. Because of that, they are worthy of the ‘hall of shame’ in the Network Marketing profession, and my opinion is that no one should ever do business with either them, or their other company, DailySuccessStream.com again.

A few months back I was contacted through my email by an old friend of mine about a ‘new’ opportunity.  Quite frankly, at this point I’ve seen so many MLM companies that most of the time I’ll never even click through and visit the links to take a look at emails like this – most of the time they’re just annoying.

It’s a fact that most startup companies fail in their first 2 years, and in the last seven years of building professional empires in the MLM profession, I’ve seen this happen well over 50 times.  (As you can imagine, the same sob story gets old.)  Most of the time, I won’t even look at a company unless it’s at least 3-4 years old, because at this point, I put my credibility and reputation on the line with thousands of people every time I endorse a product.

However, the email was from my friend Jay, (who I’ve known for a while), so I decided to open it.  I read it, bored, as the email was obviously a cut and paste, with a brief beginning line like ‘David, how are you doing?  Blah blah blah…’ However, something at the end of the email caught my eye…

‘…the company has a 93% distributor retention rate and a 68% payout’

Now, you’re eyes are probably glazing over at this point, HOWEVER, I have built empires in the home business industry with retention rates that were less than 15%.  Most notably, my first major success in the MLM profession came from a company that had a retention of 13% (meaning that 87% of the people that joined any organization within the company would quit in their first year).  If you could get involved in a company with a 93% retention, you’d earn five times the income for the same amount of work.  Imagine sponsoring 100 people and having 93 ACTIVE distributors a year later!

The Best MLM In History

Quite frankly, I didn’t believe her.  So I got the phone number to her upline and I called him.  That person confirmed it.  I got another phone number… and another… and another… Finally, I got to the guy who designed the company comp plan, and HE verified it for me…  Quite frankly, I was floating on air.

…I didn’t even know what the product was yet – I just KNEW that if 93% of the people who bought it were keeping it (with no contracts) that this was going to be yet another ridiculous success story for me – except that this is the company where not only could a few of my closest friends make a fortune – THOUSANDS of people were going to make more money than they ever had in their life.

When I actually SAW what the product was and what it did – I was blown away.

What’s the name of the company?  It’s , and everything that I researched, and was told about it has turned out to be more than true.  The fact is, if you’ve been researching iLearningGlobal online, you probably haven’t been exposed to the information in a way that makes sense.  There are A LOT of people promoting the company who don’t know how to explain it at all.

That doesn’t mean that I’m better than them – with you’ll find the most talented individuals in the world of Network Marketing, however, one talent that I have is keeping things simple, yet being thorough enough to where when you see what we’re doing here, you’re just going to ‘get it.’

I can’t tell you how many people have taken a look at the company before, they just didn’t understand it and then they take a look at my presentation and call me, wanting to join right when they’re done.

In fact, in my last company I designed a presentation that was so effective that 80% of the prospects attending would join whenever I spoke.  Quite frankly, I’m good at presentations because I understand Network Marketing.  Not only do I understand the industry, I’ve had massive success in several companies and I know what makes people decide to get involved, and what makes them run for their lives.

So what is ?

iLearningGlobal is a MLM company that streamlines professional growth, by providing you with 24/7 access to the best minds in personal development using high definition television, much like you would see on the websites for major television networks such as NBC or ABC.

Rather than having to take an hour out of your morning, the trainers on iLearningGlobal have broken all of the information down into bite sized, digestible 15 minute chunks, so that anyone can have time to improve their life.  Best selling authors, professional speakers, and hoards of top producing MLM professionals have banded together to provide the BEST business education that I’ve seen in my adult life (and I spend about $20,000 a year on professional growth).

Why is unique in the world of Network Marketing?

iLearningGlobal is a different breed of company – plain and simple.  In a world saturated with juice products, vitamins, travel companies, and 14,000 other ‘me too’ offers, there is NOTHING that remotely resembles iLearningGlobal.  So the first characteristic that it has is that it is completely unique, with no competition at all.

This year, I’ve been approached by several hundred MLM companies, all launching with a ‘hot new X’, and almost 100% of them are pure hype machines that are going to fall to pieces in a year and a half.  iLearningGlobal is a reality based, real opportunity that offers ridiculous, long term residual income at every level of the pay plan.  More importantly, though, the product stands on it’s own.

The Acid Test of Network Marketing

This is the most important thing that I ever talk about, people get sick of hearing it, but it is simply the truth of this industry.  The first question you should ever ask when you’re looking at an opportunity is not ‘how much money can I make?’ but it should be:

“If there was NOT an opportunity attached to this product, WOULD THE PRODUCT STAND ON IT’S OWN?”

Too often, a company starts up with a ‘killer comp plan’ but when the ‘poop hits the fan‘ (I’m trying to stop swearing) the only reason anyone is buying the new fabulous ‘super juice’ is because they think they’re going to make money.  When they don’t make any money, they quit and cancel their autoship if they don’t absolutely LOVE the product.

Why is this the most important?  Because if a product doesn’t stand on it’s own, it doesn’t matter how much money you make this year, because in 2 years that company has a 99% chance of being out of business and your check will go from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’.  With iLearningGlobal, you have a product that thousands of business owners, professionals, companies, and corporations are buying without even joining the business opportunity.  Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Is a scam?

The best way to answer that question is to show you the actual legal definition of ‘scam’ and to prove to you that iLearningGlobal passes the ‘legit’ test.  Quite frankly, a lot of companies are in trouble right now with the FTC because too many MLM companies have been recruiting distributors without ever marketing any products.  In my iLearningGlobal business, I just had 200 insurance agencies on the East Coast buy our business plan to train their employees.  Quite frankly, not only is iLearningGlobal a legit MLM company, but it is the best chance that I’ve seen in the last seven years to create not just a significant income, but a significant, passive income that comes in every month – regardless of whether you go to work ever again or not. In this quick YouTube video, I answer this very question for you:

Should you join iLearningGlobal?

That’s entirely up to you.  However, if you’re looking for a way to create an income working from home, this is the best opportunity that I’ve ever seen to create residual wealth, and I encourage you to do your research, find the right team for you, and sign up with an individual who can help you achieve your dreams in this AWESOME profession of network marketing.  This is a special time and I encourage you to take advantage of it.

What should you look out for in an iLearningGlobal sponsor?

The most important thing to your success is going to be finding someone who knows what they’re doing, is passionate about the company, but more importantly, who has a SYSTEM to help you succeed.

SYSTEM is an acronym for ‘Save Your Self Time Energy & Money’.  To many leaders in Network Marketing sponsor people and then just ‘throw them against the wall.’  You want to find a leader who is using a proven system that you can copy and get results in your OWN business, using your natural, innate talents.

Are you looking at joining iLearningGlobal with a leader who uses strategies that just don’t jive with your personality?  I failed for five years in this industry because I was trying to copy gurus that had no idea how to teach someone who wasn’t a super-hero to be successful.  When I learned the secrets of building a successful business using my own talents and skills, I started out sponsoring everyone I had ever met in the MLM industry – quite frankly, I’ve learned through the school of hard knocks how to do this thing.  If you are passionate, on fire for your dreams, and are ready to learn, I would love to work with you.  Click on the banner below to learn how you can be a part of my personal organization, and I’ll look forward to talking with you soon.

The Best MLM In History

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ed hanson
ed hanson

Looks real good, need to evaluate whether or not i have the time to take on another op at this time. .-= ed hanson´s last blog ..Is It REALLY Possible To Grow A Seven Figure Residual Income In Network Marketing Using NOTHING But The Internet? (Not Really) =-.


Looks good ... will check it out some more :-)

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