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How To Write Ads That Convert

How To Write AdsCopywriting is obviously a huge subject that’s incredibly important to any business.

However, it’s often overlooked by Internet Marketers and small businesses.

Little do most people know; a single word change to your headline can increase conversions by upwards of 200%.

I can’t put into words how crucial copywriting is for any business.

It affects everything in a direct way. The conversion rates of visitors to leads and leads to customers.

So How Do You Write Ads That Convert?

Well first, you should know that ads aren’t created. to make money. If you think you’re going to get rich by simply converting visitors into leads you’re in for a shock…

…And you have some serious misconceptions about marketing…

…Ads are simply to spark curiosity in visitors, to build enough intrigue so they give you their personal information. A killer ad should awake your visitor’s desires to want to buy whatever it is that you’re selling, without them initially knowing someone is for sale. Make sense?

Ads shouldn’t sell your product, they should sell a free glimpse or freebie to provoke curiosity and awaken desire.

Here are the keys to excellent ads:

1. Hypnotic Words

First and foremost, hypnotic words. Some words are just hypnotic, they trigger a psychological emotion or action…

….and they hypothetically force visitors to read your ads and opt-in. Words like “revealed”, “secrets”, “uncovered” and “shocking”. You can find a whole list of hypnotic words online.

Hypnotic words draw immediate attention and build intrigue forcing people to continue reading or even buy your product.

2. Play With Emotions

This is possibly the biggest secret to writing amazing, earth shattering, soul destroying ad copy – if that makes sense? (LOL)

Play with emotions, others call this “mind-fucking”. But that’s a bit vulgar.

The only way to do this is to know what’s going on inside your audience’s heads. Study the demographics and psychographics of your target audience and ideal customers.

What makes them tick? Are they in debt? Struggling to pay their bills? Desperate to shred 5 pounds of fat? Uncover their emotional triggers and leverage them! Harness the power of emotions and relate to your audience, evoke feelings that make them take action. (BEST COPYWRITING ADVICE PERIOD)

3. Curiosity

Curiosity makes people opt-in to email lists. You can write an ad title like “Secret Underground Push Button Software Rakes In $39,000,000 of “Top Secret” Stolen Cash In 60 Seconds” and it’ll get a shit load of conversions.

Of course it’s total B.S., but it’s a clear example of curiosity. Build enough curiosity in your ads to make people click them, a little less curiosity than you use on your squeeze pages.

4. Fears & Desires

These are emotions, but you really need to dig deep into these two. What exactly do your audience want and or need?

Precisely why do they want to achieve their desired outcome?

Leverage the answer in your ad copy.

5. Tease

WIth some audiences this strategy works best. Show or “tease” your audience by showing them part of what they’ll receive by taking your desired action i.e. opt-ing into your email list or buying your product.

6. Proof

Nothing beats proof, and it’s a bummer for the marketers out there who don’t posses sufficient proof to use in ads. If you’re going to use proof, make sure you can back it up with concrete results.

This applies most to using numbers, in terms of traffic, leads, sales and income. Don’t write “Underground Sofftware Generates 10,000 Visitors In 48 Hours” if it doesn’t.

You can get into serious trouble writing false information like that. But if you have a product or service that is near guaranteed to produce certain results; use the numbers to your advantage.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more copywriting tips, tricks and secrets.

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