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How To Run Webinars In 6 Simple Phases

How To Run WebinarsIf you’re not familiar with webinars, then I suggest you go read my post on what webinars are and how you can use them. Basically webinars are powerful and you can use them to make obscene amounts of money in tiny periods of time.

They are almost virtual seminars; they usually consist of free information and a pitch at the end. I’ve covered all of the fundamentals in the other post. So this is how to run webinars in 6 simple phases. Here they are:



Phase 1: Promotion

The first step is promoting your webinar. Getting people to register and show up. Usually I’ll start my webinar promotion phase 4-7 days before it starts. The first think you need to do is email your list twice. If you don’t have an email list skip this step. After you’ve sent out 1 email to all of your subscribers, wait a day. Then send another email to the people who didn’t open the first one.

Next you should share your webinar registration page on your social networks. You should try and get it to go viral on social networks somehow. Run Facebook ads; offer an incentive for people to share the webinar with their friends. Ask other people to email their lists, arrange a deal of some kind. Lastly RUN SOLO ADS, Solo Ads are incredibly powerful.

With them you can pay other marketers in your niche to send out an email to their list promoting your webinar. Solo Ads are my secret strategy I use for flooding webinars with hungry buyers. Checkout Solo Ad Directory for a list of Solo Ad sellers.

Phase 2: Pre-Party

The second phase in when your webinar begins. You need to make sure your audio and video is working along with any other techy stuff. The worst thing that can happen is your attendees not being able to hear you. You can make sure it’s working by asking attendees to type “yes” in the comments box. You should also tell them the webinar will start in 10 minutes. As you need 10 minutes to warm everyone up and make sure everything is working. Suring the pre-party engage and entertain your attendees.

Something that’s worked well for me is playing an upbeat song in the very beginning. Something new in the charts will work. Next you should ask your attendees questions. Questions like where they are from. Then call out their names and where they are from. You can say “we have Mark from New Jersey here, Dan from Alaska, Anton from Thailand”. To ensure people stick around for the whole duration of the webinar, tell them they’re going to get something really cool for free at the end.

Phase 3: Start

Introduce yourself and tell a story of why you are the best at the world at the thing the webinar is about. You should really talk about yourself for 5 to 10 minutes to gain your attendees trust. That’s all this phase is about, building trust. So tell your story of how you struggled and suddenly reached success in whatever it is you’re doing.

Phase 4: Content

Go into the content of your webinar, give amazing value and help everyone! Your webinar should be about something in particular. It could be about Facebook marketing. You could show your attendees how you’ve been able to get 1 cent Facebook clicks or $1 Fanpage likes. Whatever your webinar is about, deliver the content in this phase.

Give your attendees stuff they can use right away so they can see instant results. You should give so much value that they have pages of notes, you need to overwhelm attendees.  Your content should lead up to your pitch and pre-sell attendees on buying whatever it is you’re selling. If you were selling a course on Google Adwords, you could show a few little tricks for free on the webinar, then pitch your full course at the end.

Phase 5: Wrap Up

This is the phase where you wrap things up and make some money. You can start by saying “We’ve been on here for x amount of time; I’ve given you some of my best information on xxx so you can save time and do what you want to do. There’s only so much you can apply with this information, I’ve got years and years of experience with this and a lot more to teach you.

So I do have something for you. It’s called product X and I’ve been working on it for X amount of time. In product X I reveal all of this great information. Here are some of the results people have been getting”. You can then show off a few testimonials. You can go to “you’re only going to see this one time since you’ve stuck with us on the webinar the whole time”. Then talk about how y theou previously sold it for XX, justify price, how much it would save them and everything. Finish off by giving attendees the link to go and buy now.

Phase 6: Follow Through Phase

This is the part where you follow up with the people who didn’t buy or open your emails. Your webinar should be over and you should have made a ton of money. With most webinar software, you can optionally record them. So grab your webinar recording and put it on a page on your website or blog. Then send an email to everyone who didn’t attend, buy or open your emails.

In the email say “Hey – Last Chance, I’m holding the doors Open”. Write a quick email and link to the page where the webinar is. Doing so allows people to watch the webinar in their own time. But don’t keep the doors open forever as that destroys the event factor. You should say that it will only be online for X amount of hours before it self-destructs. Just take the webinar down after the time you said. When you send the email out promoting the recorded webinar it’s a good idea to show testimonials of the people who just attended.

That’s it, how to run webinars in six simple steps!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Put your name and email in the form on the right for more cool marketing tips, tricks and secrets. Also feel free to leave me your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below!

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