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How To Rapidly Make Money With SEO

How To Make Money With SEO Fast

A few year ago when I was in the trenches, recruiting reps for my Network Marketing business; I would come across the same kind of people every single day.

The people who were desperate to get started, who needed to earn $X amount dollars in X amount of time. Yet, they wanted to do it for free. They had no money to spend, but had to make X amount of money in X amount of time.

You see it all the time on forums.

People posting “Hey – I need to make X amount of dollars with free SEO before I can invest $5 in my business”. That makes total sense doesn’t it?

So I thought back to when I was getting started with SEO and how I made money quickly. The truth is, it’s impossible to make money quickly with SEO, or is it? That’s the myth that keeps being perpetuated by the alleged SEO ‘gurus’ anyway.

The actual truth is you can make money extremely quickly with SEO. Almost as quickly as you can setup a PPC campaign and get it approved, you can setup a site and rank it for a low competition high traffic keyword.

That’s the trick, being a jedi master at keyword research. If you know how, you can quickly find ultra low competition keywords getting 8000+ searches a month and rank for them within 2 weeks tops. It’s all in the keyword research.

Here are my 3 strategies for making money QUICKLY with SEO.

1. Build Sniper Sites

Sniper websites are essentially tiny 1-10 page sites you popup overnight for the sole purpose of ranking for a single keyword. If you can find the right keywords, you can build 1-2 of these sites per day each making between $1-$5/day in revenue. The easiest way to monetize these sites is with simple Google Adsense,or Amazon – avoid information products.

Here are the 4 most untapped groups of keywords that I know of for ranking sniper sites:

1. Celebrities

2. Medical Drugs

3. TV programs

The above three niches are generally high in search volume, but low in competition niches. I don’t mean targeting celebrity names, I mean targeting certain things about celebrities. If you go into the Google keyword tool and input “Justin Bieber” you’ll find millions of searches, sure – but it’s super competitive.

However, you’ll find terms like “justin bieber haircut” and “justin bieber shoes” getting 10,000+ searches a month with 0 competition. Be creative and you’ll find some incredible keywords with exact match domains available.

Medical drugs can be competitive, but targeting “drug + side effects” or “drug + dosage” – you’ll find tons of 10k+ searches/month keywords with little to no competition. The same applies to TV programs. Look at the most popular TV programs on TV right now, put them into the Google keyword tool and look at what comes up.

Look for keywords like “tv programme + episode guide” or “tv programme + cast” or “tv programme + watch online” – these keywords are goldmines waiting to be snipered. All you need to do is target a 3000+ searches/month keyword with an exact match domain. Make sure the competition is low by analyzing your competitors’ link profiles with Majestic SEO (some basic SEO knowledge is required here).

Building sniper sites should take a few hours per site. They only require 3-5 pages of content. Once built, the fastest way to rank them is to purchase a PR5+ domain and link it directly to the site using the exact keyword as anchor text. If you do the keyword research right and it’s difficult not to in those niches, you’ll rank within hours to days with a single PR5 link.

Build 1-3 of these sites per day and you can be making $25-$50/day within a few weeks. Note: It’s a terrible long term business model. These sites have a habit of being slapped by Google.

To learn how to find, purchase and setup high PR sites, read this last post.

2. Launch Hi-jacking

Launch hi-jacking is the art of making money by setting up product-review sites for imminent product launches. A lot of the time when people receive an email or hear about a new product launch in the IM space or any niche; they go on Google and search for reviews.

Using launch boards like JV Notify Pro you can get a list of upcoming product launches and their launch dates (IM niche only). The best tactic is to target the ones 2+ weeks away so you can pickup an exact match domain of 1 of the 2 main keywords you want to target (productname or productname + review). Dot orgs, nets or coms are fine as long as you get an EMD.

If you do a few Google searches you’ll find plenty of these launch jacking sites. The idea is to setup a one page review of the product and link to the sales page with your affiliate ID, then rank it for the two keywords. During launch week a bunch of sales will fly in, it’s not hard to make $500+ per big launch jack.

3. Sell A Service

Super obvious; start a service of some kind. Sell high PR backlinks, sell Senuke links (get a trial), sell manual backlinks you create yourself – the list goes on and on. Using a forum like the WarriorForum.com – you can publish a service thread and have clients within hours.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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