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How To Position Yourself As An Expert

how to become an expertLast year, I was looking for a business consultant. I needed someone to give me corporate business advice. Something I had very little knowledge of.

Although the person I hired was in the top 1% of the price range, and lived thousands of miles away; I hired him because he seemed like the expert.

He has hundreds of testimonials, case studies and positive feedback from past clients. It was a no brainer, I wanted to hire him above everyone else; at whatever cost.

As with anything in life, you always want to hear from an expert. You want business advice from a successful business owner and you want marriage advice from a couple who’ve been married 50 years.

The point is, people always choose the obvious expert. If you’re not an obvious expert in your niche, few people are going to subscribe to your blog, read your articles or buy your products. It’s just how it works. A natural law of human psychology.

That’s why positioning yourself as an expert is so essential for breaking through in your business. Internet Marketing especially is all about image. It’s about how people perceive you, which is why it’s so important to position yourself as an expert.

I’m going to start with several reasons why this is so important, followed by physical steps you can take to position yourself.

Why You Should Position Yourself As An Expert

1. Experts Command Respect

Whenever we want to purchase anything, or learn something new. We want to hear from experts. Whether it’s to buy a new car, fix our boilers or learn about blogging.

When you are perceived as an expert, your information will be absorbed and actually implemented by your customers. Your products will be used, people will listen to you.

2. People Chase You

Being just another marketer or just another company means you have to chase customers. When you become an expert, you’ll have customers chasing you, clients begging for your services and as a result; you’ll need to do little to no marketing. Experts generate business through word of mouth and via referrals; on autopilot.

Everyone wants what they can’t have, or what is difficult to attain. By becoming a recognized expert in your field; you become a prize to be won. Becoming an expert completely changes the normal business man > customer dynamic.

3. Opportunities Find You

Open any newspaper, news site or article. Page after page, you’ll find quotes and stories from experts. The media NEEDS experts, they thrive on them. Whenever a reporter has to write about a topic they know little about, their seek advice from experts.

Becoming an expert can get you featured on blogs, websites, TV or merely referenced in articles. On top of media attention, new partnership opportunities will present themselves. If you want to grow your business to the next level, you need to partner with other recognized experts and authorities in your niche.

Finding these partnerships is never easy, but with the credibility and respect you gain from being a recognized expert; it’s a lot easier. Doors to new audiences and opportunities will appear.

How To Become An Expert

1. Charge More Money

Everyone associates more money with more value. A typical example is when someone sees two items in the supermarket that look exactly the same, they purchase the higher priced item. Why?

It’s because people automatically assume the higher priced item is simply better, that is has more value or provides a better service. Logically it makes no sense, but we’ve all been conditioned to think this way. By charging more money for your services of products, your audience will assume you’re more of an expert who delivers better results and more value. 

2. Start a Blog

A blog is an excellent outlet for sharing information. In order to be truly respected in your field, you should share your thoughts, opinions and strategies online.

It’s the easiest way for others to acknowledge your expertise and recognize it. A blog allows you to build your own audience, a list of subscribers and ultimately customers. It’s the perfect platform for becoming a recognized expert.

3. Share Your Story With Other Audiences

An expert should have a compelling story. The story of how you went from rags to riches or beginner to expert. You can attract more blog visitors and in turn grow your presence by sharing your story with other audiences. This means doing interviews, guest posts and videos with other authorities in your niche.

4. Claim Your Expertise

Even after spending decades in a field, people are often too afraid to claim expert status. By claiming to be an expert, you take on more responsibility. Small screw-ups and bad information are no longer acceptable. People will automatically assume you’re always right.

A small piece of bad advice can destroy your reputation if you’re not careful. If you’re ready to become an expert, you need to be bold and state it. State exactly what you’re the expert on, and why.

5. Display Social Proof

Every expert has an array of social proof. You should have videos testimonials, comments and positive feedback from clients/customers. If you have no social proof, don’t attempt to kid others into believing you’re an expert. Every expert should have dozens of testimonials behind them at a minimum. They should have a presence in their niche. Without it, don’t claim to be an expert. Work on your presence first.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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