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How To Launch Low-End Products On The Warrior Forum

How To Launch WSO's

If you’re building an information marketing business centered around the Internet Marketing niche – the Warrior Forum should be your secret weapon.

Most information marketers in the IM niche are promoting their own offers that range anywhere from $150/month all the way up to one off payments of $20,000. If you’re struggling to promote your high end products and sell any kind of product, system or tool that’s priced above $75 – you need to stop now.

You need to stop and start launching low-end WSO’s to build yourself a list of buyers! A list of buyers that will then buy your high end products or anything else you send their way. So what exactly is the Warrior Forum?

The Warrior Forum is essentially the perfect place to launch low-end Internet Marketing products. The Warrior Forum is the oldest Internet Marketing forum in the world and has thousands of users online at every second.

On the forum, there is a sub forum called the “Warriors Special Offers Forum” where users launch their WSO’s i.e. Warrior Forum Special Offers. WSO’s are just information products, usually video’s, PDF’s, mindmaps, audios, WordPress plugins, software or a mix of them.

WSO’s should be cheap, priced around $10 and have at least 1 upsell of $17 or more. So when people buy them they’re instantly presented with a more expensive offer that’ll put more money in your pocket. While WSO’s are cheap, they shouldn’t feel or seem cheap.

As we talked about in the first post; you can use low end WSO launches to promote your high end products like a membership site. The more in relation the WSO’s are to your membership site or other product the better. What works on the Warrior Forum? Anything to do with…

  • Traffic Generation
  • SEO
  • Paid Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • CPA
  • Blogging
  • PLR
  • Graphic Design
  • Making Money

Pretty much anything Internet Marketing related will sell on the Warrior Forum. WordPress Plugins and software in particular do really well on there… But it’s a lot easier to create short 30-50+ page PDF’s coupled with a few videos. That should be the basic contents of a WSO – a 30-50 page PDF with a few videos (3 to 10 of them).

WSO’s have to be more valuable than their price tag – that’s rule number one. The trick is to over deliver on your low-end WSO’s so your customers will buy other products from you i.e. your more expensive stuff. Just take a look through the forum to see what other people are selling.

Before I break down the formula for launching a WSO – you should know it’s not that easy. Also, you shouldn’t be doing this if you’re not an expert. It seems a lot of Internet Marketers adopt the flawed “fake it till you make it” mindset.

If you try and fake it till you make it on the Warrior Forum – you’ll be caught and punished – your reputation will be ruined. So as long as you know your stuff and want to build a long term Internet Marketing career marketing your own IM info products – read this.

This is the basic process of launching a WSO:

1. Think Of Idea For WSO

WSO Product Creation

Just brainstorm and think of a WSO idea, use the above sub categories for inspiration. The more unique your WSO idea the better. There are two product creation strategies that will make you a lot of money. First; create a completely new, short and unique product with untold information. Second; create a really thourough in depth product using re-hashed information i.e. information that’s already out there.

Basically, if you just create a WSO about a strategy that’s already been taught – people won’t like it. So if you don’t have any new strategies to teach – you have to create an excellent, really thorough product using existing information, but put a new swing on it.

2. Create WSO

After you come up with an idea – create a product draft i.e. know exactly what you want the WSO to be. Next start creating the WSO. You can do it yourself in the beginning, but you’ll soon want to outsource the creation of your WSO’s.

The next thing to worry about is the members area/download page. If you want to make the most money possible; use a membership site. So when people buy your WSO you can redirect them to the registration page of the membership site.

In the membership site you can have tutorials, videos and downloads. You can also have banners in the sidebars linking to your other offers and membership sites. A few things you’ll need: A membership theme:

A script/plugin to create a membership site and setup registration pages/manage users:

When you setup WSO Pro (the wso delivery and management system) you can have it re-direct all customers to the secure registration page of your membership site or download area immediately after they purchase. If you don’t understand anything now – you will when you look into it and set things up with WSO Pro.

3. Establish Price Points And Funnel

Once you’ve created the front end core WSO – establish the price point and create a one time offer. You should always have at least 1 OTO, you can have more or even none at all. By having a one time offer – you can increase WSO profits by 200%.

An OTO should be a secondary product offering, a product that’s related to your core WSO. Something that will help customers use the core WSO or help them with the strategy/technique in general. If you were launching a WSO about an SEO strategy – your OTO could be a software tool that automates part of the SEO strategy.

Once you have your OTO product finished – establish the price point for it. Next you need to establish the commission percentages you’ll offer to affiliates who promote your product. Always offer above 50%, many marketers offer 100% on the front end and 50% on the OTO. The OTO is usually twice as expensive so they make all their money on that. (70%/50% works well)

So if your front end WSO is $10 and your OTO is $17 – you’d make $3 on the front and $8.50 on the OTO.

4. Have Sales Copy Written And Graphics Created

You need to have a professionally written sales page for each WSO you launch or people won’t take you seriously. If you look through the Warriors For Hire section of the Warrior Forum you will find plenty of copywriters offering their service for as little as $75.

Negotiate a good deal on your WSO and OTO/s. Next have a graphic designer create a cover for your WSO i.e. an ecover if its solely information in the form of a PDF or a bundle cover if its videos and PDF/s or maybe a software cover if its software. Have the graphic designer create graphical headlines for your sales page and format the sales copy with the graphics completely. Then your entire WSO sales page and OTO will be single images.

5. Join Warrior Forum And Setup Offer In Test Forum

The Warrior Forum has a test forum where you can see what your WSO’s will look like. First you should signup and buy a War Room membership. The cost for a listing in the WSO section is a mere $40. Once you’re in and are setup – use the test forum to see what your offer looks like.

WSO sales are done through Paypal. There are two marketplaces for WSO’s that everyone uses and they are WSO Pro and JVzoo. They both have different fees and different features. WSO Pro is the best choice and will allow you to take in sales and affiliates with ease. (Google them)

5. Setup JV Page And Affiliate Competition

You should always create an affiliate competition. A competition should have prizes for the top 10 affiliates and giveaway at least $500 up to $3000+. You can have your graphic designer create a nice graphic for the affiliate competition. Always have a minimum number of sales for each affiliate prize.

WSO Affiliate CompetitionFirst place might get $1000 but have a minimum of 200 sales so you know you’re profitable. Right after create your JV page on your product domain (you should really buy a product domain).

The JV page should list the affiliate competition, have links for affiliates to signup to promote your product on WSO Pro/JVzoo and also have some basic information about your WSO. I

It’s always a good idea to have a video of yourself talking about the launch, banners for affiliate’s websites and email swipe files so affiliates can easily promote your WSO.

6. Promote JV Page

Now you need to promote your launch by recruiting affiliates. The best way to do this is to use launch boards like Warriorjv.com to list your launch date (you must set a date) and list your JV page. There are also many skype rooms for people to announce their WSO’s along with other sites. You should contact as many people as possible. Get a JV broker if possible.

7. Make Sure Everything Works And Prep Affiliates

Just test everything, the signup link, double check the sales page, graphics, JV pages, affiliate signup links, the members area and so on. Also just before launch, hype up your WSO and prep affiliates. Tell them you’re launching, exactly when and tell them to get ready to mail their lists.

8. At the time you specified, launch your Warrior Forum Special Offer.

WSO Of The DayLaunch at the time you specified on your JV page. When you launch, you want everyone to promote right away.

Why? Well first because it’s pretty awesome to get a 4-5 or even 6 figure pay day. Secondly, there’s something called WSO of the day.

WSO of the day is an award given every day to the “best WSO”. Really it’s the best converting WSO that makes the most sales on the day.

Mike Lantz the founder of either the WSO section, the Warrior Forum or WSO Pro (not sure which), picks 1 WSO as WSO Of The Day.

He then emails the WSO Of The Day to his entire list of tens of thousands of Warriors. So if you do get WSO Of The Day – expect hundreds if not thousands of sales to come flooding in.

9. Monitor Thread

You absolutely must monitor your thread. People will start buying right away and leaving replies. You should reply to every reply, even if it’s just to say thank you for replying. Answer all questions, deal with customer support or hire someone to do it for you.

10. Bump

For $40, you can bump your thread. The Warrior Forum Special Offer Forum usually has several thousand people browsing its offers. Users generally go straight to the special offers forum and click on the WSO’s at the top of the list. When a new WSO launches, the WSO at the top gets moved down a place and replaced by the new WSO.

When you launch, your WSO will be at the top of the page, but not for long. It will soon get pushed to page 2 and beyond. So for a $40 fee you can get bumped to the top. When you bump your thread you’ll get dozens of visitors if not hundreds. Most of the time bumping your thread is profitable, but not always. It’s a good idea to bump it at least 3 times during launch week.

11. Deal With Customers

Once you have customers coming in – you need to deal with them. First you need to get their feedback. You need to ask them all to leave their feedback on the WSO thread. Next you need to follow up with them via email, start sending them free stuff and discreet email product promotions.

The best thing to do is to hold a Q&A webinar with all customers. Towards the end you can offer them something else i.e. your other product or membership site. This whole strategy has been very basic – this is a blog post. But using it you can easily put 500-1000 customers on your list every time you launch a WSO.

That’s 500-1000 paying customers who trust you – on your list every time you launch a WSO. It’s perfect if you’re trying to sell high-end products in the IM niche. It’s a hell of a lot easier to sell someone a $10 product and then a $250 product instead of just a $250 product upfront.

12. Repeat And Scale

Really, the more WSO’s you launch the more successful your launches will become. In the beginning when you’re not well known you won’t make that many sales unless you have a lot of affiliates. It’s all about affiliates, around 90% of sales will come from affiliates.

5% will come from your own efforts and 5% from natural WSO section traffic. An entire WSO launch should take 2-4 weeks. As your list grows, you’ll make more sales and as you launch more WSO’s; you’ll attract more affiliates.

You can also get into some exclusive launch groups where marketers promote each other’s launches. As you grow you can develop more advanced sales funnels. You could have 4 one time offers, upsells, downsells and recurring fee membership sites.

The possibilities are endless. In conclusion, you can build an info marketing empire on the Warrior Forum if you put in the time, really know your stuff and become a marketing genius.

That’s it!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below! Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more product launch and marketing secrets!

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Stephen Alberts
Stephen Alberts

Hey great article. I have 2 products that I want to launch WSO's and am thinking to try out my first, more simple product to get experience before I launch my second (WP plugin). Any ideas on this? Thanks!


Informative Article, however I think that for newbies out there this would be a difficult thing to undertake. But, I agree Warrior Forum is a great place to sell and build a list of buyers. I find Warrior Forum at times overwhelming, as there's tons of offers which are tempting to buy...but for newbies it can make things confusing. Thanks for the article :)

Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff

I go on the warrior forum a lot and it seems like a great place to find those "hungry buyers", thanks for the awesome tutorial.

Mario Byrd
Mario Byrd

Wow! Good stuff here David,I had no idea about this,thanks man!

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