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How To Get Rich On The Internet (or anywhere else)

how to get rich online

Today I was chilling out on the beach, when something occurred to me.

Very few people truly understand what they have to do in order to achieve success in Internet Marketing or any other business. They’re always too caught in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

The reality is it’s really not that difficult to get rich on the Internet. If you’ve been struggling for years, it’s probably because you don’t believe its possible or you believe you have to struggle for one reason or another.

So I want to talk about how you can get rich on the Internet (or anywhere else) following 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Identify Driving Force & Create Lifestyle Goals

Most people say they want to get rich or they just want to make a ton of money. Saying they want to get rich really doesn’t mean anything to their subconscious minds. It’s not really giving their true selves any reason to get rich.

What does it mean to you? What does getting rich really mean for you personally? What’s your why? What do you really want? What will those things get you that you don’t have now? What will those things get you that you that you don’t have now? How will that make you feel?

Answer these questions, they’re important. The first step to getting rich is identifying why, your reason, your driving force. Once you ask yourselves those questions a few times, you’ll come up with a very distinct answer. Maybe its freedom, the ability to go anywhere and do anything you want, to live life on your own terms or perhaps to stay at home with your kids all day.

When you identity that driving force, you ignite a burning desire. Next I like to do something called ‘setting lifestyle goals’. These are very specific lifestyle goals. You can write every lifestyle goal you have and group them into 4 time lines: 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.

Focus on the 1 year goals. Saying you want a bunch of money or you want $10,000/month is meaningless to your mind. You need to assign meaning to these monetary values. You do this by creating an ideal lifestyle list. This is where we list material items.

Write down everything you want and what it costs. For example:

  • Maserati – $2000/month
  • Rent – $10,000/month or mortgage on million dollar home
  • Exotic Vacation Every 90 Days ($9,000/trip or $3000/month)
  • Full Time housekeeper – $30,000/year or $2500/month
  • Groceries $2000/month
  • Fine Dining $2000/month
  • Other Entertainment/Travel/Stuff – $2000/month
  • Total cost: $23,500/month

Write down your ideal lifestyle, what it includes and the estimated cost. For $23,500/month, you’re practically living like a rockstar (minus a few things). Now the point of this exercise isn’t to create an extremely lavish lifestyle that you probably don’t even want.

It’s to figure out how much money you really need to make to live your dreams and to assign meaning to that money. What it will do for you and what those things mean. Let’s call it $20,000/month, now you have an income goal.

Step 2: Create A Sound Business/Action Plan

Step 2 is figuring out how you’re going to create that amount of money. I’m not here to tell you to just visualize it coming to you and you’ll wake up one morning with a pile of cash in your living room. There’s a lot more to it than that.

When you visualize, affirm and do all of those things; you set in motion the creative forces of the universe. People will start to come together, a series of events will happen that bring about a new business venture. Money generally doesn’t fall out of the sky though. The fastest way to achieve your goals is to create a solid plan.

What do you really enjoy? What subject do you love, what are you extremely passionate about? The fastest way to riches is to create a business in something you’re passionate about. If you don’t enjoy the business, you’re likely to struggle.

So what do you want to do? Maybe its sell an information product, a weight loss program, a yoga program, an Internet Marketing course or anything else. Stick to what you know and can help people with. Or maybe you want to create some kind of physical product or even build a Network Marketing organisation.

Leverage your passion. Become obsessed with something, and you’ll find a way to make money out of it. Maybe you want to help people lose weight, perhaps that’s your purpose in life. Whatever it is, let’s say you have an information product that sells at $127, making you $100 after all expenses and taxes.

To get your $20,000/month, you need to sell just 200 copies of your product per month. It’s really not that many. If you create a sales page that converts at 0.5%, 1 in 200 people who visit will buy. That means you need just 40,000 visitors a month and you’re living your dream.

That’s just 1333 visitors a day or 55 per hour. Don’t you think you can generate just 55 visitors per hour? Create your plan, your vision. Figure out the technical aspects, how you’ll generate those visitors.

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