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How To Get Rich On The Internet (or anywhere else) Part Two

how to get rich online

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Step 3: Realize That You Can Do This

Step three is realizing that you can do this. The only reason you aren’t already where you want to be is because you’ve never before truly believed in yourself or fear has stopped you. You’ve probably believed that you can’t make $20,000/month, that you’re a $3000/month person.

It’s time to break free from the chains that are blocking you from reaching your dreams. Your brain distorts reality all the time to make sense of the world. It distorts reality according to your beliefs.

If you honestly believe that red is the most prominent color in the world; your brain will focus on red and block out other colors to make sense of your belief. It’s like when you buy a new car. You thought you rarely saw that car before, but now its everywhere. All that happened was your brain changed focus, just a little bit.

The subconscious mind processes over 2 million bits of information every moment. The average person’s conscious mind processes between 5 and 7. It has to outsource nearly everything to the subconscious, as it can only consciously handle a few things.

What you focus on depends on your beliefs. Your deep-rooted beliefs. For example maybe you were raised to believe money is finite and being rich is greedy. You were told money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to struggle and work hard for it.

Maybe you were told you’d never accomplish greatness, that you’re average or perhaps even stupid.

With these deep-rooted beliefs, your mind will focus on the negative. It will come up with all kinds of reasons why you can’t do something, it will come up with crazy reasons why you can do stupid things.

You have to change your focus, zone out of the negative limitations that bind you to your current position. Do that and your conscious mind can use its limited resources to focus on why you can do something, how you will reach your income goals. It all starts with realizing that you CAN do this.

Step 4: Condition Yourself For Success

Our whole lives we’re conditioned to believe certain things. We’re conditioned to act and respond in certain ways. The problem is a lot of our conditioning does not serve us in a positive way; especially when it comes to creating wealth and success.

You have to condition yourself for success. Your conditioning controls the thoughts you think, the words you speak, your underlying beliefs and your actions that happen underneath your awareness.

If you’ve had a history of negative conditioning you need to focus on your internal change. You need to shift your identity. Trying to create success without changing your beliefs is like trying to make a computer do something without re-writing its software.

Your beliefs are like your software, and your brain is the operating system or computer. The way you change your beliefs is through the input mechanisms. The input mechanisms are how the brain processes information through the 5 senses. It does this through:

  1. The People You Associate With
  2. The Books That You Read
  3. The Things You Watch
  4. The Things You Listen To

If you sit down and watch the news everyday, followed by TV while listening to your negative relatives after coming home from work where you associate with average people with limiting mindsets; you’re conditioning yourself for failure and mediocrity.

Change your input and you’ll start to re-wire your brain. As you do this, you’ll start to talk differently, think differently and take different actions. You can do this by:

  1. Associating With Successful People (the fastest way)
  2. Reading Personal Development & Business Books – Reading Success Stories
  3. Throwing Away Your TV
  4. Listening To An Empowering Mindset Audio Daily
  5. Meditating Daily
  6. Exercising Daily
  7. Cleaning Up Your Diet

People who tell me they consciously decide every belief they have simply don’t know how their brain works. They’re complete lack of success tells me they’re wrong, every time. Infact, I can tell how successful people are and how much money they’re making by the way they speak.

Your speech is merely a surface structure of your deep structures which are your core beliefs and values. Your speech reflects your beliefs and values, as does your thinking. When you have negative speech, you have negative beliefs.

Getting rich becomes a whole lot easier and faster when you stop focusing on the negative and change your beliefs. Start conditioning yourself for success immediately.

Step 5: Focus On Your Vision Like Nothing Else Exists

The last step is to focus on your vision like nothing else exists. When you talk to successful people, they’re always talking about the awesome things they’re doing and they’re extremely focused on their vision.

When you have a vision, you’ve got to get clear. Getting what you want starts with having a crystal clear vision of what it is that you want. When you have that vision, you have to want it more than a drowning man wants to breathe.

What you want won’t take forever to get. All it takes is a crystal clear vision, a real plan, realizing you can do this, success conditioning and laser focus. Do all of that, get in alignment with your true self and your real purpose, focus on it like nothing else exists and you’ll get rich. It works every time.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool success tips, tricks and secrets.

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Have the purpose of the Universe within our Spirit; Soul and Mind... that God is in us - Have moment to moment; Day by Day; Months by Months then Years by Years... Vision; Mission followed by ACTION! God empowers us with "Decision" and "Action" for the "Results"... we want!   That is how much God loves US!  Let us be truly God in His creations! I am reading thru 846 of Dave's blogs in Love from Albert Sooquaimeng

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