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How To Dominate Google While Covertly Making $100/day Selling High PR Links

That’s what everyone wants, right?

It’s the first income target for pretty much all Internet Marketers. Whether you’re doing Network Marketing, CPA, promoting Clickbank offers or selling  your own product; everyone has one thing in common.

They’re selling something.

…and you know what the secret to making a ton of cash selling something is?

Eye balls. Getting the offer in front of enough of the right sort of people. That’s what gets results. With that said, when you’re getting started you generally don’t have the funds or resources to start buying traffic to see what works.

That’s why a lot of people turn to SEO. It’s a supposedly free traffic generation strategy that anyone can do with a little time and effort. Here’s the catch…

The catch that few SEOs or marketers will ever tell you about. You need to spend SERIOUS cash to get fast lasting SEO results. You need to purchase high PR domains. There’s one formula that always works with SEO and its high Page Rank + relevance.

If you have links from high Page Rank and relevant sites, your rankings will sky-rocket; it’s as simple as that. Google assigns a Page Rank or PR to every page on the Internet, from 0-10. The higher the more powerful the page. Getting links from these pages within relevant content is what makes people rank highly on Google.

So where’s all of this leading?

It’s really simple. The best way to build these high PR + relevant backlinks is to purchase expired high PR domains, set them up on SEO hosting, build niche relevant sites on them and point links to your site. Read this article for detailed instructions.

Here’s what it generally costs:

  • SEO Hosting – $2/month per site
  • PR3 Domain – $30-$50
  • PR4 Domain – $70-$100
  • PR5 Domain – $150-$300

Those are the only PR domains you need to buy, 3s, 4s and 5s. If you buy enough of these sites, set them up as relevant blogs and link them to yours; you’ll outrank every person in your niche.

If you’re reading this article then I’m guessing you’re not making fortunes online yet. Which is fine, especially when it comes to SEO. If you can do SEO, you need to realize that ranking your own sites and building an income from them is 10 times harder than selling SEO to established businesses and marketers.

Here’s why. Established businesses and marketers know the value of their visitors and they have a system that converts traffic into sales. Which is why they’re more than happy to hand money to people like you to do SEO for them, therefore boosting their traffic and sales.

I’ve talked about doing SEO for local businesses before, which is one strategy; but this is something different. This is selling links on your own network of high PR domains.

SEO works, and it probably always will. High PR links are a precious SEO commodity. Professional SEOs, Agencies and experienced marketers rely on buying relevant high PR links for the bulk of their rankings as well as their clients rankings.

You can quickly and easily make $100/day, $200/day or more by selling relevant high PR links to these people. The best part is, as you sell these links, you can buy more and more of the high PR domains; quickly expanding your network.

Which means you can use it to dominate niches. Here’s how to do it.

1. Pick A Specific Niche

For this to work you need to pick a broad niche to start with. People will pay a lot of money for high PR links, but only from relevant sites. Health, Internet Marketing, Dating – they all work extremely well. Make sure the network you build is very relevant to your own sites you want to rank.

2. Buy 10 PR3 Domains

You can get started with PR3 domains, even though there’s more money to be made and higher rankings to be gained by selling PR4 & 5 links.

You can purchase PR3 domains for as little as $30 using this site Expired Domains. Make sure you read this post to find out how to purchase the right domains before starting.

3. Setup Domains On SEO Hosting

It’ll cost you like $1-$2/month per domain you host to put them on unique name servers and IP addresses. Making them undetectable.

4. Set Up Sites As Relevant Blogs

Install WordPress, choose a cool theme, install All In One SEO and change the site title, description and meta keywords. Make them very broad, but niche specific. If you’re doing this for the health niche. Title the sites like ‘The Health Blog: Awesome Health Information’ with descriptions like ‘Stay up to date with cutting edge health information with Site Name’.

Just make these sites basic niche relevant blogs. It doesn’t matter that the domain name has nothing to do with the site. Lastly add a blog post with a relevant article and a link to your site.

5. Build Links To Sites & Setup Social Profiles

Setup a group of social profiles for the sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus. Setup Google Authorship for the sites as well. This makes them look like normal niche blogs.

Next its time to build some basic links to the sites. Since these are expired domains, their link profiles won’t be very relevant. Even though we change the SEO settings and on-page content to make the sites relevant to their new niche. You need to take it a step further and build some backlinks to the site using relevant niche keywords as anchor text.

If you purchase an old car blog like ‘bestautosonline.com’, and you change the content & SEO settings of the site to make it look like a health blog; Google can still look at its backlinks. Its backlinks will be full of car related anchor text like ‘car blog’ or ‘best autos online’.

This step is really easy to do with a tool like Senuke. Just load a basic template, plug in 50+ broad niche relevant anchor texts (like health blog, health, health information, health site) and schedule a link building campaign for each site over 1 month.

Using Senuke you can schedule 10-50 niche relevant links to be built to your PR sites over the course of a month. It’ll take about an hour to setup 10 campaigns. This will make your PR sites look like normal niche websites.

6. Sell Links On The Sites

This is the fun part. People will happily pay you a lot of money every month for a single link from these sites. Here are the general pricing guidelines:

  • PR3: $10/month
  • PR4: $20/month
  • $PR5: $40-50/month

People want niche relevant high PR links, and that’s what they’ll pay for them. You can sell 10 links on each site. Each link should be embedded within a unique niche relevant article and placed on the home page of the PR site.

Here’s how easy this is.

Month 1:

  • You spend $500 and get 10 PR3 domains.
  • You sell 10 spots on each site for $10 each. That’s $100/month per site.
  • You earn $1000.

Month 2:

  • You buy 20 PR3 domains with the $1000 you made last month.
  • Each PR3 makes you $100/month, this earns $2000, plus the $1000 from last month’s sites; $3000.

Every month, you keep growing your network and getting paid for sites previously created. Using this strategy you can quickly and easily get to $100/day+ in passive income while building a network of sites that’s worth 20 times that.

Where To Sell

Digital Point is one of the biggest Internet Marketing forums online. With millions of monthly visitors and a forum section dedicated to selling Page Rank backlinks; it’s a great place to start selling links.

- https://forums.digitalpoint.com/forums/link-sales.58/

To sell links on the forum, you have to become what’s called an established member which means having 3 other established members like a thread or forum post of yours.

Getting 3 likes naturally can take months, which leaves you the option of paying $25/month to become a premium member (this grants you access to sell links). If you want to cheat the system you can simply purchase 3 likes off Fiverr.com easily.

Once you’ve signed up, got your 3 likes or paid for premium membership; you’ll be able to post threads on the link sales forum. Really easy, just add any domain (you have to add one). Enter a title like ‘Niche PR3+ Home Page Backlinks’. In the description give a little information about the links.

Say they are high quality PR3+ blogs in the ‘X’ niche. List your prices and ask them to PM you to order. Very easy to do, literally takes 10 minutes. After your thread goes live you should start receiving requests/orders within a day.

There’s no easier way to earn money from SEO and get paid to build your own blog network. A little technical but it works every time.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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hey david the people on digital point all ask for my site link. How do i sell without giving it to them as I dont want google to snoop around and see it!


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