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How To: Create MASSIVE Duplication in your Network Marketing Business

The industry of Network Marketing is the Business of the 21st Century and it’s very important that the Modern Day Professional conditions his or her mind for success.

As professionals in this industry we’re approached by tons of solutions, strategies, shortcuts, and then some that can ultimately have a negative affect on our businesses. As a leader of your organization you MUST act as a filter to ensure that foreign practices do not compromise the duplication and growth of your group. Most Network Marketing companies have multiple team calls and trainings hosted by the various leaders within’ the company. If your organization attends each and every one of these calls, it’s a HUGE chance that duplication and growth can be affected.

Let’s begin by talking about the most important people in your organization, your new team members. Your new team members have to achieve success within’ their first week or so and an easy proven system that everyone can follow has to be in place to ensure that this happens. The first thing that you need for your new team members is an easy to follow process of recruiting and following up. All of the advanced methods of recruiting can be learned later, keeping it super simple is key when transitioning a new person into your already duplicated system. One thing that you DO NOT want to do is push a new team member to recruit using a specialized skill that took you months to learn. Doing this will only create a situation where it takes your new team member months to recruit someone.

Now lets be real for a minute, not too many people will stick with you after a few months of not being able to recruit someone. So again KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE!

The Magical Recruiting Formula

Step 1: Recruit someone

Step 2: Get them started properly

Step 3: Recruit someone else

**If you just get that and teach it to your organization, you’re going to have a tremendous amount of success in this industry.

Now lets talk about a second formula

The Super Simple Duplication Formula

This formula will allow you to duplicate a simple process that your first level follows 100 levels down.

Are you ready for this???

Step 1: Create an automated funnel system that gets your new recruits started right.

Step 2: Simply direct your new team members to the funnel.

What this does is ensure that everyone in your organization gets started the right way regardless of what level they’re on.

You want to avoid a situation where you have your new team members trying to get their new team members started right Duplication Cycleand everyone is left confused and frustrated.

The Super Simple Duplication Formula will solve that issue immediately.

Note: Make sure that you teach your new team members to duplicate The Super Simple Duplication Formula and direct their new team members to the funnel that you’ve created.

I’m going to end with this last golden nugget…

Have your entire team build by day, not by week or month.

What I mean by that is this…

Get your team in the habit of performing daily tasks that will yield the desired weekly and monthly results. When you begin to outline weekly and monthly goals it can be a bit overwhelming for your team.

That may be a system that works well for you but remember.. NOT EVERYONE IS YOU!


To your success,

Ulysses Spellman


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Ulysses Spellman
Your Network Marketing Professional – Developer of The MLM Success Group

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