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How To Create A Customer Avatar

I’m about to reveal how creating an avatar is one of the most ground breaking strategies for increasing conversions, getting better customers and generating ultra targeted traffic.

How To Create An Avatar

Before I reveal exactly what an avatar is, you should know why you should create one. Creating an avatar will result in:

  • More Qualified Leads
  • Cheaper Leads
  • Leads that require the LEAST amount of persuasion so higher conversions and faster conversions.
  • Leads that will make you the most money.
  • Customers That Complain The Least
  • The Happiest Customers You Can Imagine

An avatar is essentially the perfect buyer, or the perfect kind of buyers.

The point of creating an avatar is to be able to market to a more targeted audience.

It’s about finding the right place to advertise and the ultimate traffic source.

Finding who is the avatar, what they  are thinking and what they want, what category of people are they?

Before I tell you how to find your avatar, here are a few ground rules:

1. Don’t try and convince people to buy your product. You should’t have to use ninja mind tricks of persuasion to convince visitors and leads to buy your product.

If you have a good product then there are most likely thousands of people out there who’d be happy to pay you for it. However, there are also hundreds of thousands of other people who might be slightly interested in your product.

It might spark their curiosity, but it takes a lot more persuasion with these people to make them buy.

And the fact is it’s a whole lot cheaper, faster and more efficient to advertise in front of the people who want to buy. All you have to do is profile your ideal buyer, create an avatar. Once you have a few avatars; you can speak directly to your target audience.

It’s insane how quickly your business can explode by simply following these few steps I’m about to outline.

Your marketing will become cheaper, your leads will convert higher, your customers will buy more products and complain less.

When you create your avatar, you need to create an actual person. Jane, Bob, name your avatar whatever you want.

Ultimately this is about choosing who you would like to do business with, finding what the customers want to achieve and uncovering their emotional reasons behind their wants/needs.

Uncovering emotions is about finding why they need or want your product. As well as exactly WHY. Remember, your avatar should be someone who represents the main characteristics and emotions of your target buyer/audience. Your avatar must represent the entire audience you’re marketing to.

By the time you finish creating an avatar, you should feel the pain your audience feels and understand what they’re going through. Once you understand that; you can effectively market to them, push their hot buttons and hit their emotional triggers.

So How Do You Create An Avatar?

First and foremost, you need to do some research to find out the demographics and psychographics of your audience. To do this you must find out where your audience hang out. To find their hang outs, you need a general idea of the sites they visit and the keywords they search on Google.

1. Find 10 Popular Hang Outs

Find the top 10 sites in the niche they visit and run them through:

Both are excellent tools and very powerful.

You need to calculate and write down their average user0: age groups, interests, genders, income levels and sites visited.

That information alone is enough to create an avatar, but you should dig a little deeper. Using those tools you might find out that your audience consists of mainly 25-35 year old women with 2-3 kids on an average salary of $30,000. Let’s also say you found out the 3 most popular interests were: shopping, facebook and knitting.

Using that information you could create an Avatar named Sally. Here’s a short example:

Sally is a 30 year old mom of 2 on a mid range salary of $30,000. She usually spends her time shopping with girlfriends, stalking people on Facebook and knitting. With 2 kids and only $30,000 each year; Sally struggles to pay the bills. After 2 years she took to the Internet in search of a way to make some extra money. After six months she stumbled upon Cashsurveys.com, where she was able to make money completing surveys each day. (INSERT HOT BUTTONS HERE, HERE) and scatter them all over the place with emotional triggers. Now Sally is able to make an extra $1000/month.

See what I did there? I used the demographic and psychographic data to empathize with the target audience, triggering their emotions and greatly increasing the chance of them buying.

You need to add a lot more detail and emotional triggers to your avatar. A background story, as well as the reasons why the avatar wants to buy. You must incorporate the reasons for buying and the FEARS behind those reasons.

2.  Find Likes On Facebook

Go onto Facebook, find your target audience and see what they are liking. List any groups, authors, people, products or subjects that are popular. These interests will allow you to advertise right in front of them.

3. Answer These Questions

  • What are they thinking and feeling?
  • What are they hearing/being told?
  • What do they see from their perspective?
  • What do they stand to gain?
  • What are their pains and fears (reasons)?

After answering all of the above, you’ll have enough data to create several avatars to completely profile your target audience and customers.

Ideally you should create 4 avatars, one for each age group. Use your avatars in your marketing, advertising and ad campaigns for super targeted marketing!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. For more cool marketing tips, tricks and secrets; opt-in to the email list on the right!


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