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How To Buy Links On Competitor Websites

how to buy links on competitor websitesIf you’ve been doing SEO for any length of time; you’ll know just how volatile it can be.

Pandas, penguins and other animals; there is no end in sight for Google’s updates. This means one of two things. You can either adapt, survive and destroy your competitors or you can quit now and move onto paid traffic (the latter being not a bad idea).

When it comes down to ranking, all that really matters is link building and the authority of your site. Google doesn’t care how nicely written your content is or how much thought went into your blog posts.

None of that stuff matters, not right now anyway. What matters is high quality backlinks and domain authority. The higher your domain authority, the more Google proof your site will be and the more pages of yours will automatically rank highly for competitive keywords without backlinks.

The way to build domain authority is to build high quality links.

So what’s a high quality link? Simple.

High page rank and relevant.

In the past I’ve talked about building your own network of high PR expired domains and setting them up as relevant sites that link to yours. While that absolutely works there is a chance in the future that Google will remove Page Rank from expired domains.

This leaves us with one other option. One time-tested and extremely effective option. That is buying links on competitor websites. When you buy links on your main competitors websites. You’ll get extremely relevant and high Page Rank backlinks.

To get an in-depth explanation of buying links on competitor sites and why its the holy grail of SEO, read this post.

Here’s how to do it.

How To Buy Links On Competitor Websites:

  1. Go To Google
  2. Search ‘Niche + Blog’, ‘Niche + Website’
  3. Make a list of all PR1+ sites and blogs
  4. Create a Template Message (like the one below)
  5. Visit Each Site, Go To Their Contact Page And Send Them A Personalized Message
  6. Wait For Their Response, Negotiate A Price For A Link
  8. Pay Them + Send Them Your Site Details

Message Example:


My name is _____ and I run _____.

First, I have to say (site name) is excellent, it’s filled with tons of quality content.

I just wanted to reach out to you and ask if you’d be interested in selling a link in your site’s sidebar or blogroll.

I’d really like to get a link from (site name) to (your site name), please let me know if you’d be interested along with any pricing.

Warm Regards,


That’s all you have to say.

Keep in mind only about 30% of people will actually respond to you, and about 10-20% will be happy to sell a link. This process is very simple. Make a list of all the PR1+ sites and blogs in your niche (your competitors) and contact them asking if you can buy a link on their site.

These links are the best links in the world. They are the most relevant and authoritative. When your competitors link to you, you don’t just get a high PR and relevant backlink. Google looks at more than that. They see that they are your competitors and they are linking to you.

Which means your competition approves of your site and if you get all the most popular sites in your niche linking to yours; you will dominate for years to come.

As a guideline I would pay these prices for site-wide blogroll links (that’s what most people will sell):

  • $300-$600 one-time or $30-$50/month for PR5
  • $200-$400 one-time or $20-$30/month for PR4
  • $50-$150 one-time or $10-$15/month for PR3
  • $30-$50 one-time for a link on a PR2
  • $20-$30 one-time for a link on a PR1

You won’t always find people who will accept those prices, you just have to negotiate.

Your best chance of success is to find site owners who don’t know the true value of their Page Rank (never mention it in the emails) who will accept a low one time payment.

The more savvy webmasters who know the value of PR links or otherwise have likely been approached already by SEOs & will want to charge a lot more. Start by getting some cheap one time purchase links.

If you rent a few PR5+ links on competitor sites,  it will quickly catapult your site to the top of Google. However it’s important to build a solid foundation for your site. Do this by purchasing links on PR1-3 competitor sites, on as many as your budget affords.

As you get results, spend more. Use your site name, otherwise known as ‘brand match’ as anchor text on the sites. For example, in the sidebar I’d ask them to place a link to my site with the text ‘Work With David Wood’.

Another technique: Take the top 5 sites in your niche, put them into Majestic SEO, view their top 10 ‘referring domains’, look for similarities.

Find similar sites linking to multiple competitors. If you see 5 sites linking to all 5 competitors, it’s likely that those sites are accepting money for links and they are the first people to contact!

One last technique: if you can’t afford to spend money on competitor links, you can link swap! Lots of webmasters will be down to link swap.

Simply buy a high PR domain of the equivalent PR you want to get links from or higher.

For example, if the top sites in your niche are all PR4, buy a PR4 or PR5 domain. Set it up as a professional looking blog (so they actually think you’re actively using the site).

Then approach your competitors in the same way, but ask them if they’d be interesting in a 3 way link swap. They link to your site from their site, and you link to their site from your ‘other niche blog’ which is the equivalent or even higher PR than their site.

If you setup a PR5 niche blog and contact a bunch of PR3’s and 4’s lots will be interested to swap. As a result you get lots of high PR links on competitor sites for the cost of 1 high PR expired domain (learn about expired domains here).

If you’re a beginner, don’t jump into all of these strategies at once.

Work on buying expired high PR domains and building a blog network. If you can’t afford that = work on building conventional links until you can afford to start snapping up PR3s.

After you’ve got a network of PR sites that are supporting your rankings, purchase links on competitor sites. This is literally how you can take over an entire niche with SEO alone. Very easy, manual strategy for obtaining super high quality links that work.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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