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How To Buy High Page Rank Links That Explode Rankings

How To Buy High page Rank Backlinks

It’s 2013, the Google updates keep rolling out, more and more marketers are running around like headless chickens wondering what the hell is going on with their rankings.

It seems most of us still have no idea how to quickly rank in Google. As I’ve always said, the formula for rapid insanely high rankings for competitive keywords is: PR + Relevance.

High page rank and relevance, that’s all that matters. What most newby SEO’s do is go out there and start building hundreds or PR0 backlinks per day.

You know the kind of links that Internet Marketers are taught to build. The usual bullshit…

  • Blog Comments
  • Wikis
  • EDU links
  • Bookmarks
  • Web2.0s
  • Article Directory
  • Forum Profiles
  • Web2.0 Profiles

Guess what?

Those links are REALLY crappy and if you build them at the wrong stage; you can potentially screw up your relationship with Google for a long time. Those links are important for ranking for low-really medium competition keywords, but they won’t get you ranking for the competitive terms you want to rank for.

The only logical way to quickly rank for high competition keywords is to build high page rank relevant backlinks. They’ve always been the best kind of link to build, but people have no idea how to build them. So they go and join a blog network and get themselves penalized with Google.

Once you start building these high pr links, you’ll become addicted. Addicted to the insanely easy and effective SEO strategy. You literally need nothing else but high pr links, and while that’s not advised; it works.

Before I get into the how of building these high pr links, know this.

Most SEO’s blame the links they’re building or the strategy they’re using as the reason why they’re not beating their competitors. The truth is, it’s all about the budget.

Savvy SEO’s know this, and the offline SEO agencies know this too. The only way to get high pr links is to pay for them, one way or another. They’re the only thing holding you back from dominating the most competitive of niches.

That’s why if you don’t have the budget, you shouldn’t be operating in competitive niches. It’s retarded when you’re up against people who have $50,000 a month SEO budgets.

This is why you should avoid niches like acne, credit repair and insurance. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies in each of those niches that have million dollar marketing budgets. There are only 10 spots on Google for each keyword, and you bet those companies want those places.

The good news is most corporate SEOs are horrible at their jobs. They suck in fact, god knows where they learn SEO. So obviously the higher the page rank of the backlink, the better it is. The higher the PR, the more expensive, but the more powerful. One good PR5 link is worth 5-10+ PR4 links.

How do you find high PR links?

Now the fun part, buying high PR links and watching your rankings explode. The thing that sucks about what we were all taught about link building is that it takes a long time to get rankings. That ranking is a super gradual process and it’s impossible to rank overnight for anything competitive.

The opposite is true, with a few high PR links you can shoot to the first page for a pretty competitive keyword in less than 3 days or even one. So before you start buying dozens of these high PR links, you need to test your niche. You need to gauge how difficult the competition is by ranking with high PR links.

To do this, you should buy 3-5 PR5 homepage permanent backlinks. This will set you back between $50 and $100. The best place to find and purchase these links is the Digital Point forum, click here for the link sellers forum.

Using the Digital Point forum, you should find RELEVANT websites in the same niche to buy PR5+ links from. Purchase 3-5 of them and use your most competitive keywords as anchor text.

If your site jumps to the bottom of page 1, page 2 or page 3; it shows it’s not that difficult to rank for and a few more high PR links will do the job. If it jumps to between page 5 and 11; it’s very competitive and I personally would advise you to find other keywords.

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Awesome stuff David buying high pr was kinda around me all week...you sealed the doubt...so im really grateful for your info....blessings...

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