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How To Buy High Page Rank Links (Part Two)

How To Buy High page Rank BacklinksThis is part two of “how to buy high page rank links to explode rankings”, to read part one click here.

Building Your Own High PR Sites

Buying links is great, it is. While it’s still dirt cheap to rank a site buying high PR links via Digital Point or any other site; you still end up paying monthly for them and you have no control over the domains. You ever wonder why blog networks are/were so popular? It’s because they are insanely effective.

They use the magic HIGH PR + RELEVANCE formula.

However because thousands of users are posting to their networks of high PR sites, Google de-indexes them or voraciously tries to. By building your own network of self hosted high PR sites, you can rank for anything in record time. Like days or hours.

First you need to buy the domains. By searching Google for high PR link providers you’ll find a bunch of results. But I find ExpiredDomains.net to be the best source of domains.

The site lists godaddy auctions and more. The best strategy to finding high PR’s on the cheap is godaddy auctions. Godaddy auctions allows you to pick up other people’s expired domains. When a site expires that’s worth something the domain goes to auction.

It means you’ll be bidding with other buyers for the domains, but you can usually pickup PR3′s for $30, PR4′s for $40-$60 and PR5′s for as little as $80-$150. The true value of a good PR5 is at least $250-$300. People pay a lot more. They spend $40+/month on a link from a relevant PR5 site.

So let’s say you’ve won 5 PR5′s in auction for a total of $400. You now need private SEO hosting. Each high PR site needs its own unique IP address and hosting nameservers. Without them, Google will know you bought the sites and are using them to boost your rankings.

SEO Host is a great SEO hosting provider, HostNine is a dirt cheap alternative. You can get a resellers account that allows you to host 100 domains on unique IP’s/nameservers.

Setting up the sites with their own unique details is easy, no instructions required. Once installed, you can install WordPress on them or any other site building platform.

All you have to do next is write a unique article per site that’s relevant to the site you want to rank and publish it on the home pages of each of the sites. Within the article fully displayed on the home pages, you should link to your site using your exact match keyword as anchor text.

Won’t Google Slap You For Using Exact Match Anchor Text On All High PR Links?

Yes, and no. You have to keep a diverse anchor text profile in order to slide under Google’s radar. Here are my recommended ratios:

  • 20% main keyword
  • 40% – related keyword
  • 40% – long tail related keywords

As long as you stick to those sort of ratios, you’ll never be hit with an anchor text over-optimization penalty. Back to my point, you want to use your high PR home page links for your main keywords. You can use wikis, directories, bookmarks and other cheap links to diversify your anchor text profile.

That’s literally all it takes to find, buy and setup high page rank backlinks. You only need a few of these links per competitive keyword in most niches. When you publish the articles on the high PR sites, Google can pick them up hours later and instantly boost your site’s rankings.

Contacting Other Sites

This is the other SUPER easy link building strategy that will get you where you want to be; no bullshit. Why no bullshit? Simply because this is the strategy that will get you the fastest results in any niche. Want to rank for ‘weight loss’, how about ‘make money online’ or any other giants?

Use this strategy and you’ll be on page one within weeks or a few months. The only down side is that it requires a lot of cash. All you have to do is obtain links from the top ranking sites in your niche. The most authoritative sites that are ranking for the most competitive keywords.

To do this, all you have to do is select your most competitive keywords, the ones you’re really struggling to rank for. Now go to Google and search them. Open every result for the top 5 pages. Now contact these sites via their contact forms or whatever else (get creative); and ask them if they sell links.

You can craft a straight forward email showing them your interest in purchasing or renting a link on their website. 2-7 times out of 10 (depending on the niche), you’ll get a response and a price. If it’s a PR5 site, expect to pay $50+ a month for a link.

While that may sound expensive for a single link, if you can get the top 2 pages (20 sites) linking to yours at $50/month per link, that’s just $1000 a month in SEO costs. If that enables you to rank for ‘weight loss’ or some other insane keyword, it can be an extremely profitable way to do SEO.

If you don’t have the budget to build and buy these sort of links; get a budget. You can get a job at an SEO/IM agency and actually learn SEO from them. This is what agencies spend the majority of their time doing; obtaining links from relevant powerful websites in their clients’ niches.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more link building tips, tricks and secrets.

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