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How To Build Your Network Marketing Business – Part Two

There’s plenty of stuff to sell online, look around. I personally would sell Magnetic Sponsoring or MLSP. Both are Network Marketing courses that teach people how to build their businesses. Once you’ve found something to sell, you need a way of selling it. I don’t give a damn what you’ve been told, you need to use video! You need to create a video presentation promoting your IPC product.

Your video should first out line your prospect’s problems and really stress how bad they are. Then you need to paint a picture of what it would be like if your prospects bought the IPC product. That’s essentially all you have to do. There are really 3 ways of selling stuff, online:

1. Teaching The What & Selling The How.

2. Teaching The How & Selling The What.

3. Teaching The What, The How & Selling The Tools To Do So.

Those 3 strategies are worth fortunes! Shhhh… don’t spread my secrets! So create a video presentation that sells your IPC product and get it online. Create a page and have an image below the video appear after a set time linking to the sales page. It’s important to use a strong call to action in your presentation. Yah, I missed out a few things, but as I’ve said before I’m not a tech support guy. You can look up that stuff for yourself.

Now take the link to your video presentation and insert it into your welcome email that first goes out to your list. Generally, I’ll put the link at the top of the email and also at the bottom in a PS line. This doesn’t come across as pushy. It keeps people happy and it also makes sales.

Next you should go back to your opt in bait and add a strong call to action at the end linking to your IPC product presentation. So when people join your list, they get their free opt in bait and they also read about you. A lot of trust is built and they identify you as an expert after reading your opt in bait. They then see a link to the IPC, watch the presentation and put money in your pocket. All without any sleazy “pitchyness”.

The last thing you need to do is create a follow up series to send out to your subscribers. You should really write a few free reports and videos using the 3 selling strategies above to promote your IPC. The real secret that took me years to figure out, is that you can sell through content. Through education. Teach people what they can use to solve their problem. Teach them how to use it and sell them the tools to do so. Or one of the other strategies, but #3 works best.

The key is to build a relationship and establish trust between you and your subscribers. When people trust you, they’ll run errands for you, watch/read your stuff and buy anything you recommend. Think about it…

If some guy on TV or on the street tries to sell you something, the chances are you won’t buy it unless you’re in dire need of a solution for whatever problem you have. However, if someone you know, like and trust tells you to buy something, you will full stop. Common sense right?

Anyway, after some trust is built up over around a 2 week period and you’ve made some cash with your instant profit center, it’s time to introduce your MLM company. For years Networkers have experimented with different “exposing strategies”, some worked better than others. I personally have tried and test dozens of them. Overall, I’d recommend the number 1 way of sponsoring people to be presentations. Video presentations and live webinars. It’s my belief that webinars convert better than anything else imaginable.

Before you create presentations and start webinars, you need a second email list for your MLM prospects. The guys who join your email list will be as generic as they come. Just normal people who’re learning about Network Marketing. You can’t pitch them on your MLM company without looking like a total ass. The only way to do it is to make them think that it’s their idea to get involved. All starting with a second email list for MLM prospects.

When people join your MLM prospects list, you can hammer them hard with company presentations and direct pitches. As they asked for the information, we’re not shoving it down their throat like most people do. So setup a new capture page that doesn’t reveal anything about your company, but an opportunity to join your inner circle and work closely with you to create financial freedom. That sounds pretty appealing right? Well set up a capture page that says something like that and use it to funnel generic subscribers into your MLM prospects list.

After they opt in to your MLM prospects list, you can redirect them straight to a video presentation or webinar registration link. As much as I like webinars, they are a pain in the ass. They are time consuming and they take a lot of preparation. BUT, they convert better than anything else. Webinars are live events; attendees will feel as if they’re in the same room as you. They’ll also feel as if they’re part of a group of like minded people.

In your video presentations/webinars you should do the same stuff I mentioned for the IPC presentation. Outline financial problems, talk about the government, taxes, unemployment, and then tell a story. Explain how by getting involved in your exclusive team and sharing your opportunity with others, you’re able to create financial freedom and work from home. Yada yada yah….

Then at the very end you need a rock solid call to action that entices prospects to join now. Not to sit around and think about it, as people always 9/10 times justify why they shouldn’t join you. That they don’t have enough time or money or that it’s just not for them. All those bull shit excuses which you should rip apart in your presentations. Tell people to join by midnight and they’ll get access to a load of exclusive bonuses.

That’s how to build a Network Marketing business online! The only thing I didn’t cover was fuelling your system and duplication. Of course, your system will be nothing unless you can fuel it with tons of traffic. There are a million and one ways of driving traffic online. Just do a couple of searches or even check my blog, there are countless traffic generation strategies that are damn right easy to implement into your every day marketing.

As for duplication, you need another system. A training system new reps can plug into for immediate help. You gotta create videos that teach your reps how to generate traffic, leads, prospect and how to close. You should also provide them with sufficient marketing material. My ultimate strategy is to close prospects for my team. Through live webinars and video presentations.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. If you’d like to learn how to become a Network Marketing Ninja, generate 100+ leads a day and sponsor multiple reps daily into your business, put your name and email in the form below this page.

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Ill stay following your lead Dave... ..the internet is a big marketplace


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