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How To Build Unstoppable Websites Via Content Marketing

content marketing

Google is getting better and better at identifying GOOD, bad and GREAT content.

If they can make their “robots” smart enough to judge/mark & grade content – they won’t need the other stuff.

Backlinks and social signals will become obsolete.

Popularity (backlinks and signals) will be nowhere near as important as they are today.

While that’s definitely a long way away from happening, it is happening. Slowly but surely Google will be able to find the highest quality and most relevant search results for their users. So obviously it’s extremely important to publish great content on a regular basis.

In the beginning content really was king. But over time the importance of good content diminished, but it’s going to claim it’s rightful place as king once again.

After being attacked by countless Google updates I had an epiphany. Why not minimize off page SEO and maximize content marketing?

It only seemed logical. I was certain that 99% of Google penalties I and everyone else had incurred were from over optimization i.e. too much link building. Link building is what generates the highest search engine rankings.

But it’s also what gets everyone into trouble. Do one thing wrong with your link building and you can incur a penalty or temporary loss of rankings. Do something wrong with your content and at the very most you lose a few visitors.

Minimizing off page SEO will result in less rankings, sure. But it will drastically decrease your chances of being penalized in the near future. What I’m saying is…

Decrease link building, increase content, content marketing!

Take some of the energy you spend building links and use it on publishing more content. The more content you publish on your site, the more authority you build, the better your site becomes, the less likely you incur penalties and the more traffic you generate.

I’m not saying stop contextual link building altogether as that’s 100% mandatory for a high ranking website, just minimize it to the safest tactics like content syndication, guest blogging, bookmarking and manual article/web2.0 marketing.

Focus on content over link building!

So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is effectively generating traffic by marketing your content. Content marketing is about leveraging your content to drive traffic and gain rankings.

For this to work, your content must always be EXCELLENT.

How often you publish content is entirely up to you. But as a rule of thumb, you should always publish something a minimum of once per week. To really accelerate your site’s growth with content marketing; post daily or multiple times daily.

What you post is up to you. If you don’t already have a blog installed on your site, install one now. A blog is the ultimate platform for content marketing. Publish content that your audience wants to read.

Important… Give your audience a choice of what they can read. This strategy is about increasing the amount of content you publish and decreasing the amount of SEO you do. For it to work properly; you need your readers and visitors to share your content. They should help draw in more traffic to your content, so it virally perpetuates.

Also, for this to work properly you should be actively building a list of subscribers.

When a subscriber comes back to read your latest post; they expect it to be good. If it’s not to their liking they’ll dislike your site. That’s why it’s always important to give readers a choice of content. ALL of the big blogs out there do this very well.

Content Syndication…

Content syndication is a smart way of leveraging your content, building some backlinks, driving traffic and obtaining QUICK search engine rankings. Content syndication gives you a head start in the search engines and makes it easier for your content to rank.

Syndicating content is a fancy way of saying sharing your content. Syndication can be as simple as posting a link to your content on Facebook with its title in the share box. While that’s good, the best way to syndicate content is to post its title, a few paragraphs (snippets) of the body and a link to the full content on your site.

Where do you syndicate your content?

  • Social Networks
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Social Sites
  • Document Sharing Sites

There are other places you can syndicate your content, but those are the main sources. You can use services like Only Wire and LinksAlpha to get you started.

The more accounts and sites you syndicate your content to the fastsd you will rank, the more traffic you’ll generate and the more authority you will build. Content marketing and syndication is by far the best strategy for quickly growing your site and protecting it from the upcoming waves of search engine updates.

By minimizing SEO you lose a lot of traffic (and protect yourself), but you make up for it in the sheer number of posts you publish.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more traffic generation tips, tricks and secrets.

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Hello, this article is great - thank you!  Do you have any advice on programmes or software that we could use (part from Only Wire and Links Alpha) which will help us with Content Syndication.... I'm wondering if Article Marketing Robot might help but I don't want our sites to get penalised by Google.

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