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How To Build Author Rank: The 7 Best Practices

How To Build Author Rank

Everyone is talking about Author Rank, the revolutionary new Google search engine metric that is going to ‘transform the landscape of SEO’.

Transform, maybe. Change, definitely. You can read about the basics of Author Rank in my last post here (the reality is Author Rank hasn’t been officially integrated into Google’s search engine algorithm). With that said it’s clear that Google have been using many of the metrics that will supposedly build Author Rank to rank websites for a while now.

So it can’t harm to start using these practices now, if nothing else it will build your site authority. If we see a major shift in Google’a algorithm and major incorporation of Author Rank; you’ll dominate.

1. Setup Google Authorship

The first thing you need to do is connect your site to your Google Plus account. I wrote a post about this here


2. Use Google Plus Constantly

You can tell a lot about someone by their social presence. If you don’t like Google+, too bad. It’s pretty obvious that Google is going to look at your ‘in circles’ count to determine your Author Rank. ‘In circles’ count is the equivalent of Facebook likes, its the number of people who want to read your updates and hear about your new content.

This means you need to build a Google Plus following, by making sure there is a reason to follow you. Tips:

  • Check Your Feed Regularly – Every day check your feed and comment & +1 on other people’s updates/content in your circles. Make sure you have other authority figures in your niche in your circles. Interact with their updates and content.
  • Post Multiple Updates Per Day – Every day, post 2-4 Google+ updates. Post links to awesome content, your own blog posts and share your personal thoughts.
  • Complete Your About me Section – Make sure you fill out every single field on the ‘about me’ section of your Google+ account.
  • Start Conversations – Try to start conversations with your updates and content. The more interaction other users have with your posts; the higher your Author Rank will be (it’s only common sense).

There are some great posts out there on how to build engagement and a following on Google+ that are far better than what I can cover here. Look some up.

3. Publish Epic Content

For Author Rank to be really effective; you need to be publishing epic content on your blog on a weekly basis. You need to publish content that is worthy of being shared! If you want to build little micro sites that rank for a couple of keywords; you’re wasting your time reading this.

Go learn about high PR link building, but if you want to build a site that ranks for anything and everything in your niche; read on.

The more social shares your content gets (and the more people talk about it/share it on G+) the higher your Author Rank will grow. Basically the more interaction your content gets; the more Author Rank you’ll acquire.

If people are liking, sharing and talking about your content; it tells Google you are an authority figure in your niche and should be rewarded with high Author Rank.

4. Build A Following On Other Networks

Obviously Google is going to be using as much data as possible from Google+ to score your Author Rank. After all it is G owned and G monitored. But as we all know, Google have been looking at social metrics from other sites for a long time.

Facebook likes, Followers, Tweets, Re-tweets, bookmarks, pins – they all affect your search engine rankings and it’s almost certain they’ll play a major role in Author Rank.

While quantity of likes and followers will play a big role, Author Rank will focus in on activity and interaction. This means if you have a large following on the other major social networks, Google will notice when they are sharing and commenting on your updates. This means you should be active on Facebook & Twitter. The other networks aren’t so important, and probably aren’t worth the time or effort.

Posting updates on a daily basis, sharing other people’s content, commenting and interacting on your own posts; will all count towards your overall Author Rank.

5. Publish Content On Other Authority Sites

One of the cool things about Google Authorship, is that it’s not limited per site, it can be per page. This means if you want to guest post on another authority site in your niche; the owner of the blog won’t get credit for the post, you will. Your Google Plus profile image will show up in the search results with the page.

We can assume this means Google is looking at all the pages and sites where our Google Plus Authorship is present, hence the ‘contributing to’ links section of the Google+ about page.

Google will probably use all of the normal Page Rank factors to measure a site’s authority that you are posting to and factor that into your Author Rank score.

Finally, Is Author Rank Actually Here Yet?

Well yes, but no. The truth is Google haven’t implemented Author Rank into their search engine algorithm, not officially anyway. Although if you run enough websites and do enough online marketing; you’ll come to the conclusion that social signals are in fact becoming an important factor for ranking well on Google & building site authority.

You’ll probably also know that Google Authorship is very helpful for getting more search engine traffic via high click throughs if nothing else. What we should really think about is building up our Google Plus Profiles as ‘Portable Page Rank Hubs’. Author Rank would be Google’s way of not just assigning Page Rank to inanimate pages and domains, but Authors via Google+.

This means links would still be the primary factor for building Author Rank, but all of the other social aspects would be the future. Google is having a hard enough time making Google Authorship work and integrating +1 signals into its algorithm.

I don’t think links are going to die out any time soon, and if and when Google make a switch to a primarily Author Rank model of ranking content; you’ll be ranking higher than ever before as long as you use these simple practices (which you should be doing anyway).

Even if you think Author Rank is a load of crap and it’s not going to happen any time soon, all of these practices will help you in the current paradigm. If you want unstoppable search engine rankings, you need website authority.

To build website authority (putting your author identity aside), you need to build social followings, you need site/content interaction, social sharing and guest blogging is an excellent way to build relevant high PR links.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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I plan on focusing on Google+ for the next year. What I like about Google+ is the fact that you can be placed in people's circles by simply adding people to your circles and the great thing is you can add as many people to your circles as you like. They'll usually add you back. They have less restrictions than Facebook, gaining a following on Google+ is a whole lot easier from my experience, thanks for the great content. 

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