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How To Build An Unstoppable Website

How To Build A Website

I always have people ask me how I do it.

How I get so much traffic, how my rankings have remained strong and how I build “unstoppable” websites. And to be brutally honest

It’s All The SAME Shit

It really is, although the Internet landscape is rapidly changing; the fundamentals have remained the same. In fact, my online marketing strategy hasn’t exactly changed tremendously since I first “figured it out”. I’ve only “slightly” altered and added to it.

Guess what?

Blogging still works, SEO still works, email marketing still works and so does link building. One thing that has changed is the type of website that stuff still works on. There are only three factors that have dramatically shifted in the world of UNSTOPPABLE website creation.

They are Content, Community and Consistency.

The problem is, Internet Marketers only care about getting traffic that they can monetize. They care about which keywords have the highest CPC’s, that’s the kind of stuff they base their “niche picking” on. If they find the “armchairs for disabled people” niche to be highly lucrative; they’ll build a website about it.

There’s a dilemma with this way of thinking, the three pillars of website success cannot be properly applied and maintained in any old niche. You can’t create a community of people in the armchair for disabled people niche. I know it’s an extreme example, but it applies across the board.

In order to build a really successful website, you need fantastic content, a raving community and consistency with the content & marketing. So if you’re still trying to build sites in niches where the three pillars aren’t exactly “applicable”, stop now.

My new school of thought is; if you can’t build a community, don’t go into the niche. If the community isn’t in constant need of something you can provide; you’re limiting the number of ways you can make money. Conclusion… You can’t build an unstoppable website in every niche.

Still No Magic Tricks – Just fundamentals, scaling up and outsourcing…

There are still no magic tricks, none at all. Building an unstoppable website is very basic; in fact a child could do it.

A lot of my audience and the audiences around me keep moaning about SEO and how Google screwed them. Yet my rankings have kept strong through all of these updates. Why? It’s because I stuck with the fundamentals. I wrote great content, built a community who shared my content and was very consistent. (I kept marketing/promotion/link building minimal)

So here is a quick break down of the three pillars of unstoppable website building:


Wow do we like to harp on about the “importance” of good content right? While it does bore me to death (always has), it has to be talked about over and over again because people are still missing the point. If your content sucks, nothing else matters.

Your website content should be the fist thing visitors see and read when they visit. Visitors will judge you, your credibility, intelligence and your ability to help them by the quality of your content.

Write content that your target audience wants to read, use that content to gain trust & subscribers; then feed it to them over and over again. (This builds community)


Building a community is the best way to ensure your financial well being on the Internet. L. Ron Hubbard, the man who founded Scientology was quoted saying “You wanta make real money, you gotta start a religion!”. Religion, cult, group, community; all very similar in many ways.

It’s about building a group of people who trust you completely. With websites, community is a key factor because communities help promote your site via social SEO and you can always sell them stuff.

Social SEO is no longer new. People used to talk about social signals and how they were going to be a dominant ranking factor of the future. The future is now and social SEO is a vital part of any SEO campaign.

Many SEO’s go about gaining social signals by chating the system, artificially building them. Google and other social networks are now cracking down on fake “likes”, “plus ones” and shares. The only way to gain real social signals it to build a community of people who share your content and build a real social presence.

Building a community is as simple as building a list of people who return to your site to read your latest posts, pages and updates. With Aweber, some social share buttons and a few opt-in forms; this step is very easy. Get all your readers on a list (preferably an email list) and keep sending them back to your site to read new stuff.

If your content is as good as I said it should be; your community will share it, your social presence will grow and so will your search engine rankings. And of course; you’ll get A TON of referral traffic from social networks & bookmarking sites.


Everything I’ve said above works, but it’s useless without consistency. I can’t count the number of people I’ve seen get absolutely EVERYTHING right, literally perfect – but fail due to a total lack of consistency. Be very consistent, make sure your fundamentals are right and your system in place to capture leads & build community.

Lastly, marketing. You need to feed your website system for this whole thing to work. Just publishing your content with minimal SEO and promotion is the long road to unstoppable website success. Spend 70% of your effort on the three pillars; the other 30% should be spent on promotion.

Keep it basic to begin with. Guest blogging, content syndication, blog commenting, nearly everything still works as it always has.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more Internet Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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Content remains King. What you do with your content is now of great importance. Sharing content socially and through blogs now has a stronger weighting in the Google algorithm. A properly coordinated content marketing strategy can do wonders for your traffic and your rankings.


You make some great points Dave, I knew it was just a matter a time before google and the social networks started cracking down on marketers who buy social shares, like they've never heard of FIVERR before, that's funny.

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