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How To Build An Audience That Builds Your Business

Today I want to talk about a magical marketing strategy.

This is something I’ve personally used to explode my traffic, rankings and build a loyal customer base of tens of thousands of people.

What is it?

Building an audience that builds your business!

A few years ago, traditional advertising worked. You didn’t even have to be good at sales or marketing or get new customers.

If you needed more customers; they’d be one call away via a newspaper ad, television or radio ad.

If that failed another call to an ad agency would get the job done.

Instantly you’d have an influx of sales. As long as you weren’t a 9+ figure company; your ads could never saturate the marketplace.

Now, it’s gotten a lot more complex. People have become completely immune to conventional ads. TV, radio, newspaper, we either ignore the adverts or we change the channel/station/page.

The same applies to online advertising, classic banner advertising has stopped being so effective. Banner blindness has developed around the globe.

So what’s the solution?

Give the people what they want. Normal advertising doesn’t really work anymore; we’ve established that it’s lost its effectiveness.

Sticking an ad that leads to a sales pitch is no longer appealing. What is appealing however; is content.

People want content, they’d much rather click a link to an article that tells them about what they want to know instead of visit a sales page that tries to sell them the same information in nicer packaging.

So content is one of the best ways to advertise your business right now. The best platform for publishing content is a blog (and the best blogging platform is WordPress or Empower Network).

Now blogging is cool for many reasons, but above all it creates a community.

A community of people that follow your blog, your brand, join your lists and buy your products as a result.

So whoever actively reads your blog content eventually turns into a customer on some level.

Simply because blog readers turn into a community. A community of people who read your content.

So where’s the leverage?

How does your community of readers build your business?

By sharing your content on social networks and spreading the word. Very simply, real ‘community members’, the kind of people who never miss your blog posts; they all share your content on social networks.

Social sharing is incredibly effective. Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus – everyone uses them and everyone checks out what their friends are doing.

Which means a single visitor on your blog who shares a post on FB, can result in 2, 5 or 10+ new readers over the next few months.

So how do you get started?

Create a blog on your website or a blog from scratch if you don’t already have a site. Choose a cool theme, optimize it to rank well on Google, add social sharing buttons in your blog posts. Add them at the top, the bottom and on the right.

You can even setup a popup that locks your content unless they share the page on FB/twitter/g+. This can be really effective, but only use it for new visitors – otherwise people will get pissed off.

Now start by visiting at least 10 other popular blogs in your niche. Checkout what they’re doing, how their blogs are structured and what kind of content they’re publishing.

Start publishing 3 blog posts weekly. Make them badass; make people feel BAD for not sharing your content (because it’s just that good).

Whenever someone leaves a comment on a blog post, make sure you reply! This helps build a community, an active community.


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What a great site and informative posts! In conclusion, building your audience needs you to; have great content, consistency, relationships and promotion.

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