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How To Be More Productive – 4 Mind Blowing Productivity Hacks

How To Be More Productive

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Youtube, Mobile Phone, Skype, friends and family; it’s crazy how many distractions there are in the age of online and instant connections.

I’ve read countless lists of productivity hacks, but for some reason I still find my mind wondering and my hands moving towards my Skype account.

If we actually worked out how much of our working day we spend being productive, it would probably be a fraction of the time we spend being distracted or worse; procrastinating.

The whole of society constantly uses distractions as an excuse not to do any actual work. At the end of the day this results in you accomplishing nothing and being slightly pissed off at yourself. Sound familiar?

If that sounds at all familiar, then pay close attention to these 4 “mind boggling” productivity hacks.

1. Track Your Time

First you need to really establish your problem, pointing out your specific problem and finding your main distractions. There are a bunch of innovative online tools, services and softwares that do this for you. Out of everything I’ve tried; Rescue Time has been the only tool I’ve kept using.

Rescue time tracks every move you make whilst online. As soon as you turn your computer on, Rescue time starts and begins tracking what you do with your time. It breaks everything down into several different graphs and charts on your own personal dashboard.

It tells you how much time you’ve spent online, the percentage of time you’ve spent being productive, it even tells you how much time you’ve spent on each visited website. The list goes on, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for literally rescuing your time.

When I started using Rescue Time my average productivity rate was around 58%. Now it’s more like 70%, the other 30% I spend randomly in my free time.

Visit Rescue Time to get started.

2. Write A List

Seriously, the most simple productivity hack is writing a list. What to write?

Well, people like to write their lists differently. My personal preference is making a list of all the things I want to accomplish the following day right before I sleep at night.

From the comfort of your own bed, with a clear mind; write a list of at least 5 tasks/goals you want to accomplish the next day. Always have one main goal or task each day. 50 item task lists don’t work.

Some people like to write exact times for their tasks, but I’ve found that makes me less productive. Breaking up your work day into segments only causes frustration and pressure to get tasks done in time. Pressure which usually results in brain fog and writers block.

Keep your list next to you all day in physical paper form. Otherwise, use SimpleOlogy to create your task lists online.

3. Turn Off The Internet Or Block Websites

If you’ve got brain intensive work that involves creativity on any level; turn off the Internet. You’ll be amazed by how smoothly and quickly your thoughts flow when the WiFi is switched off. It means you can’t check Gmail, access social networks or even touch your browser.

If you can’t turn off the Internet, disable WiFi. This isn’t exactly mind blowing advice; but it’s profoundly powerful.

4. Time Management

In the end productivity boils down to one thing; time management. Manage your time wisely, get organized and get rid of distractions. That one sentence will save you hundreds on productivity books & courses.

To manage your time, first get into a daily regime. Decide on your work hours and the hours you want to spend recreationally. I know the whole Internet Marketing lifestlye is about working whenever the heck you feel like it, but it’s just not an effiecient way of getting shit done.

Establish a morning routine before starting work. Mine goes something like:

  1. Breathe, Stretch, Smile and Leap Out Of Bed
  2. Drink Water, Eat A Snack And Perform Some Kind Of Light Exercise i.e. 50 pushups.
  3. Eat Breakfast, Play Some Music, Read 15-30 Pages Of A Book
  4. Plan Out My Day
  5. Start

By start your day I mean begin the first activity on your task list. Follow these “hacks” and you’ll be shocked at how your productivity sky rockets!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more productivity boosting tips, tricks and secrets.

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