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How To Add Google Authorship To A Multiple Author Blog


I’ve been using Google Authorship on my sites for a long time now.

I kept thinking about how cool the Authorship markup was, until I found out it wasn’t even working. For most single author sites, setting up Google Authorship is damn easy. You’d have to be an idiot to make a mistake with it.

It’s as basic as linking to your G+ profile from your site and vice versa. Not rocket-science, but when it came to setting up Google Authorship for a multiple author blog like this one, I found out its a little more complex.

If you don’t setup G Authorship for your multiple author blog properly, either no authorship markup will work at all or the main author of the blog will show in the search results for every author’s content.

Not good.

Setting Up Google Authorship For Single Author Blogs

Setting up authorship for a single author blog is extremely basic. There are various plugins you can install (some of which don’t work), you can connect your site via email; but the easiest way is to hard code the link pointing to your Google+ profile into your site’s header.

Simply login to WordPress admin, locate the ‘Editor’ under appearances and open the page. You should now see a list of pages you can edit, click ‘Header’:


You need to place an HTML link to your Google+ profile directly above or underneath the opening </head> tag.

Adding Google Plus Authorship To Header

Place the following code into the header (replacing the URL with your own G+ profile URL): <link rel=”author” href=”https://plus.google.com/1112863725232080636/>

After pasting the code into the header, click update and it will be saved. Now all you have left to do is go into your Google+ profile, edit your about page and add a link to your site under ‘Contributor to’. That’s it.

Google will then verify your site with your Google+ profile and authorship will be setup. The problem is, if you have guest authors posting on your site; your face will still be displayed next to their content in the search engines.

Setting Up Google Authorship For Multiple Author Blogs

A simple way of setting up Authorship for all authors is to create a custom author page for every author on your blog. On the author pages link to their respective Google+ profiles and display all of their blog posts.

On top of that; make sure to include an author bio box below their blog posts with another link to their Google+ profiles. If you’d like a more straight forward way of doing this, checkout:

Google Authorship For Multiple Authors

This easy to use plugin adds a ‘Google Plus Profile URL’ field to every user profile page on your blog. Your authors can then login and add their own Google+ profile URL to this field and hit save.

Once done they’ll also need to add a link back to your blog’s home page from their Google+ ‘Contributors To’ link list. After setting this up, Google Authorship should be fully functional throughout your blog. The plugin will link to each author’s G+ profile page from their blog posts only.

Why Bother?

We’re moving into a new era of SEO, where the author is actually important. Google will eventually rank pieces of content based on who published it; or at least factor it into their ranking process.

This means if you have any high profile guest authors publishing on your blog who have a reputation in your niche; their guest post should theoretically jump up the rankings higher than your other posts.

It also allows your authors to gain credibility and recognition. If you read this post on Author Rank, you’ll learn that Google Plus profiles are like portable Page Rank hubs.

Each Google Plus profile has an ‘authority score’ and carries weight like a domain carries Page Rank. The higher this score (author rank); the higher the user’s content will rank whenever they publish content on a site. Their own site or as a guest on someone else’s.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

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