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Home Business, From The Pool, Porch, Picnic Table

I’ve worked out of my home for over 20 years.

I’ve worked at home for about a year.

There is a difference. Working out of your home means you have an office where you
do your administrative activities and phone calls. Working at home means you do everything
at home, there is nowhere else you have to be.

Well, as I sit down at the neighborhood pool at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, I have to say
there is more of a difference than I thought there would be.

I had to leave my home office and head to the pool just to be able to clear my thoughts so I could think of something to write about today. I guess it is working because the words started flowing as soon as I got out of the pool from that initial jump in to cool off. It happens to be an above average 98 degrees today.

When you’re working at home, fulltime, you have to make sure you change the scenery a few times a day. If you work from the same area all day, I believe you get a little tired or stale.

Now I must tell you that it could be just me due to my past occupation. I worked out of my home and when I wasn’t at home, I was traveling the Mid West in my car. My scenery was changing every second.

Sorry about that, I had to go take another quick dip in the pool. Well, I guess you couldn’t tell I left but I just had to mention it due to my topic.

Ok, where was I. Besides heading down to the pool, I have a few other places I do my home business from. In the morning, I get out on my front porch in my favorite rocking chair.

Oh, I forgot to mention, you must have a laptop to work at home, a desktop just won’t cut it. You have to be able to get out from behind the desk.

Ok, back to the front porch. Working on from my rocking chair on the front porch does a couple of things for me. One, I get to wave to all my neighbors as they drive by on their way to their daily grind of a job. It really gets me pumped up and ready to go. Two, well, maybe there isn’t a two, I just like to wave to everybody heading off to their daily grind of a job.

Around 9:30 am, I usually head back into my very nice home office. I always wanted a really nice den. I went out and bought some very nice home office furniture. It creates an instant feel of success.

I feel like I can accomplish anything from behind my desk.

Well, that is until about 2:30 in the afternoon. It’s time to head back outside. If its above 85 degrees, I head to the pool. If its below 85, I go out my backdoor and head to the picnic table in the woods. It’s very nice in the shade, it refreshes my mind just like jumping in the pool. The only problem is my laptop battery only last about two hours. Around 4:30 I’m rolling out the orange extension cord to continue my work.

Ok, In closing, if you work from home make sure you take advantage of it. Don’t feel like you have to be inside at your desk or kitchen table. It did take me a while not to feel guilty about working from non-traditional places. My wife still gives me weird looks when I say I’m heading down to the pool or out to the picnic table. Just remember you have to have a clear mind so you can concentrate on the prize.

Leading you to Success,

Scott Grogan

Ps. If you need a home business that will sustain your passion of non-traditional office space, Click here

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