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Have You Ever Gone Door to Door to Sell Amway?-I Did and Here’s What Happened.

Whenever I tell this story people just shake their head. They think “You are out of your freaking mind.” Let me set the stage.

The year is 1997 and I just took a job at a local car wash, selling wax.

First of all the job I had was cool. I literally stood outside in t-shirts and shorts and sold people more car wash than what they originally wanted. It was a great gig for a while. I made great money and was outdoors.

Anyway, one day this guy comes in to the car wash, in a nice Lexus. Of course it was a $30.000 car and he only wanted to buy the cheapest wash. Okay no big deal. He goes into the cashier and pays. He comes out and strikes up a conversation with me. He’s in a suit and tie and tells me he’s a retired real-estate attorney. Here’s the kicker, the guy was in his early thirties at the time. His name was Tim Taylor.

Yeah like Tim the tool man Taylor.

So I asked him if he had a rich family. He says no but has a great way to make money for about 15 hours a week without a part time job. He asks me if I was open to making a nice part time income that could surpass my full time job in a year or two. Of course, I am I said I wanted to see what he had.

So we end up meeting at a Wendy’s or some place and he draws circles. (If you have ever been in an Amway presentation you know what I’m talking about here.) So after he draws out the circles and shows me big money on paper, I pluck down my 100 bucks.

I ‘m in business baby!

Okay, right out of the gate, I have a dilemma. Who in the world am I going to talk to about this? I mean I got to come up with a fancy one liner like Tim Taylor did. I made a list and blew threw it pretty quick. My list was about 20 people. I was dead in the water. So I ask him how I can make some immediate money with this Amway gig. He says take a brochure and a trunk load of soap and go sell the stuff door to door. I am not joking.

Really? Door to Door?

He says to knock on doors and ask people if they needed Amway soap. His reasoning was that millions of Americans like Amway products but they can’t find a distributor to purchase their soap. He explained that people would become distributors and then quit right away. I just needed to do what somebody else did. Those quitters built a customer base and I just had to find them. It makes sense to me.

Okay I’ll give it a shot. It makes sense.

I go home with a few more hundred dollars of product that I now have to get rid of. I have to sell this soap. Rent’s coming due and I have a 2 year old daughter who has really gotten use to eating and being cared for all the dang time. Although I made a decent buck at the car wash I also spent those bucks.

So I go home and put on a tie and slacks. Because Tim says I should look professional. I mean I’m used to going to work in a t-shirt and shorts but who am I to argue with success? So I do it.

This will be continued on Saturday Sept 3rd. same time same place….

Here’s to your crazy success.

Dave Nicodemus

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