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Have You Ever Gone Door to Door to Sell Amway?-I Did and Here’s What Happened? Part 2

Go Here for the first part

It’s 90 plus degrees outside I go home and put on my dress shirt, tie and slacks and dress shoes and head out the door.

I pull up to an apartment complex, near my house, and I look at the building that I am getting ready to go knock doors. I’m sweating like a maniac because of the heat and probably more so from just shear panic. I open up the car door and put my foot on the ground and now suddenly I have to pee.

Okay back in the car I go.

I mean I got to go bad. So I go to a convenience store and it is nice and cool inside and super comfortable. Comfortable meaning at least for the moment I am not knocking on somebody’s door. Eventually, I leave the store and head back to the apartment complex.

Now I’m just strategising.

What will be the first words out of my mouth? How in the world am I going to do this? Then finally I pray. At that point, I wasn’t a Christian but praying seemed like a good thing to do. I mean if God is real he’s going to give me the magic words to say in order to sell some SA8. That makes complete sense right?

I get out of the car with nothing in my hands.

I mean I don’t want to look like I’m there to sell anything which is contradictory as to what I’m doing there in the first place. So I’m dripping sweat, more nervous than I’ve ever been in my entire life, to that point. I walk up the stairs and when I get to the top of the stairs I put up my knuckles and knock like a wimp. I mean I don’t really want to disturb anybody in the middle of whatever it is they’re doing on the other side of the door.

So the wimpy knock works like a charm. Nobody answers. Then just for good measure I knock again only harder. I’m sure that nobody is home and if I knock loudly, that still won’t make anybody home.

Mission accomplished.

With confidence I begin to walk down the stairs, proud of myself for even going through the ordeal.

I get to about the third or fourth step and I hear the door open. The lady asks if she can help me. The all the confidence that I just had all of a sudden ditches me leaving me there looking at the lady with a blank look on my face.

And here’s what I say. “I’m an Amway distributor and I was wondering if you might need any soap”. Wow! What finesse style and one of the best door to door sales openings ever.

Booooooomm. There I said it. Those were the magic words that God gave me to say. Then guess what she says. She says yes. She ran out of SA8 which is laundry soap and L.O.C. LOC is Amway’s version of an all purpose cleaner like 409.

She asks if I have any. I say of course I do. In fact I have a carload of this stuff.

Now my nervousness turns into excitement.

I mean I felt like I just hit the lottery. I run down to my car and grab some products and then run up the stairs to her house, and she lets me right in. She tells me that one of her friends sold Amway products for a while then quit. She didn’t know who to call.

On top of that she gets on the phone and calls a couple more of her friends and they want me to come over to their house so they can buy stuff.

I end up selling just about every bit of product that day.

Wow, I made back my money and made a little bit of profit. Throughout the next few months I do that again and again. Of course, not everybody is thrilled to have me knocking on their doors. Actually, some are downright mean. But who can blame them. I am after all disturbing them form whatever it is they’re doing.

My Amway career lasted about a year or so. I attended tons of meetings, and a major convention.

But by far my most memorable experience in Amway was some of the people I met in and out of Amway circles. I finally left the opportunity and never recruited a soul. I had a disagreement with Tim Taylor and never went back.

Here’s to your crazy success.

Dave Nicodemus

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