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6 Habits Of Highly Successful People

success habits

I used to struggle to use my energy wisely. It’s what always held me back from reaching my full potential. I just wasn’t effectively using my time.

As the years passed and the 100′s of self-help books went through my brain; I eventually figured it out and became ‘highly effective’. Here are just 6 habits of highly effective people:

1. They Make It Their Job To Take Breaks

No ‘normal’ people can work for hours at a time using our full brain capacity. It’s something that makes us human. We can only focus on something for around 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, the brain loses focus and all of its abilities are compromised. Working more than 90 minutes straight on a task is bad for productivity.

I make it my job to take breaks every 90 minutes. The reality is people who sit at a computer for 8 hours in a row; they’re only about 50% productive, their mind constantly wonders, they day dream and forget what they’re doing. You can be COMPLETELY productive and focus your energy on something for around 90 minutes. It varies from person to person, but that’s a good general number.

After 90 minutes, take a short 5-20 minute break. You want to re-set your neuro transmitters, which can be accomplished from sleep or meditation. The latter is easier to do in a 20 minute break.

Other than that, go for a run, lift something heavy, grab a coffee, go for drive, do something STIMULATING.

2. They Eat Mindfully

If you put crap into your body, your output will be exactly that; crap. What you eat and drink very closely controls your energy levels throughout the day. High white carb meals are the worst for maintaining a steady energy level throughout the day.

The best general advice is to eat healthily and incorporate more raw foods into your diet. Raw foods or ‘life foods’ are the best sources of long-lasting energy. Fruit, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts and the big one; drink lots of high quality water. When you change your diet to something that supports stable energy levels; you’ll be amazed to see your productivity sky-rocket.

3. They Have A Morning Routine

I’m a happy easy-going person, I can definitely say that. I don’t let anything phase me, or aggravate me. But if you do find me pissed off, unhappy or easy to anger; it’s always because my morning was messed up.

If you start your day right, you’ll have an awesome, happy, productive day. Start it wrong; and you’ll have disaster after disaster. You’ll be agitated, easy to anger, and un-focused.

The ultimate way to ‘start your morning right’ is to start a morning routine. Mine goes something like this:

  • Wake Up, Smile, Breath
  • Stretch
  • Quick Exercise (A brief walk, 50 pushups, some weights)
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Read 15+ Pages Of A Book
  • Listen To An Audio
  • Meditate
  • Work Out (I try to work out every day in the morning before I start working, whether it’s a weight lifting routing, a jog or a mountain hike)
  • Be Grateful For Everything In My Life & Think About My Vision
  • Plan My Day
  • Start Working
That is how I like to start my work days. It immediately puts me into a relaxed focused state of mind. I don’t always do everything on the list, as it takes a long time. You can pick and choose what you do. The idea is to put yourself into a relaxed state of mind ready to focus. Without my morning routine; I’m nowhere near as effective throughout the day.

4. They Outsource And Employ A Team

Successful people don’t do everything themselves. There are 4 ‘types’ of people in the world. Employees, Self Employees, Business Owners and Investors. Employees don’t like risk, they want security and so they work for companies in jobs they consider ‘safe’ with perks like health insurance. Self employees, they are the type of people who want to do everything themselves.

Their success is limited because they are afraid of employing other people to run take care of their jobs/business. In order to be really successful, you have to be a business owner. You have to be willing to take risk and employ a highly intelligent team of people. You also have to outsource tasks.

Business owners are good at outsourcing and managing a team of people. They employ people who are smarter than them, that’s why they’re so rich. If you want to be really successful, you have to delegate tasks to your team. Your business can only grow so much when you’re handling everything.

Next you have to be willing to outsource. Outsourcing is sending off small tasks to freelancers or companies. Tasks that you and your team aren’t good at, tasks that would be a waste of your team’s time.

5. They Adopt a ‘plan as you go’ Attitude, but keep a To-Do List

Most successful people make to-do lists, they make sense. They help you clarify things in your mind. They allow you to work on a task without thinking about what’s next. Moving elements. Every slightly complex business has a bunch of elements and components that are ever-changing.

These changes stop you from sticking to a concrete plan. It’s why you always need a ‘plan as you go’ attitude. Especially in the Internet Marketing space, your business model shifts and changes every month of every year.

6. They Balance Their Life

Life isn’t about money, it’s definitelt not about working for money. Money is merely a tool that allows you to reach your full life potential. You can’t reach your full potential and grow as a person without lots of money; plain and simple. However, you should never let money control your life.

If you could choose to make $10,000/month working 2 hours a week or $40,000/month working 40 hours a week; you should definitely choose the former. The key to success in business is balancing your life. Work too much, you’ll burn out and become unproductive for days, even weeks at a time.

You need a perfect balance of work and play. If you have a family, you need a balance of work, play and family time. Finding that balance is the difficult part.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list for more tips, tricks and secrets on being insanely productive and happy.

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