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Get Magic Traffic?

magic trafficToday I’m going to talk about “magic traffic”. I’m not sure what the phrase magic traffic means to you but in this article I’ll explain what it means to me. As I was doing my keyword research I noticed that there are products out there that say they can “get traffic to your site like magic.” Some of these programs have names like magic traffic bot, blog traffic magic, auto traffic magic and the list goes on.

I’m not here to bash on these programs but I will tell you what I found out about some of them. The product that got me thinking about this magical traffic is called Traffic Jab. Traffic Jab states that they can get you 500,000 visitors to your website for about $20 bucks. I know it sounds too good to be true but I figured hey why not give it a shot?

Well needless to say I got hosed. I contacted Traffic Jab and told them that the “campaign” in my Traffic Jab account said that my website had received over 25,000 visitors, but my Google analytics showed ZERO visitors from them. In the email they sent back they stated that the traffic that they’re sending my site could not be tracked. Why? Because it’s friggen magic traffic that’s why! 

Magic Traffic From Wizards and Fairies!?

So after my communication with the head warlock at Traffic Jab I thought “WOW! how convenient! I’m getting tons of traffic that I can’t see! Is this magical traffic coming from fairies in Neverland? Man, now that I know that its special top secret traffic I’d love to give you guys a bunch of money! Do you happen to have a bridge I could buy or possibly some invisible swamp land to invest in? Please magic traffic wizards take my money! Please!”

So as I looked into this magical world of cheap and invisible traffic sources I did some research on the top programs that offer this kind of wizardry. Unfortunately I have yet to find one magical program or cheap service that actually delivers on the promise of getting traffic to a website like magic. Magic traffic bot seemed to be one of the top programs that possesses this magical power of driving massive amounts of traffic to any website on the internet. But after reading some reviews I soon found out that a lot of people were not happy with the Magic Traffic Bot program.

Is Magic Traffic REAL?

O.K. here’s a word of advice… If you are not sure a program or a service is going to deliver on the promises in the sales video or on the sales page just check out some reviews. I know, I do it too, I get sucked in by all the flash and supposed results and testimonials from satisfied customers but like I said if you’re not sure just do a quick review or unbiased review search on Google first.

Here’s the bottom line. Essentially there are only three ways to get traffic… You can pay for traffic, you can get search traffic, and you can get viral traffic. If you are paying for traffic make sure the traffic source is reputable and make sure the traffic is the right kind of traffic. Hey you don’t want to be selling beef to vegetarians now.

If you’ve been sucked in by some of the promises out there that offer the kind of magicmagic traffic traffic I’m talking about don’t beat yourself up. I’ve been online for a while now and I know how easy it is to occasionally get roped into something that seemed like a good idea at the time. On the sales page they say things like “It’s soooo easy a monkey can do it!” and then a week goes by and you have to face the fact that you’ve bought something that does not work as advertised.

Don’t Depend on Magic Traffic – Find Something That Actually Works!

Now I want to let you in on something I’ve found… Something that doesn’t promise the world and deliver junk… Something that truly does help people…

This may seem strange but I’m actually going to do just the opposite of what most of the hypey programs on the internet do. I’m going to under promise and under sell.

My reasoning is that if I told you how good this thing is and how much money you can make with it you’ll probably click to a different page in disbelief.

What if I introduced you to something but when you got to the next page and ultimately when you joined you actually found out that this thing was better than what I said about it here?

What if I told you that the system I’m talking about pays out 60% commissions and on the next page you found out that you actually got 75% or 80% commissions?

What if I told you that this product has paid out 1 million dollars to its affiliates in the last 4 months and when you got to the next page you found out it was actually 2 million in 4 months?    Update: over 15 million in 10 months  

Now what if I told you that this is NOT a magic traffic voodoo system but average people are having success with it anyway, and you can have success with it too but you have to be willing to do a little work?

Listen believe it or not I’m here to help. I’m here to say Yes! there’s a bunch of crap on the internet, Yes! There’s a bunch of hype out there but there is also THIS!

In Prosperity,

Eric & Lauren

P.S. You will say Holy Smack! When you check this out cuz all of the numbers on this page are still way lower than the actual numbers.

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